Noles News 07.13.11

Not much in the way of FSU news today.  Look for the All-ACC team defensive tackle post after lunch.  They are already done, but we have to space these things out, ya know.  And Ricobert should have his analysis of your predictions.


The 'Noles won the ESPN traditions poll over Michigan.  Something as awesome as Osceola and Renegade better beat out a booster banner.

Happy birthday to author "Onebarrelrum." 


What Kind Of Season Would It Take For Boston College To Fire Frank Spaziani? - BC Interruption
I say 3-9 or 4-8. Barely missing a bowl for one year should not get someone fired at BC.

Predicting how many wins WFU will have in football next year (a statistics lesson) - Blogger So Dear
Our friends at BSD use the TN method of predicting games. Check it out.

Other CFB

Pre-Snap Read: #52 Ohio

Listen: you can’t ignore the schedule. It’s a slate conducive to a 10-win season, one that holds little challenges beyond the typical B.C.S. conference team in September and the Temple, Miami (Ohio) game in MAC play. Quite simply, it’s the easiest schedule in the country, and Ohio shouldn’t even break a sweat in the run to eight wins. Anything less than eight wins would be awfully embarrassing, to be honest. But can Ohio get to double digits? If Solich and the Bobcats do get to 10-2 in the regular season, it will be thanks to an offense that could wear down opposition with the MAC’s best line and a defense with a very solid back seven. If Ohio doesn’t get to at least 8-4, it will be due to an unknown quarterback situation, what seems like a lack of play makers in general offensively and, most of all, a defensive line still looking for answers. So let’s split the difference, as Ohio is good in spots and questionable in others, and predict the Bobcats to win at least eight games during the regular season, more likely nine — which is in itself amazing, considering where the program stood prior to Solich’s arrival, if not over the decades prior to his arrival, Jim Grobe’s tenure excluded. Unfortunately, Ohio’s projected win total will be slammed because of the schedule, and rightfully so. But don’t sleep on the Bobcats, who are good regardless of who they play, and don’t overlook the fact that Solich has done an outstanding job with the program. The Bobcats will take home the MAC East, with a conference title game date with Toledo waiting in the wings.

2011 Season Preview: Reality, Gravity And Cincinnati Bearcats -

It's pretty easy to talk yourself into Cincinnati, isn't it? A potentially explosive offense is joined by a defense that improves significantly as the experience level increases, while some extremely negative YPP and fumbles luck (the Bearcats' minus-15 turnover margin was second-worst in the country) balances out and pushes Cincy back up into the top tier of the Big East. Zach Collaros and Isaiah Pead are stars, D.J. Woods is rock solid, and the defensive line could be excellent. Of course...

...their bounce back is far from a given. The receiving corps is one injury away from being destitute, the offensive line must replace quite a bit, and let's be honest, 11 returning starters from a bad defense might not mean much if certain players aren't pushed by some new people in the rotation. And not only has recent recruiting been less than stellar, but the best class in recent history has fallen apart. Program depth is a serious concern.

The schedule, meanwhile, is both a problem and an opportunity. If Cincy is a legitimate Top 35 team, then games against Tennessee (away), N.C. State (home), West Virginia (home), Pittsburgh (away), etc., are all within reach. Cincy won't be a threat to go undefeated by any means, but 10-2 would certainly be in play. More realistic, however, is a season in the seven- to eight-win neighborhood. Recent history and experience should make sure they take a nice step forward after last year's debacle, but no matter how much I enjoy Zach Collaros, I'm nowhere near confident enough in this team to predict anything more than a winning season and something like a St. Petersburg Bowl appearance.

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