Noles News 07.22.11: Phil Steele Podcast Edition

From our buddy Josh Newberg of Noles247 captured FSU Defensive End commitment Mario Edwards, Jr. (6'4" 280) mid-backflip. In converses. Freeeeak. Those guys have done a great job covering the camp. Should check it out.

A special treat for you today as Phil Steele joins us to talk FSU and the ACC.  Steele covers all 120 teams better than anyone, so Ingram and I jumped at the chance to pick his brain.  Be sure to visit as well for a lot of great info (I love the injury tracker).


The Country's Best Run Games, 2008-10 (Fun Stat Nerd: Pitt) - Football Study Hall
A look at the nation's top run games according to average Rushing S&P+ rank from 2008-10. Who is #2 behind Bama? Your Florida State Seminoles.

Debriefing: The Florida State resurrection is here - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Best case: 12-0, Worst case 9-3? Eh. I'll say worst case 8-4.


Debriefing: Was Georgia Tech’s 2010 regression an aberration, or an omen? - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Best case 8-4/ Worst case 5-7

The thrill is gone: Georgia Tech braces for the doldrums of the Paul Johnson era - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports
2011 could be a building year for GT

Ease the heat on Dabo Swinney - ACC Blog - ESPN

A reasonable expectation for Clemson this year is at least seven wins and a bowl game.

HD trolling Clemson.  7 wins and a bowl is the expectation?  Ouch.

Inside the Clemson Offense: Quick Passing III - Shakin The Southland
Looking at the quick passing game in Clemson's offense, but it applies to basically any offense.

Inside the Clemson Offense: Reading Coverage Basics - Shakin The Southland
Go read this. It applies to all offenses.

Debriefing: Another year, another prayer for Duke - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Best case: 5-7/ Worst case 1-11

Other CFB

Pre-Snap Read: #45- Texas Tech

I can’t shake my concerns regarding the defensive side of the ball. I really like Glasgow’s hiring, and appreciate and respect Tuberville’s ability to put together a strong defense, but I look at the depth chart and see some major warning signs: one is the front four, which lacks desirable size inside and has no proven pass rusher – I don’t think we can say that about Fehoko – at end; another is the secondary, which was terrible in 2010 and must adapt to this new system on the fly. Most notably, however, I look at this defense and can’t help but notice the overwhelming youth along each level. It’s nearly all sophomores and juniors, minus Fehoko, and while these defenders did get their feet wet in 2010 it’s not altogether wise to expect Texas Tech to make a one-year turnaround on this side of the ball. Now, will the Red Raiders get better each week? There’s no doubt about that, both because of this youth and the added experience each Saturday – and the week’s practices – brings in this new defense. But I think the defense is a year away. Thankfully, the offense should be just fine; better than fine, perhaps, should the emphasis on the running game pay off. We know the Red Raiders will pass the ball as well as anyone, so if the ground attack can provide balance this offense will be even better. Even with the questions on defense, this is a very good team, perhaps one that could vault into a national ranking over the first two months. Overall, however, I can’t place the Red Raiders in the same conversation as those teams with more well-rounded Big 12 title hopes: Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma State and Missouri. This team will be in that mix once Tuberville and Glasgow solve the defensive issues

In The Bleachers Podcast: Kevin from College Football Zealots Talks Dawgs & More
Mark Richt, eh?  

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