Noles News 07.28.11: Bye Butch

Yesterday I said it was a slow news day.  Then FSU came through and landed Justin Shanks.  And UNC fired Butch Davis.  wow.

Shanks is a total beast.  What does the move say about FSU's defensive tackles?  It says Jimbo is from the Saban school of roster management and will continue to bring in kids to foster competition.  Only the best will stay.  It also says that James Hamilton needs to play this season like he played during FSU's summer camp.  It says all defensive tackle recruits need to make sure their grades are on track.

As for Butch Davis, this is a good short-term thing for FSU as the program will probably be down when FSU next plays the Tar Heels in 2014 and 2015.  As for this year, I see a few things.  First, I didn't think Butch Davis was a great game-day coach, but rather a great program builder, talent evaluator, and recruiter.  But the team won't be better without him.  That makes things slightly easier for Clemson, NC State and Miami.  

Credit to Felder and Young for quickly assembling and recording the ITB podcast on the subject.  Mike actually played for Carolina and has a great perspective there.  

Depth Of Explosive Weapons (Fun Stat Nerd Tidbit: Arkansas) - Football Study Hall
1. FSU's receivers have not been that good. 2. FSU used more of a controlled passing attack. Lather, rinse, repeat. Top-10 offense.

Pre-Snap Read: #37- Clemson

Yeah, I’m pretty high on Chad Morris. I hesitate to call him a savior for Swinney and the Tigers, but I can say that Clemson could not have done any better in its offensive coordinator hire. Well, they could have nabbed Gus Malzahn, but in Morris the Tigers may have landed the next-best thing. I think he can do wonders for this offense – once he gets some pieces in place. The freshmen receivers might be just what the doctor ordered, but you don’t want to place such pressure on the rookie’s plates. And this offense really needs to find answers at receiver, as while Boyd still needs to prove himself that position is the largest question mark on the offensive side of the ball. Defensively, there’s no ignoring the holes left by the departure of several all-A.C.C. starters. But I’m confident in Steele’s ability to cobble together a competent attack; like Morris – though not to that degree – Steele will rely on youngsters, true and redshirt freshmen and sophomores, to provide depth or, in some cases, hold starting roles. As of now, there are some issues to address. But I think Clemson will take a nice step forward off last season, potentially winning eight games in the regular season if the offense takes a solid step forward, as expected. Morris is too good a coach not to find Clemson at least rising into the middle of the pack in the A.C.C. on offense, and even if the defense takes a slight step back that should find the Tigers in second place in the Atlantic division. Clemson’s not going to take down Florida State, home game or no, so a second-place finish would be a fine achievement for a team coming off a losing season.

Great take by Paul here.

2011 Clemson Pre-Camp QB Analysis - Shakin The Southland

This job is Tajh Boyd's to lose, and how good a season we have in 2011 really depends on his progression. If a freshman gets the job (barring injury), it'll mean that we lost the first 3 tough games (or worse) of this season, and nobody wants that. We think he can do it, if he gets the reps. Tajh will have to learn to take care of the football better than he showed in limited action last year, and it is something that Morris has harped on with him thus far. He has the other intangibles (work ethic, confidence, energy) that you want from your leader, and he has to put it together and lead this team where we believe it deserves to be.
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