Noles News 06.01.11

Mickey Andrews talks with the NYCNoles. Intensely. As always.

An excellent collection of Florida State news today.


Stanchek Heads To Florida State As Grad Assistant

There are quite a few West Virginia connections on the Florida State football team. From the Seminoles’ head coach and Clarksburg native Jimbo Fisher to former WVU offensive line coach Rick Trickett. Now there is another Mountaineer connection in the sunshine state; former Mountaineer offensive lineman Ryan Stanchek has joined the FSU staff as a graduate assistant.

Stanchek will assist Trickett with the offensive line for the next two seasons. The Ohio native was a four-year starter at West Virginia. He was named to the freshman All-American team after the 2005 season. He was also named to the 2007 Walter Camp second-team All-American squad as well as other numerous All-American squads in his junior and senior year.

I don't know anything about him, but considering he was an All-American but only had a short NFL stint, I'll assume he has excellent technique and work ethic, but lacking in physical ability.  His physical ability isn't relevant as a coach.  Trickett certainly has an excellent stable of former players from which to draw. 

The Case For Washington Wizards To Use No. 6 Pick In 2011 NBA Draft On Chris Singleton - SB Nation DC
The Washington Wizards are stuck in a bad spot in a bad draft, and none of the options are appealing. So here's an outside the box suggestion: why not take Chris Singleton at No. 6?

Wonder what Mickey Andrews has been up to?  He still stops in to visit with the coaches, and recently made a trip to New York to visit with the NYCNoles.  It's an excellent club and I am pretty sure a few members read this site.  Andrews is a great guy and I've really never heard anyone say anything to the contrary.  Here's the recap:

NYCNoles team up with Coach Mickey Andrews to raise money for their 9/11 Scholarship

With the help of Coach Mickey Andrews and his wife Diane, the NYCNoles, who have been known to draw a crowd of more than 500 local alumni to their game watching parties during football season at their home bar, Saloon, were able to raise over $2K for their 9/11 Scholarship.  The Scholarship was founded by the club during ex-President Chris Jaskiewicz's tenure in 2001 in response to the terrorist attacks with the objective of providing a financial aide to a relative of a 9/11 victim or first responder. The Scholarship was endowed in 2008 and is currently accepting applications for candidates.  
During their recent trip up to the Big Apple, Coach Andrews and Diane were special guests at the NYCNoles Fundraiser and in his old school ball coach manner that we all love, Coach held the crowd's attention for over an hour as he reveled about past teams and former players, including a funny story about getting mad at Greg Reid one time during practice. Coach said Greg Reid is not only one of the best pure athletes to ever wear a Seminole jersey but also has superior football instincts to back it up.  Coach expressed his excitement about this coming season and said EJ should really turn some heads with an excellent year if he can stay healthy. 

Coach Andrews and Dianne still have strong ties to the University and since Coach's retirement have enjoyed spending more time with their children and grandchildren, traveling and Coach said he has once again taken up golf.       

Hope and concern: Florida State - ACC Blog - ESPN

Biggest reason for concern: The bull's-eye
Everyone else is the Atlantic Division should be tired of hearing about the division favorites by the time the season rolls around (if they’re not already) and will be gunning for Florida State. Clemson knows that in order for the season to amount to more than a bowl game, it has to at least win the tiebreaker against Florida State. Boston College will host the Noles on a Thursday night in February and have beaten Florida State on their home turf before. If Maryland and NC State are going to build upon last season’s success and remain contenders in the division, this is a must-win game. Once again, Florida State is the team to beat.

While Heather and I have been in agreement on a lot of items lately, I don't agree with this. Teams gunned for FSU even when the 'Noles were losing 6 games a year (3X from 06-09).


Ex-Irish center transfers to Florida | CollegeFootballTalk
After an injury-riddled five years at Notre Dame, Dan Wenger has decided to finish his collegiate career a little further south and with a pair of very familiar coaches. He's a decent lineman and a good pickup for UF.  Could start or provide depth. Believe he went to UF because of Weis and the OLine coach.

