Florida State Sports News 05.05.11

No FSU news is good news right now. Players are recovering from surgery and doing some conditioning.

Chat: Chat with Mark Schlabach - SportsNation - ESPN

John (CA) Is FSU a legitimate title contender going into 2011 if they beat OU? Or will FSU be looking toward 2012 for their run???
Mark Schlabach  (2:06 PM) I think the FSU people are pointing at 2012 as the really big year, but I like the Noles chances this year because of schedule.

I disagree. FSU will have better talent in 2012 because of recruiting and an easier schedule.

Ask A Blogger: Va. Tech Spring Football Review Jim Young

ACCSports.com: What key issue(s) did you learn about Virginia Tech during spring practice? furrer4heisman: The Hokies learned a lot about both sides of the line of scrimmage. On defense, they found two defensive ends that could very well continue the tradition of quality college defensive ends at Virginia Tech. J.R. Collins and James Gayle, both sophomores, were able to get to the quarterback consistently and showed athleticism that has a lot of Hokie fans excited. Collins also worked at defensive tackle at times during the spring and his quickness inside caused a lot of problems for the interior offensive linemen.

Ask A Blogger: UVa Spring Football Review Jim Young

ACCSports.com: What’s freaking you out?

Leung: We don’t have a quarterback! You know you’re in trouble when, after spring practice, your offensive coordinator does an interview and says that one of the things they’re looking for in order to find separation between the guys is who can take the snaps. Shouldn’t that have been something these guys worked on in high school? Another thing that’s freaking me out is that I don’t think Mike London will get the full four years from his fan base to build a team and find success. Virginia’s been struggling for a while now, and people are getting restless. It was rewarding to see the Hoos pull in such a great recruiting class for next year, and it’s awesome to see folks in the Commonwealth (including folks down the road in Blacksburg) giving Virginia and Mike London a great deal of respect for what he’s doing, but at the end of the day, Hoos are going to need to see some more tallies in the W column. I don’t think London will need a full four years, but I just hope people are willing to give him the time he deserves.

New Pac-12 Big Money Deal Means All Your Excuses Are Belong To Us
The Pac 12's deal is 66% bigger than the ACC's

College Football Player Development Part Two: What Does It Mean? - Black Heart Gold Pants

When there is no turmoil, no threat that the coach won't be there tomorrow, players stay in the program. They finish their 3-5 years, and they develop, and they become pros. But stability doesn't just give a team a leg up in developing the guys they have. It also gives the program time to develop the recruiting connections necessary to find the diamonds in the rough, to ignore Rivals ratings and keep an ear to the ground. It's how you get Chad Greenway or Bob Sanders or Shonn Greene, all players largely ignored by scouting services. When you can find guys who are untouched by everyone else, who have a desire to play, and who carry that chip on their shoulder from being ignored, your work in "developing" that player is half done.

On the other hand, in the cauldron of the SEC and Big XII, where coaches are discarded constantly and with little more cause than one bad season, there is no continuity. The top programs still do fine in recruiting, due in no small part to the reasons espoused by Mr. Cook, but they still produce NFL players at or near the rate expected by the development ratio. The have-nots, with the same coach-killing fan bases and none of the recruiting cache, cycle through coaches at an ever-quickening rate, only ensuring more players leave via transfer. At places like Kansas State, Texas Tech, Kansas, and West Virginia, where meddling athletic directors dismiss coaches for any reason they can find, the results are underwhelming (even when programs like Tech and WVU win more than they should with the talent at their disposal).

Jimbo Fisher interviewed about Christian Ponder
Starts at about the 9 minute mark. Enjoy.

Coastal Confessions: Assessing the ACC Coastal After Spring Practice - Gobbler Country

Spring football is over, so it's time to find out what we've learned so far about how the ACC Coastal will go in 2011. There are still plenty of questions facing all six teams in the division that they need to answer between now and the first weekend in September, but there seems to be a pretty big divide between the top three and bottom three teams.

Pre-Snap Read: A College Football Blog
The countdown continues with New Mexico State

Concussions: Watch Out for the imPACT | The Key Play
A super comprehensive look at concussions.

New Faces: Wake Forest’s 2011 Recruiting Class | Run the Floor

Next up in the 12 part series on ACC recruits is Wake Forest (for part 1 on FSU, read this). After struggling through their worst season in 25 years, the Demon Deacons are looking to bounce back under 2nd year head coach Jeff Bzdelik. The good news is that 5 consensus top-100 players are returning. The bad news is that they had 6 consensus top-100 players on the roster last year (7 before the Tony Woods debacle) and won 1 ACC game. With Ari Stewart transferring and the younger guys having another season under their belts, perhaps next year the team dynamic will be different and allow for more efficient play. Or maybe they’ll play defense. Either way, they can’t get worse.

But what about the new kids? Wake has 3 players signed, which still leaves two scholarships open. Bzdelik shouldn’t fill those ‘ships with anything less than ACC caliber players, so it will be interesting to see how that situation evolves. There is talk that Joseph Uchebu, a top-100 player who de-committed from NCST, may end up at Wake (though I think he ends up at Charlotte).

So on to the 2011 kids. First up is Jeff Bzdelik’s first commitment.

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