Noles Notes 7.29.11

Searching for news on the program that is quickly assembling a roster that could top the SEC, but yet plays in the ACC.

FSU officials say OU game is nearing sellout - Crimson And Cream Machine
OU fans shocked the game is not sold out.

2011 SB Nation Preseason ACC Football Poll - Gobbler Country

The ACC bloggers of SB Nation came together and voted in an ACC Preseason Poll. The results were drastically different than the one from the ACC Football Kickoff, but equal representation produced a big difference for one team. 

After The Defensive Surge (Fun Stat Nerd Tidbit: Missouri) - Football Study Hall
A look at what happens the year after a college football defense improves significantly.

Five Good Minutes: Clemson Football Preview With Shakin The Southland - BC Interruption
An early preview of Clemson.

Out of Curiosity | Recruiting Defensive Linemen is Kind of a Crapshoot - Roll 'Bama Roll
Why does Jimbo over-recruit the defensive line? Because these guys bust quite often and often have academic troubles.



2011 Season Preview: The Missouri Tigers And The Living, Breathing Spread -

Thanks to their defensive success in the red zone, Mizzou's YPP margin was almost unsustainably positive in 2010. It appears that strong redzone defense is sustainable as a whole, but the combination of Mizzou's less-than-explosive passing game and their porous run defense (over the second half of the season) gave them little margin for error.

In all, this is an extremely experienced team that has begun to establish a proven track record. If James Franklin clicks, the Tigers could threaten for, at the very least, second place in the Big 12. In fact, the Football Outsiders Almanac 2011 projects them to possibly do just that. But the front-loaded schedule could be an obstacle for a new quarterback -- in Franklin's first five games, he will face trips to Arizona State, Oklahoma and Kansas State. If the Tigers survive that stretch, things become more favorable. They have to travel to Texas A&M for the second straight year, but they host Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas Tech. The numbers now give the Tigers the benefit of the doubt, but Franklin, the receiving corps and secondary both have to prove their bona fides.





Pre-Snap Read: #36 UNC

U.N.C. couldn’t drop on this list soon enough once Davis was dismissed. All the talent in the world won’t be enough for this team to keep it together… right? Say one thing about these Tar Heels: they’ve tasted adversity, having entered last fall under a cloud of N.C.A.A. sanctions and without several key starters, and should be commended for how they battled back to post another eight-win finish. It was impressive. But the turmoil facing last year’s team pales in comparison to mess on Carolina’s plate heading into 2011: without Davis, I can’t see U.N.C. coming close to reaching its full potential. Where was U.N.C. slated to land prior to Wednesday’s news? I was thinking right on the verge of the Top 25, if not in the 21-25 range, thanks to nice talent offensively and a front four more than capable of lifting the defense into the upper echelon of the country. None of that has changed, to be fair. Renner has all the tools to succeed; Houston has some rust, but he’s a big, physical, pounding back with a track record of productivity; the offensive line has the size to impose their will in the running game; and there’s talent and experience at wide receiver. The defense has the talent to dominate the line of scrimmage, which will do wonders for a secondary under a microscope. So if Davis had returned, you can see why some were touting U.N.C. as the team most likely to win the A.C.C. if Florida State and Virginia Tech faltered. Forget about that. It’s not going to happen anymore, not when this ship has lost its man at the helm. The Tar Heels will be fine, but they’re not going to have the season most expected. What about 2012? 2013? 2014 and beyond? Unless U.N.C. avoids massive N.C.A.A. penalties and can go out and get a Rich Rodriguez, this program is going away for a long time. It was fun while it lasted.
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