Mandate for Change: A portrait of Miami on the cusp of the Golden age - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Golden said at his introductory press conference that the goal is a national championship, and the roster he inherits still rivals Florida State as both the most talented and the most veteran outfit in the ACC: The starting lineup this fall is composed overwhelmingly of juniors and seniors, including headliners of the celebrated '08 class (quarterback Jacory Harris, receivers Laron Byrd and Travis Benjamin, offensive lineman Brandon Washington, defensive linemen Marcus Fortson and Micanor Regis, linebackers Sean Spence and Ramon Buchanan and defensive back Vaughn Telemaque) taking their last swing at fulfilling the hype that greeted them three years ago. Man for man, Miami still measures up against anyone in the conference, and if it doesn't show up on the field by the end of his second season, Golden will find himself quickly surrounded by the same entitled lack of patience — and swathes of empty seats — that overtook his predecessors in such short order.

This afternoon Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports was on 99.9 The Fan and said some interesting things.  You can listen here.   He reported that the NCAA was nearly complete with their letter of inquiry and notice of infractions for UNC-CH when the Coples stuff broke.  Robinson added that things have gotten worse for UNC-CH as a result of the (probable #1 draft pick) Coples incident.  He also said that some members of the UNC-CH football coaching staff have retained their own attorneys.

General College Football

How Larry Scott Got the Pac-12 More TV Money than the SEC - Team Speed Kills

Recently, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott fixed what was unquestionably the worst TV rights situation in college sports by getting his conference a new deal that pays it $250 million per year. The old contract paid just $54 million a year, a value that was laughable even before the round of negotiations that the SEC kicked off in 2009.

Just less than two years ago, the SEC announced 15-year deals with CBS and ESPN that combined pay the conference $205 million annually. The new Pac-12 contract is nearly 25 percent larger, despite it being a less valuable conference.

The Pac-12 is essentially the ACC of the West. Its sole advantage over the SEC's little brother is USC's status as a traditional power, though FSU and Miami (when good) provide a lot of that for the ACC. Scott trumpeted UCLA's status as a basketball power as being important, but UNC and Duke provide similar value to the ACC. The Pac-12 even has the disadvantage of having a number of games played late at night, largely after east coast viewers go to bed.

So how did the Pac-12 get $100 million more per year than the ACC's deal and pass up the SEC? It's a story that would make Adam Smith proud.

Linebacker Play: The MLB in the Over or Even Fronts - Shakin The Southland

We've now talked about the fundamentals to play linebacker and discussed the reads for linemen and backs, and the coverage responsibilities were highlighted before.  We aren't planning on doing the two-gap techniques of the inside linebacker in the 3-4 scheme, but the MLB in the Over front is a bit more unique than the one that we play at Clemson. FSU, Miami, UNC and Auburn on the schedule all use the Over front and for a refresher of what it is, see this previous post.

Just another in a great series that will make you a lot smarter about the game of football. A lot smarter.

Jim Tressel's resignation shifts blame away from Ohio State - Andy Staples -
-Despite his transgressions, OSU's Jim Tressel was still viewed as squeaky clean
-Tressel isn't the only coach to break rules, but the difference is that he got caught
-Tressel's decision to hide e-mails from the NCAA ultimately sealed his fate

College Football: Potential Jim Tressel replacements as Ohio State's next head coach - ESPN

So after months of controversy, Jim Tressel is out as head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes. There's no doubt that the Buckeyes football program is going to have a stiff climb back up to the mountain top.

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that assistant Luke Fickell will take over as interim head coach for the 2011 season. This makes sense both for continuity's sake and because, at this point in the offseason, it'd be almost impossible to get a top-level hire to abandon his program (especially given the uncertainty facing the program with regards to the NCAA investigation).

But make no mistake about it: This is the kind of coaching job that can get the attention of almost every guy in the business. Who are the most intriguing candidates that the OSU brass figures to examine over the course of the next six months? Here are seven guys to keep an eye on:
6. Mark Stoops
If there's a Stoops that would fit at this point for Ohio State, I suspect it'd be Mark, not Bob, who I doubt would ever leave OU for another college job knowing the set-up he has in Norman (elite program, history, great boss). Mark, the FSU defensive coordinator, is a product of Youngstown and played defensive back at Iowa in the late 1980s. He was a high school coach in Ohio and has gone on to coach in every time zone in the country. Stoops actually coached against and lost to the Buckeyes in the BCS title game while he was DBs coach at Miami.

