Noles News 07.14.11

Today is Marvin Bracy day.  The fastest player in the nation is expected to commit to FSU shortly after four (though these things always run late).  He's out of Orlando's Boone HS.  


Orange bowl for Florida State?  ESPN/EA says so in this video.  Chris Thompson should not have long hair, however.  

Very cool table here from Bill showing the toughest schedules over the last eight years.

Average FEI SOS Ratings For All
FBS Teams (2003-10)
Team Avg Rk
Arkansas 0.067 1
LSU 0.078 2
Tennessee 0.085 3
Florida 0.086 4
South Carolina 0.092 5
Florida State 0.096 6
Georgia 0.103 7
Alabama 0.104 8
Auburn 0.104 9
Virginia Tech 0.114 10


What do I notice here?  6 of the 8 national champions during this time came from this list.  But, it is important to remember that four of them did so while losing a game; something Florida State will not be able to do coming from the ACC.  Going with the Texas/USC model of a schedule in the 30s or 40s is much smarter for a non-SEC program.

Rivals Pack Lands Junior College Defensive Tackle ($)
NC State has landed their tenth commitment for the class of 2012. It's 6'4" 335 pound defensive tackle Deylan Buntyn. N.C. State continues to become the team that BC used to be.

Other CFB

Pre-Snap Read: #51 Hawaii

You know why Hawaii is the WAC favorite despite getting Fresno State and Nevada on the road? Because as we enter 2011, the offense has bigger questions to address than the defense. And the offense, as we all know, is going to be strong regardless of the question marks up front and the unsettled depth chart at receiver. That, above all else, is why U.H. must be considered the favorite to take home the WAC in the program’s final season in the conference before heading to the Mountain West in 2012. Not that this team is going to match last year’s 10-4 finish, however. While the offense will be fine, the personnel changes will force the Warriors to undergo a pretty steep learning curve in the early going — so it won’t be all that easy to get wins against Washington and Colorado, even if neither team will be great. U.H. will need to rely on its defense in September, it seems, as the offensive line gels and Moniz develops a rapport with his new receiver corps. But those issues should be cleared up by the heart of WAC play; that’s when Hawaii will make it move, and going 6-1 in conference play seems like a safe bet. But those B.C.S. conference games, and a game with B.Y.U., will knock Hawaii’s won-loss mark down a peg. Still, landing a WAC title — even a Boise State-free WAC — would be a nice way for the Warriors to leave the building.

2011 Season Preview: The Utah Utes and Ch-Ch-Changes -

Utah was a bit lucky when it comes to Yards Per Point last season, and they were quite unlucky when it comes to recovering fumbles. Their five-year performance averages are higher than those of anybody else eligible for the Pac-12 South title, but their recruiting has admittedly lagged a bit. Great run defense, bad run offense. Great pass offense, potentially bad pass defense. In 2011, Utah brings as much to the table as it takes off, and with USC out of the picture, the Utes probably have as much of a chance as anybody to represent the South in the first Pac-12 title game.

In looking at Utah's schedule, the key becomes obvious: survive September. Mid-September trips to USC and BYU will not clinch or doom the Utes' South title bid, but it will establish the narrative they will take into the meat of conference play. Meanwhile, two home games will actually probably determine Utah's fate in the South. Washington and Arizona State come to town on October 1 and October 8; U-Dub is absolutely a team the Utes should take down at home, and Arizona State is almost certainly Utah's biggest threat in the South race. If they win these two games, then they are officially the favorite in the South. In all, the schedule is meaty (few major conference teams have a road slate tougher than USC-BYU-Pittsburgh-Cal-Arizona-Wazzu) but semi-manageable as long as Jordan Wynn stays healthy. Which is, of course, a huge 'if.' With an injured Wynn, the expectations plummet.

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