Noles News 08.24.11: Jimbo Says Seminoles' Injuries Not Serious

Florida State scrimmaged yesterday. Head coach Jimbo Fisher said the 'Noles had bright spots and low lights on both sides of the ball. He was not happy with the consistency, but was happy with the big plays made by both sides. Real Talk: Not much is getting done with all the offensive line injuries. 

But on that front, Fisher did say that almost all of the injuries are not serious and that the guys would be back soon. That includes star left tackle Andrew Datko, who Fisher said doesn't need to be out on the field banging. He said that running back Chris Thompson's issue is one of pain tolerance. That back must be barking something fierce, because Thompson is a tough, tough kid. 

Gerald Demps did practice, meaning the rumor that he failed out appears to be false at this point.

Other than that, Fisher didn't reveal much about the scrimmage. He said that EJ looked good, but the statement was relative and should be read as "good, considering what he was dealing with." I do think this is going to be a very good defense. We'll have more on that later this week.

Quick Tuesday FSU notes (Extended scrimmage edition) – Chopping Block – Seminoles Blog – Orlando Sentinel


2011 Season Preview: History, Celebration And The Oklahoma Sooners -
Nobody celebrates their college football history as well as the Oklahoma Sooners. For the 2011 season to live up to the "Preseason No. 1" hype, the line play will have to improve enough to complement the marquee skill position talent.

Below is a small handful of projection and change factors most pertinent to the Football Outsiders' preseason projections you will find in the Football Outsiders Almanac 2011.

Four-Year F/+ Rk 3
Five-Year Recruiting Rk 7
TO Margin/Adj. TO Margin**** +14 / +9.5
Approx. Ret. Starters (Off. / Def.) 15 (8, 7)
Yds/Pt Margin***** -3.7

Like Alabama, Oklahoma has more going for it than just about any team in the country: top five in recent performance, top ten in recruiting, interception-heavy turnover margin they may be able to duplicate, boatload of returning starters. Alabama got the nod for the No. 1 team in our Football Outsiders Almanac 2011 projections, but really, there were only two legitimate candidates. The line play scares me, but at this point in the preseason, something about every single team makes me wary.

The schedule could be as big an obstacle as anything. Not only does the Big 12's nine-game conference schedule begin, and not only do they have to play Oklahoma State in Stillwater for the second straight year ... but they also have to head off to Tallahassee to take on Florida State. That's two more road games versus preseason Top 10 teams than Alabama faces. Plus ... by mid-October, the Sooners will have played Florida State, Missouri and what will likely be an improved Texas team. Another slow start is not recommended.

Oklahoma is consistently very, very good.

Practice Notes, One Week of Install to Go - Shakin The Southland
Clemson is looking well coached. You know something is going on if the guys at STS are optimistic overall.

The 2011 BCO Guide to Roadtrippin' the ACC | The Key Play
Very cool here.

Other CFB

Pre-Snap Read: #12- BYU

Start fast. End strong. B.Y.U. always does the latter; it’ll need to do the former in order to live up to this lofty ranking, let alone begin justifying the program’s ultimately beneficial – extremely beneficial – move from the Mountain West to independence. Can a team be made or broken by four games? Well, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say the Cougars begin play as an Independent with a key opening month, one that features dates with Mississippi, Texas, Utah and U.C.F., the final two at home. Does the year end at 0-4? It doesn’t end, but there’s no great gains to be made with that start. What of 1-3? It would be disappointing, to put it lightly. And 2-2? Survivable. And 3-1? Then the Cougars are primed for 10 or 11 wins in the regular season, that’s what, and put in the group of people who see that coming to pass in 2011. What’s that you say? It’s a small group, consisting primarily of myself? Then get on board, as there’s room to spare – get on board with a top coaching staff, a blossoming quarterback, a deep corps of running backs and receivers, one of the top offensive lines in the country and a front seven that matches up well with any team on this schedule. What’s that, you’re thinking 8-4? That would be a disappointment: not with the way B.Y.U. ended last year, with what is returned and with what’s on the line for this team. And you know what else? I think Mendenhall and the Cougars know that everyone will be watching, keeping an eye on our newest Independent, which I believe will help the Cougars offset their typical early-season lull. And as we know full well, B.Y.U. always, always, always finishes strong. I think very highly of this team. That’s just me. But there’s room on the bandwagon if you want to get aboard.

Remember that BYU team FSU dominated last year? They finished the year pretty strong and have a great schedule this season.

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