Noles Notes 06.21.11

Some excellent news and notes about FSU and the Seminoles' opponents today.


FSU has offered First Coast linebacker Reggie Northrup, per Chris Nee's twitter.  Northrup impressed at the camp and is 6'2" 215.  He holds offers from Miami, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, Auburn, Notre Dame and Tennessee.  Have to think the 'Noles have a good shot here.

ACC not interested in 9-game format - ACC Blog - ESPN
Good. That would be quite dumb.


Friday mailblog - ACC Blog - ESPN

Andrew in College Park writes: Being a student at maryland i can definitely tell you that there is FINALLY some hype about the football season, in part because of the success of last season (DOB) but mainly because of the home schedule. There no doubt will be fans at these big games (miami under the lights, westva, clemson, notre dame at fedex). if dob, tate, and the terps can pull off another 8 win regular season, do they get jipped out of a bigger bowl game again (military)? or do they finally get a bigger game that the program and fans deserve.

College football is capitalism.  Programs are awarded bowl games mostly on what kind of money they can make for the bowl.

Allen in Clemson, S.C., writes: Chad Morris installed a high power offense at Tulsa in one season averaging over 40 ppg. If Clemson can average say 28-30 ppg I think that, coupled with another strong defense, Clemson's season would drastically improve over last years. Is the personel at Clemson capable for 30 ppg? Is a ten (or more) win season a possibility?  

Even if Clemson beats FSU, they would still not be favored to win the division.

Miami snagged two commitments.  Wide receiver D'Mauri Jones is a decent player whose only other winning BCS offer was Arkansas.  But defensive lineman Jelani Hamilton was coveted by pretty much everyone.  Now, FSU is loaded with three of the top ten defensive ends in the country, so this isn't a loss for FSU.  Now, if FSU were to lose one of its current end commitments, it would not shock anyone to see Hamilton flip to the 'Noles.  

Clemson grabbed two as well:

Rivals250 Athlete Zac Brooks Commits to Clemson - Shakin The Southland
Very talented receiver out of Arkansas. Clemson's OC has a connection to that area. Dabo being Dabo, which is to say he is recruiting. If he can be hands off with the offense, they could be pretty good.  FSU was not after him.

Goose Creek LB T.J. Burrell Commits to Clemson - Shakin The Southland
Goose Creek LB T.J. Burrell Commits to Clemson. Other offers: GT & USCe.  FSU was not after him.

And You Thought We Wouldn’t Have Any Fun Today " Tar Heel Fan
All I care about here is who owned the cars driven by the players and who was on the other end of Blake's phone calls.

Other CFB

Pre-Snap Read: #75- Temple

Temple’s not going anywhere. Temple’s not going back to being the Temple of old, at least. I do think it’s going to be difficult for the Owls to maintain the two-year streak of eight wins or more, however. That’s due to a number of reasons, most notable of which is the coaching change. I think Addazio is a good coach, and will probably be a better head coach than he was a coordinator. This is the case with some, though not many, but I think how Addazio relates to and motives his players will be his primary asset. As will his ability to recruit, which means to me that T.U. will maintain its place as one of the MAC’s best on the recruiting trail. But there is bound to be some growing pains for this new staff, which might make for a slower start than we’ve seen over the last two years. There are issues with this roster as well. Temple has gotten by without a solid passing game but would really benefit from greater balance. Gerardi is a better passer than Stewart, so I’m thinking he should start: the Owls don’t need another runner, thanks to Pierce and Brown, though another receiver wouldn’t hurt. Then there’s the defense, which can’t possibly fare as well as it did a year ago. There are just several holes still unfilled at each stage of the defense, holes that Temple probably won’t be able to fill with commensurate talent in 2011. The schedule isn’t terrible, with Miami (Ohio), Army and Toledo coming at home, but I don’t think these Owls are good enough to win the MAC East. I’m not sure that the Owls were good enough to do so even if Golden had returned, to be honest. The Owls are bowl contenders but not much more. There are four better teams in the MAC, in my opinion.

An AQ / Non-AQ Split Is Inevitable And Necessary - BC Interruption

At the end of the day, does the FBS really need more programs? Do you really expect programs like UMass, South Alabama and Texas State to become the next Boise State in 10 years?

