Scouting the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks

It's time for the Warhawks to Reid their Manuel on Florida State.


       Todd Berry is currently in his second year as the Warhawks Head Coach. In his first campaign, Louisiana-Monroe went 5-7. The Warhawks play in the Sun Belt conference and were 4-4 in conference play last season. By looking at last season's schedule, the Warhawks lost three games by a touchdown or less. They also lost to LA-Lafayette by one point. 2011 will be the first meeting between the Warhawks and Noles.


        LA-Monroe will run a three, four, and five WR sets. Kolton Browning Sophomore QB for LA-Monroe is returning from last year's season. Browning went 255-429 last year which is a few notches below 60%(59.4%). He threw for 2774 yards. That is 6.5 yards per pass attempt. 21 TD passes and 15 INT rounded out his passing stats. LA-Monroe had five guys attempt passes last year. But only two of them threw more than 3 passes. The backup Cody Wells was 13-24 with a Pass Completion rating of 54.2. He threw for 61 yards 0 TD and 2 INT.


        Total the Warhawks had 1848 rushing yards last season on 569 attempts. For an average yards per rush of 3.2 per carry. The three main runners were Frank Goodin, JyRuss Edwards, and Kolton Browning. Browning the QB, had more rushes than anyone at 204. He tallyed up 460 yards. Goodin had 167 rushes for 570 yards with 3 TD. Edwards 102 carries for 474 yards with 4 TD. There were 12 Warhawks who ran the ball last year but 4 of them didn't have more than 5 carries. Taverese Maye a WR was #4 on the rushing leaderboard last year with an impressive 11 carries on 103 yards and a TD. The only other Warhawk with a rushing TD was Zack Rhodes who had only one TD and was 21 rushes for 79 yards. Someone with similar numbers was Centarius Donald. Who had the same number of attempts but with only 66 yards. Only 3 Warhawks broke the triple digit rushing attempt barrier. The other 9 had 21 attempts or fewer.


        The Warhawks had 16 players from last years squad with a reception. The top target was Luther Ambrose. Ambrose is a quick 5'8 181lbs. He was Kolton Browning top reciever as he lead the team with 68 catches. Good enough for 827 yards and 9 TD. Taverese Maye was second with 544 yards to 49 receptions. 7 Warhawks broke the triple digit mark for yardage. 3 more LA-Monroe players had between 56-83 yards. The other 6 had 22 yards or fewer with the highest of 4 receptions. Anthony McCall was #3 out of the WR corps with 33 catches for 479 yards. McCall had the highest yards per catch rating at 14.6. Brent Leonard was #4 with 36 receptions for 374 yards. Frank Goodin and Alvin Jordan both had double digit reception numbers and triple digit yardage numbers. Zarrell Sanders and Je'Ron Hamm are the only other Warhawk players with receptions worth noting.


           LA-Monroe was tied for 101st last season for points scored with 20.8 per game. But, I don't expect the Warhawks to break 10 on FSU. They were 85th in yards per game with 347. ULM was also 97 in the run game with AVG of 120 yards per game. For Pass Effenciency ULM was 68th in the country.


          The ULM defense allowed an AVG of 32.4 points per game. Good enough for 97th in the country. The D allowed 380.3 YPG which was 68 in the country. Rushing Yards allowed per game was 161.6 for the Warhawks also good enough for #68 in the country. I've heard that ULM is similar to Wake Forest of last year. Lacking size and talent. ULM's DE, Ken Dorsey and Troy Evans are 6'0 270lbs and 6'1 250lbs. That is respectable. Kentarius Caldwell the Nose Guard is only 6'2 252lbs. The backups aren't any bigger. Rick Trickett is used to 3 man fronts as he had seen them during his West Virginia stint.

The LB group does have size however. Both starters are seniors though Lincston Jones 6'0 244lbs and Jason Edwards a 5'10 230lbs. Cameron Blakes is LA-Monroe's LB to drop back into coverage. He's 6'1 and 218 lbs. Basically, the size of a typical safety. Like other positons, this group of LB does not have much talent. Their Corners are VERY small and has some experience with two seniors and three sophmores. The smallest is Senior Vincent Eddie. Only 5'8 153lbs. I think that's Greg Reid's height but he is more closer to 175 I believe.


This will not be the worst team FSU faces this year in my opinion. (not counting the Charleston Southern game). Almost every skill positon lacks size and talent for ULM to compete in this year's contest vs. FSU. Our defense will be DEADLY. The Offense will have minimal if any drop off. Brandon Jenkins will going up against a Offensive Tackle who has never started a game before. That should be a fun match-up. To see anything else Louisiana-Monroe Football go hereULM Football 2011

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