James Hamilton Commits To Florida State Seminoles

James Hamilton, a massive defensive tackle from Olympia High School in Orlando, Florida has committed to the Florida State Seminoles, per his facebook page.  Hamilton also plays guard and many schools wanted him there.  TomahawkNation was the first to break the commitment thanks to reader "Nole34," who is seriously plugged in on all things Olympia.  Give Josh Newberg and the 247 gang credit, however, for scooping that he will play defensive tackle.

Here is an evaluation from one of our frequent readers:

I went to the camp and got to see Hamilton. He looked good Saturday. Really good. Huge but quick. Odell likes him, took him away from the offensive side of the ball. Played both guard and tackle. Looks taller than 6'4" now [FSU measured him at 6'3.5]. I thought he looked 6'5", I didn't stand right next to him but I was close. I'm 6'5" and he made me feel very small.

Had a really good motor, obviously, or Odell wouldn't have snagged him away from the OLine during pass rush, 1 on 1.

I think he's a very good pickup, based on one day in 98 degrees and no pads, anyway. Because really, that's the time when he should be at his worst, not his best, don't you think?

This reader played line in college and has a good idea of what he is talking about.

Hamilton has decent feet for his size, and was getting heavy interest from Florida and Georgia at defensive tackle.  He actually held actual offers from Clemson, North Carolina, Michigan State, Rutgers, Texas A&M and North Carolina State.  He is a space eater and Jimbo (a Sabanite) has a goal of creating a huge team.

In its simplest form, a nose is asked to:

  1. Step to the play side while staying low; 
  2. do so quickly; and
  3. hold the point of attack while getting some penetration. 

This is what Hamilton will be asked to do.  I think he will be capable of doing so.  I am not thinking that he will become a dominant pass rusher or anything of the sort.  He'll be asked to draw a double team and clog the middle, forcing the play to the outside.  And even though a nose will come off the field in obvious passing situations, a good nose will still make a lot of money in the NFL.

At 6'3.5" and 338 pounds, James Hamilton does carry some bad weight on his frame.  But while some players are 19 when they sign, Hamilton just turned 17 and will play his entire senior year before turning 18.  That means he is still growing physically.  His stock will continue to rise as he matures.  

I do suspect, however, that Hamilton will need to continue to mature and get in better shape if he expects to be a 'Nole come signing day.

It should also be noted that this is not a great year for defensive tackles in the state and at this point Florida State has the definitive top DT prospect in Dalvon Stuckey, and can now make the argument that it has the second-best defensive tackle in the state in Hamilton.  

FSU has great depth at defensive tackle and should be able to bring both Stuckey and Hamilton along at a decent pace.

Here is some film.

FSU now has 13 commitments and should again reel in one of the best classes in the country.

He may remind some of this guy


Draft Preview: Ron Brace. Watch more top selected videos about: Ron Brace, Sports Studio

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