Breaking away from the non-AQs would better the overall college football product and also stem the tide of Division I-AA programs looking to make a jump to I-A football. As an added bonus, a move like this would remove any anti-trust hurdles caused by the BCS (i.e. if every CFA team has an equal shot at the National title, there's really nothing that runs afoul of anti-trust). 

Well done piece by the BCI guys. I agree.

Pre-Snap Read: #72- Kentucky

Can the offense keep up last year’s pace? I can’t see it happening. Newton is a nice prospect at quarterback, but I’m not sure if he’s ready – or if he’ll ever be ready – to have quite the season Hartline had a year ago. He’s only a junior, however, and still only somewhat inexperienced, so there’s still time for him to reach his full potential. There are similar losses at running back, and the holes at receiver are extremely daunting. Even with a very good offensive line there’s really little chance that U.K. will remain in the top half of the SEC offensively, which is a concern. But those concerns are dealt with in part by the presence of a stout defense, which might have issues up front but returns enough to lift U.K. right into the bowl mix. And that’s where we’ll find Kentucky, once again: hovering around six wins, with four victories coming outside of the SEC and two – hopefully – coming in the SEC. It’s nearly a guarantee, actually, that the Wildcats will land five wins from the non-conference slate and from Vanderbilt – though the Commodores look to be getting better quickly under James Franklin. Will Kentucky get that sixth win? It’ll be a dogfight, as always, but perhaps the Wildcats deserve the benefit of the doubt. I’m guessing that U.K. will end the regular season 6-6, 2-6 in the SEC, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Wildcats get stuck at the five-win mark.

Pre-Snap Read: #71- Western Michigan

This is Western Michigan’s best team since 2008. That’s mainly thanks to an offense that seems poised for a huge year, with a line that remains in flux the lone question mark as we enter the summer. The line does have the pieces to be successful: it’s merely a matter of getting healthy, cementing a starting five and locating some depth, a search that may continue well into fall camp. Everything else is ready to go: Carder is the MAC’s best passing quarterback, the backfield is stocked with young talent and the receiver corps, led by Jordan White, is more than capable of continuing Western Michigan’s fine play in the passing game. The big concern is the defense, though that group should be better in its second season under Cohen – but how much better? Merely duplicating last year’s numbers should find W.M.U. right along the six-win track, which isn’t good enough. A step forward will push the Broncos back to seven wins, but the offense is good enough to take home the West division. Can the Broncos go that far? I don’t think so, but that’s entirely thanks to a schedule that sends them to Toledo and Northern Illinois, W.M.U.’s two prime contenders for the division crown. Winning both will land the Broncos the West, but that’s a very tall order. Toledo just seems better, and while N.I.U. is undergoing a coaching change the Huskies do return a good portion of last year’s team. I do think the Broncos will add a win to their 2010 total, however, thanks to a schedule that may be intimidating at times – Michigan, Illinois and Connecticut in non-conference play – but is simple at others. I can spot six wins from the group of Nicholls State, Central Michigan – Cubit needs that one – Bowling Green, Eastern Michigan, Ball State, Miami (Ohio) and Akron. If the Broncos were hosting the Rockets and Huskies I’d have a very good case to put them at the top of the division.

2011 Season Preview: The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets And The Forward Pass -

While the Georgia Tech defense still tries to find its way, the Yellow Jackets' fortunes in 2011 could be determined by ... the forward pass? Even with the Flexbone, you have to force defenses to at least pretend to respect the pass, and Tech couldn't in 2010.

Georgia Tech had, basically, average fumbles luck (though they fumbled a ton) and an average YPP margin. Their recent performance basically matches their recent recruiting despite the unique system, and they return an average number of starters. In other words, there is little in these numbers to suggest that any sort of bounce back is certain in 2011. There is potential -- interesting young defensive ends, linebackers and maybe receivers -- but nothing is guaranteed.

Paul Johnson has proven that while there are a million ways to win a football game, there are also a million ways to quickly become stagnant. He will be relying on youth to avoid stagnation, and that's not typically something that works out beautifully. Still, the schedule sets up for a reasonably fast start -- first seven games: Western Carolina, at Middle Tennessee, Kansas, North Carolina, at N.C. State, Maryland, at Virginia. If they have even only slightly improved, then 6-1 is not out of the question; if not, then 3-4 is in play, and Johnson's seat could become rather warm rather quickly. This is a very important season for Tech's long-term viability under Johnson, and some newcomers will decide how the narrative develops.

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