Should Maryland Have Higher Expectations?


In 1892 Maryland went 0-3 scoring zero points in all 3 games they played that year.  The next year they went undefeated, posting a 6-0 record.  What does this have to do with anything?  Not much.  I did want to illustrate Maryland’s historical desire to win and what their new staffing change means for their program.


First let’s take a snap shot of Maryland football and their transitions. 

-As mentioned before, Maryland football started in 1892

-Hired Harry Byrd, (Who cemented their football program and had a freaking stadium named after him)

- Hired Jim Tatum and during his tenure, he led Maryland to two national championships (one retroactive), three conference championships, three perfect seasons, six top-20 final rankings, and five bowl game appearances.

-1987-2000 not much happened for Maryland football and was referred to as, “The Dark Years”

-2001-2010 Ralph “The Fridge” Friedgen led Maryland to its first bowl game in 16 years and first winning season since 1990


Now say what you want about The Fridge but he did exactly what he was hired to do:  Get Maryland to win again.  Toward the end of his tenure, The Fridge led Maryland to horrible seasons that included its 2009 2-9 season.  By the way one of those wins was against Clemson…Just had to throw that in.  In 2010, with Danny O’Brian as their QB, Maryland went 9-4 and won the Military Bowl to make them 23rd in the AP Poll. 


Not only was The Fridge named Coach of the Year but he was also relived of his position as the head coach of The Maryland Terrapins.  Insert Randy Edsall.  I won’t get into Edsall or his prestige as a football coach.  I do want to point out that The Fridge had reached his potential and Maryland made the change as they have always done.  So why let Friedgen go?  He made Coach of the Year.  Answer:  What have you done for me lately?


Maryland can also become a sleeper as they did in the 1990 season where they beat 25th ranked West Virginia and totally upset 8th ranked Virginia, or when they upset 19th ranked Clemson in 2006.  Sorry, I’m really not intentionally picking on Clemson.  Or maybe I am who cares.  Point is, don’t sleep on The Sleeper.


So should Maryland have higher expectations from what they have produced since The Fridge?  History shows that Maryland always finds a way to crawl back into the limelight of college football.  Maryland has always had high expectations of its football program and its credentials back them up.  After a new staff has exhausted all of its potential, a change is made and Maryland experiences a new and higher level of success.  So yes, Maryland should expect higher things from its football program.  Why?  Because.  “Crab cakes and football, that’s what Maryland does”.  Wedding Crashers. 


The Change:  Edsall and O’Brien.  In his freshman year Danny O threw down an impressive 2438 passing yards, 57% completion rating, 22TD’s, and 8 int’s.  I remember watching this kid last year and thinking. ”WOW”!  He even torched an NC State team for 417 passing yards.  Even Ponder only put up 196 against NC State in 2010.  (Did he finish that game)?


So when I mention the fact that Maryland started its football program in 1892 going 0-3 it’s not for fun facts, it’s because they went 6-0 in 1893.  Maryland has always had a desire to win and has always transitioned as needed to ensure they do win.  If history is any indicator of what Maryland football is capable of we should all be keeping an eye on the Terrapins.



Miami goes to Byrd Stadium for Al Golden’s first game as head coach of the Hurricanes.  But I guess that is a story for another day

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