Noles News 08.31.11

Florida State football is upon us.  In just 78 and 1/2 hours, the 'Noles will take the field against Louisiana Monroe. And today, finally, Paul Myerberg of is out with his preview of Florida State. Paul has helped pass the summer with his excellent previews of all 120 college football teams. Here's an excerpt from his Florida State preview:

Up, up and away. Welcome back to the big time, Florida State. And it took only two years, though Fisher’s task was made a bit easier by his built-in comfort level with the program and roster thanks to his assistant turn under his predecessor. But that shouldn’t detract in the least from what Fisher and his staff achieved in 2010, which has paved a way for this team to take another significant step forward this fall. I’m talking a jump from 10-4 to 14-0, though there’s that looming date with Oklahoma growing closer and closer in the distance. What needs to go right in order for F.S.U. to run the table? Not all that much, but the small factors that must go this team’s way is what provides the slight distance between the Seminoles and Alabama, Boise State and the Sooners, the three best teams in the country, in my mind. Manuel needs to be the player F.S.U. believe he can be. The receiver corps needs to find a difference-maker, and I think it’s going to be one of the youngsters. The offensive line must remain healthy. Bradham needs to be a leader at linebacker; Reid needs to play on an all-American level; and Joyner needs to solidify the back end of the F.S.U. secondary. Here’s the good news: I can see each and every one of those things coming to pass with ease. And that’s the reason why F.S.U. is here, right among the top four teams in the country, merely two years into Fisher’s tenure. I think the Seminoles drop one game in the regular season — and no, I’m not automatically saying that loss will be Oklahoma. This outstanding defensive line could chew up and spit out the O.U. offensive front, mind you. But I think we’ll see one slip-up for a relatively young team, albeit one with solid experience. But if I had to bet money today on one program that will win a national title in the next three years, I’d let it all ride on the Seminoles.

I strongly encourage you to read the entire preview, and thank Paul for providing the material to keep us informed and get us through the offseason. FSU certainly has as good a shot as almost any team to win it all.

Per a note in the media guide, we are not to refer to Louisiana Monroe as anything but ULM or Louisiana at Monroe. Seriously:

We Are ULM In all references, please refer to us as ULM.

We are ULM , not Monroe, La.-Monroe, LAM, La.-Mon, UL Monroe, UL-M, LMU or any other variation

We are the University of Louisiana at Monroe, not Louisiana-Monroe

You are underdogs of more than four touchdowns and are lucky if people bother to spell Louisiana and Monroe correctly. Moving on,

Hello, koolaid.

Bowl projections? Absolutely.

Orange Bowl: Florida State vs South Florida

The Orange has got the last pick in the selection process, that means they get either the lowest rated or least attractive "non-slotted" team. So while the ACC, Big Ten, Big XII, Pac-12 and ACC all have "homes" for their champion the Big East champ is relatively homeless and thus ends up being selected by how "attractive" they are to a game. Seeing as I picked USF to get it together and win the league, probably with a "not Top 10" record, they are the clear winner of the "team no one else really wants to take" award.

This isn't all bad though, right?

Sure from the national perspective it isn't great. Hell Florida State fans definitely don't like playing USF but for the Orange Bowl? This is a pretty much win scenario. Two Florida teams that have an opportunity to travel to the game as opposed to Cincinnati or Stanford that do nothing for your hotel, tourist and ticket sales. Florida State getting back to their first BCS Bowl since the 2005 Orange Bowl. For USF you've got a school's first BCS appearance, a first appearance at a location that is around five hours away from their hub.

WVU is also an option for the Orange Bowl. Either matchup would sell out and would see FSU as a heavy favorite.


UVA released its depth chart. Some think I am underestimating the 'Hoos. I do not, obviously.

The prediction from BC:

Other CFB

Nick Saban pass pressure? Yep yep. Pressure matters much more than sacks.

Excellent tailgating tips from friend of TN Adam Kramer

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