Since then, he's done a good job as defensive coordinator at Arizona and now at FSU. The 43-year-old could've gotten the Youngstown State head coaching job after the 2009 season but opted to remain at the FBS level. My feeling is if he can't get this job, he'll have a shot to run his own program before too long.

Evaluating the Evaluator " The Rookie Scouting Portfolio

With its vast knowledge of strategy and technique and a wealth of  financial resources at their disposal, NFL organizations not only have the potential to discover if that linebacker prospect fits their scheme, but they can also find out what he did with that blue pencil sharpener in Mrs. Beam’s second grade social studies class. So why do they still have a huge opportunity to improve as evaluators of talent? The answer is in the process.

Long, but good read.

2011 Season Preview: The Texas A&M Aggies And Too Much, Too Soon -

As mentioned up top, there is a lot to like about Texas A&M, and they should be in position to maintain 2010's gains, but taking a third straight large step forward is rare.  The Aggies benefited from quite a bit of fumble luck and a somewhat unsustainable YPP margin, but maintenance should not be an issue with the outstanding level of experience and solid talent base.

So basically, we're talking about degrees here.  Is A&M going to be good?  Absolutely.  Just probably not "Top Five" or "Top Ten" good.  And expecting that level of play from a group whose four-year F/+ rank is 56th (behind programs like Wake Forest, Rutgers and N.C. State) is a bit unfair.  A&M has made significant strides since the incredible lows of Mike Sherman's first year (2008), but they most likely aren't an elite team just yet, nor did they play like it even late last fall.

I will say this, however: as overrated as they will likely be in the preseason polls, they will likely be just as underrated in our Football Outsiders Almanac 2011 projections. They will be expected to regress partially back toward their four-year rank, and maybe that's what will happen, but the gains that the numbers will see as unsustainable could hold steady a bit.  The offense really did improve by about five (schedule-adjusted) points with Tannehill at quarterback, and obviously certain gains for which DeRuyter was responsible are not flukes.  The projections will likely have A&M in the No. 25-30 range when they have probably earned 10-20.

We should probably know what we're dealing with by the second week in October here.  After warmups against SMU (a tricky but extremely beatable team) and Idaho, A&M faces another brutal early stretch: Oklahoma State, Arkansas at Jerry World, and Texas Tech in Lubbock.  If they're 5-0 after that, then they are indeed set up for an elite-level run.  But they'll most likely be somewhere closer to 3-2 or 4-1 and hoping to position themselves for second or third in the conference.  Those who remember the still-recent lows of 2008 should remain very impressed by that; those expecting darkhorse national title contention will find that disappointing.

Pre-Snap Read: #93 Colorado State

Does Steve Fairchild have a plan? I hear about this sense of urgency that has pervaded the program: Colorado State wants to win right now, this year, and has focused very much on that goal. So does Fairchild have a plan? Were the last two seasons for naught, or will the 18 losses in 24 games lead to brighter days in 2011 and beyond? Let’s save the big picture view for another day – though it remains a vital issue to address, and one whose answer we’ll know once the Rams kick off in September. Focus instead on what these Rams bring to the table in 2011: more experience. Thomas is a year wiser at quarterback. The offensive line will be a strength. Colorado State’s decision to play more snaps out of the 3-4 accentuates the defense’s speed; there is nice experience in the secondary; and a linebacker who goes unnoticed outside the M.W.C. but ranks among the nation’s most productive at his position. So there are pieces in place for a bowl run, which brings us back to square one: Does Fairchild have a plan? Has he been building to this season, willingly accepting a pair of 3-9 stumbles to get to this point? Or does he not have a grasp on the situation? I’m not willing to believe the latter, though nor am I willing to give Fairchild the benefit of the doubt. The schedule is not altogether difficult, so if the Rams have their act together this team has the talent to get to 6-6. Still, you’d really need a positive outlook to project a bowl berth in 2011. Better? Yes. Three wins better? I’d guess no, but maybe Fairchild does have a plan.

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