Noles News 08.18.11

After the first FSU scrimmage was delayed due to injuries along the offensive line, Florida State went ahead with the scrimmage yesterday. The 11-on-11 stuff was limited for the Seminoles, as you might imagine with so many guys out, including Zebrie Sanders (starter- leg/groin); Tre Jackson (backup guard, leg); Bert Reed (precaution); Nick O'Leary (unsure on his injury, will ask around); Chris Thompson (precaution); Jermaine Thomas (back); David Spurlock (starting guard, concussions, on schedule to see contact next week); Moses McCray; and Henry Orelus (concussion) and Trey Pettis.

Jimbo said things that indicated he was pleased, but he has to be frustrated with all the injuries. Still, Jimbo does not want to get guys hurt and runs a very pro-style camp. He will hold a guy out to make sure a mild injury doesn't turn into something much bigger. At this point, the injuries are not a cause for major concern. Jimbo gave the team off today before a tough set of two-a-days coming up this weekend. Jimbo has really mastered the art of giving an interview and saying nothing. He did say that the team has excellent defensive depth. Jimbo said EJ looked good, which I have to wonder about given the missing offensive linemen and the excellent FSU defense. Fisher really likes Jacob Coker, and said Clint Trickett did well too. No mention of Will Secord, again. Have to wonder how long he will be around. I'm sure that is graded on a curve. Speaking of grades, Fisher said he was not aware of any academic casualties.

Sifting through Rubble in Coral Gables - Presnap Read (Paul Myerberg)

The one difference is that the last time Miami played fast-and-loose with the N.C.A.A. handbook we saw the Hurricanes run the sport. This time? That the Hurricanes couldn’t even win when enticing recruits with money, sex and more


A Huge Scandal, but Probably Not the Harshest Penalties - New York Times

No death penalty for Miami. Doing so would unravel the real linchpin of the NCAA athletics (and not amateurism): TV revenue.


Montel Harris gets knee scoped; out 3-4 weeks

No worries here; he'll definitely be back for his obligatory 150-yard performance vs. FSU.


When Blue-chippers don't play like Blue-chippers - Football Study Hall

In the last six years, 40 of 60 teams who began the season with a Top 10 ranking in my Weighted Four-Year Recruiting Average measure (derived using Rivals recruiting points and more heavily weighting the classes from 2-4 years ago, since those are the classes most likely to be providing most of a team's starters), played at a Top 20 level overall. There are exceptions, of course, but most of the time, good recruiting rankings produce good teams.

In the last two years, however, USC has not done much to reinforce this line of thinking. The Trojans have finished 26th and 27th in our F/+ rankings despite ranking first and second, respectively, in terms of recent recruiting. As scholarship restrictions begin to take their effect on them, USC should probably figure out how to milk more out of the recruiting stars that make their way to campus.

That said, USC is not the poster child for underachievement. For that, we've got a battle between Randy Shannon's Miami teams (too much time on yachts, evidently), Bobby Bowden's final Florida State teams, and Rich Rodriguez's Michigan teams.

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