Sean Maguire Florida State Quarterback Commitment

Sean Maguire, a quarterback recruit from Seton Hall Prep in West Orange, New Jersey committed to the Florida State Seminoles Wednesday night.  Maguire is 6'2" or 6'3" and about 200 pounds.  He has a pretty big arm and decent athleticism.  Sean Maguire also has a good attitude and good grades.  Here's some notes from one of our readers who coaches on the high school level:

1. arm strength - Sean Maguire has it
2. smarts - 3.6 GPA
3. good feet - watch how he plants off the play actions, he keeps a good base
4. make throws - he's not a slinger, he just can make lots of different throws.

On his release: watch the throws at 2:03, 2:23, 2:33 and on from there. He throws like many qbs are taught now; Watch Tom Brady and Rodgers, they keep the ball at their chest and throw from the shoulder. The Jeff Tedford, keep it by your ear method, isn't as effective and really only works for tall QBs. Manning and Drew Brees (I know Brees is short) are really the only QBs that do that still. He occasionally does a Phillip Rivers like fling, but isn't a Tebow-like, and it can be fixed. He's a high school senior, not a contender for the NFL draft.

Don't get me wrong Sean Maguire isn't a 5 star, but the kid is a player. He won't have a chance to see the field for at least 3 years. You fix his release, which will only make his arm even stronger.

Kid has an arm, smarts, no ego, strong work ethic, and wants to be a 'Nole.  

Maguire is not particularly well known recruit at this point, holding offers only from Florida State and Buffalo.  But that hasn't stopped Jimbo Fisher from jumping on a prospect early in the past.  Last year Fisher took the commitment of Jacob Coker despite the fact that Coker only had offers from Arkansas State and Duke.  That move turned out great as other major programs realized what they missed and soon began to offer Coker.  It's a good bet that Maguire's stock will also rise.  The question is how much.

The quarterback position is about ability, no doubt, but it is also in large part about maturity, composure, and mental aspects that are very difficult for someone like us to evaluate.  Thanks to NCAA rules limiting contact and practice time, the quarterback must be an extension of the coaching staff, and everyone seems to think Maguire will be a hard worker and do just that.  

I'll add that teams have definitely won the national title with much lesser talents at quarterback than Maguire.  That said, he probably does not profile as a superstar.

FSU was not desperate to get a quarterback commitment and the only reason the staff would extend a committable offer at this time is if they were confident in Sean Maguire.  It just doesn't make sense to go several thousand miles to offer a kid who has only been offered by Buffalo, unless the staff really feels like it has the jump on other teams here.  He was receiving attention from Alabama as well.  Boston College, Maryland, N.C. State, and Tennessee.

Importantly, he has already visited Tallahassee and that likely means Jimbo and co. were confident he can handle the mental aspect of the college game (through working him out on the white board and talking with him).

Here's his tape:

FSU could still take another quarterback in this class, and it is important to note that Maguire is not afraid of competition (unlike some other high profile quarterbacks who throw a hissy fit about possibly having to compete for the job).

Maguire is FSU's 10th commitment of the 2012 class.  The 'Noles should again have a top-10 class and potentially in the top-5.

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