Noles News 07.12.11


Brandon Jenkins and EJ Manuel will represent Florida State at ACC media days.  Two fine choices by coach Fisher as these are two of the players on the team who are also good people.

Biggest question facing the ACC in 2011 - ACC Blog - ESPN
It's whether FSU is a legit national title contender. Virginia Tech is a great #2 or #3 or a conference.

Xavier Rhodes and Greg Reid were named to the Thorpe Award watch list.  Don't get me started on watch lists, but these two deserved to make it.  Know who else did?  Mike Harris.  But they won't throw three corners from the same team on the list.

Chris Casher is transferring to Davidson HS (the school of fellow FSU commitment, Alphonse Taylor).  Great move as it will help Casher make the grades he needs to qualify and Davidson does not let players participate in the recruiting game once they make a commitment.  There will no doubt be some grumblings from people at his former school.  


Oklahoma got back its All-America candidate at Corner in Jamell Flemming.

Scouting FSU’s schedule: A look at N.C. State’s spring – Chopping Block – Seminoles Blog – Orlando Sentinel

As a follow up to the story we did over the weekend, Miami took commitments from two more players not listed in the ESPNU150, Rivals 250, Scout 300, or The 247 of FSU had offered Herb Waters.  James Burgess did not have any major offers (UF & LSU offers 100% fabricated per a good source).Eye on the U | Norland duo helps Canes pick up commitments from Homestead's Waters, Burgess

Man-o'-man does BTP crush ESPN here:  The Trouble With Fun Facts - Backing The Pack:  Russell Wilson may well have a rough time at Wisconsin, but this is not the way to go about arguing that point.

Examining the Atlantic: Wake Forest – Chopping Block – Seminoles Blog – Orlando Sentinel

The Deacs appear to be trending back toward some semblance of a successful team. Will that mean they’ll be challenging the Atlantic Division’s big boys for a spot in the ACC title game? Probably not. At least not yet. If they continue to trend this way, they’re still probably a few seasons away, at best. But, are they in position to be better than last year’s team? Definitely. Increased depth in key areas with players who are still either juniors or sophomores means that they are getting better in various ways. This could be a five- and, if it’s lucky, six-win team. Of course, Wake won’t be content with only five or six wins, but that is more than three.

I am more pessimistic than Coley here.

Maryland Stops the Bleeding, Expects Season Ticket Sale Increase - Testudo Times
Terps are getting a much-needed bump in season ticket sales. Must be thanks to Randy Edsall's awesome personality, right?

General CFB

The Data Sharing Project Takes A Gigantic Step Forward - Football Study Hall
Game and season college football statistics from 1998-2010 now available.

2011 Season Preview: Cooking Channel Commercials And The Stanford Cardinal -

It's just not supposed to be as easy as Harbaugh made it look. Stanford improved in every year of his tenure, and while I am not nearly as optimistic about the David Shaw era as a whole (if for no other reason than Harbaugh was a great coach, and even if Shaw's only good, there's a step backwards on the horizon), 2011 should still be a great one for the Cardinal. Whether "great" means another nine or ten wins, or whether it means a shot at the national title, will depend on how much regression we see on the defensive side of the ball. I see the offense rolling at a high level, particularly in October and November (once the offensive line has gotten a change to gel), but the defense is quite a question mark. A unit tends to regress a bit after sudden ascension, anyway, but when you throw in the loss of the defensive coordinator and a good portion of the front seven, that's a problem.

As a whole, however, when the Football Outsiders Almanac 2011 is released (coming soon!), you're going to see lofty projections for Stanford, in part because the role of coaching changes on projections is so dicey. But coaching change or no, the early schedule will give them a chance to work out whatever kinks have settled in this offseason. Perhaps the biggest game on the schedule is the September 17 trip to Arizona. The Wildcats are facing their own demons at the moment (no offensive line and Juron Criner's up-in-the-air position on the team, to name two), but if Stanford gets past that one, a 7-0 start is likely. The schedule is backloaded (at USC, at Oregon State, Oregon, California, Notre Dame in the last five), but this is a team built to improve as time progresses. We'll worry about Stanford's prospects for 2012 and beyond in 2012 ... for now, they should have one more really nice run in them. Whether they can match 2011's "decadent little slice of heaven" remains to be seen, but they should at the very least contend for a "highly addictive" division crown.

Prediction: ACC vs. Notre Dame - ACC Blog - ESPN
During November, it might seem as if Notre Dame suddenly became an honorary member of the ACC. The Irish will face three different ACC teams in a span of three weeks. And they should win them all.

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