Noles News 06.22.11

It's been a busy few days here at Tomahawk Nation.  A big thank you is in order to all of our excellent contributors.  I always tell our guys that there is no requirement to write.  In that way, they only write when they feel like writing, and I hope that passion shows through with each piece.

FSU Maguire starts slow, finishes strong

While West Orange (NJ) Seton Hall Prep QB Sean Maguire didn't throw the ball as well as he would have liked in the morning Monday at Camp Jimbo, he warmed up in the afternoon heat.

Excellent article on FSU's quarterback, Sean Maguire.

Dante Fowler will not visit UF today.  He claimed he has a doctor appointment.


Doc’s Sports Predicts Florida Gators Will Finish 7-5, Third In SEC East - Alligator Army
An outsider's look at where the Gators will finish in the upcoming football season. I give UF a 12% likelihood of 10-2 or better, 22% chance of 9-3, 28% chance of 8-4, 23% chance of 7-5, and a 15% chance of 6-6 or worse.

UNC Releases Letter Of Allegations " Tar Heel Fan

UNC’s defense that this was a rogue tutor and assistant coach behaving badly appears to have worked. The other two violations have mostly been dealt with on the individual level. Hawkins has been disassociated and the players involved with the impermissible benefits have all been nailed for it.

The question now is how the NCAA deals with this as a bundle. UNC has 90 days to respond and according to Dick Baddour, is not asking for a summary disposition, at least not yet. There could very well be parts of this UNC might want to challenge to see if they can at least take some of the edge off. The Blake violations and the failure to monitor are easily the most damaging. The fact you have multiple facets happening all at the same time might not work in UNC’s favor either. Based on the reaction of the national media on my Twitter timeline, the sum of the parts looks worse than the parts did when we had them laying all over the floor. To see it all packed into one document is powerful but at the same I am not convinced this is any worse than what was already known. The biggest question will be how the NCAA deals with the Blake violations and whether three whole seasons will be vacated on the basis of the two academic violations.

These guys run an excellent UNC site.

Agents, rogue coach, academic fraud: North Carolina accused of perfect storm of NCAA death - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Thus concludes what appears to be the perfect storm of NCAA death: Players got paid, agents were everywhere, players committed academic fraud, coaches, players and tutors alike misled or stonewalled investigators — and there was direct institutional knowledge via Blake, who (according to the NCAA) not only knew but was actively participating in flouting the rules in a way that the last guy the NCAA accused of being a rogue assistant coach, USC scapegoat Todd McNair, never dreamed.

If you've been following this case from the beginning, none of those charges are new. But it is eye-opening to see all of them exhaustively detailed in one place for the first time, and there is no escaping the conclusion that the Tar Heels are going to feel the maximum, USC-level pain in response — up to and including a postseason ban and heavy scholarship losses. Institutionally, North Carolina worked hard to distance itself from the worst offenders ingratiate itself as a collaborator in justice when it became aware of the violations, but if the NCAA can't throw the book at a school that employed an assistant coach it accuses of acting as a runner for an NFL agent, it might as well ditch the rulebook and badges and rename itself the "Basketball Tournament Deposit Association."

Great job by Hinton summarizing this stuff.

Despite breathtaking NCAA allegations, UNC's Butch Davis may survive - Stewart Mandel -

One could argue that the UNC case is worse than USC, Tennessee or Ohio St. The various charges involve a UNC assistant, a tutor and numerous players. But head coach Butch Davis surprisingly escaped NCAA investigators' wrath

Maybe. They can still impose a huge punishment as they did to Alabama w/o LOIC.

General CFB

Oregon Ducks release documents regarding scout Will Lyles - Andy Staples -
Everyone believes Oregon bought recruits out of Texas, and now the coverup is laughable.

Report on recruiting services could cause trouble for the Oregon Ducks -- College football - ESPN
Oregon could not produce any information from Lyles related to the $25,00 "2011 national package" that some believe was a front for Oregon purchasing running backs LaMichael James and Lache Seastrunk. The profiles were of kids who had graduated two years previous! Also, Oregon couldn't produce any film. Their defense is one of ignorance and might not work.  

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