Noles News 09.01.11: Hello, September. Hello, Football.

Football is back! Hallelujah! You'll have to wait another  54 and 1/2 hours for FSU to take the field, but the pageantry, the tradition, the rivalry, the early games dominated by sloppy play and lots of athleticism. That begins tonight. Leggo.

You can tell Jimbo doesn't love doing the FSU football call-in show, but last night he did reveal two things. First, Fisher said that Avis Comack is the fourth corner. Second, he acknowledged that the blocking on the kickoffs when Greg Reid doesn't catch the kickoff must be better. He hinted that freshman wideout Rashad Greene will play, and that Kelvin Benjamin (as we've said) is nowhere near ready. Tomorrow you will have our Louisiana Monroe preview. If you're new to TN, our game previews are the best in the business. By far. You're in for a treat.  I know some sites preview earlier in the week, but that has always felt anticlimactic to me.

The prayer for college football:

Why Florida State will win the national title in 2011:


#ACCSolidatiry- Wake Forest plays tonight at Syracuse. I think Wake has a chance. Do you?

Clemson takes on Troy this weekend. Definitely going to watch this to see that new offense.

BC takes on Northwestern, and Northwestern is without its quarterback. Eagles had better win this 

Paul Myerberg on Oklahoma:

I’m nearly all in with Oklahoma, but I look at the depth chart and see one significant concern: five senior starters, eight seniors in the two-deep altogether. That’s a little worrisome, even if we all agree that this team isn’t really inexperienced, just young. The experience came last fall for most, over the last two years for some, and despite the class — sophomore, junior, senior — listed on the depth chart the most important thing is always snaps. This team took snaps in 2009, losing five games and learning to hate the taste of defeat. This same team took even more significant snaps fall, taking part in several key games and, more often than not, coming out on top. You can’t discount that experience… yet I’m a bit concerned about the lack of senior leadership on the roster. Alabama has it, Boise State has it in spades, but O.U. doesn’t. And when you get to this point, trying to find two finalists among three chief national title contenders — this is my opinion, at least — that’s one thing that separates the Sooners from the Crimson Tide and Broncos. But I’m splitting hairs here, since O.U. is clearly built for a national title. Jones is a Heisman contender under center. Broyles is one of the nation’s best players regardless of position. The offensive line has hit its stride. There are some concerns defensively, but those can be addressed should the O.U. line play up to its potential. It’s obvious that the Sooners can play for and win the national championship. I just think that there’s enough youth at key spots to project one loss in the regular season. Even if that does occur, the Sooners will take home the Big 12 for another time — number eight — and reach yet another B.C.S. bowl.

Miami is done. I've authored a handful of articles on the subject, but now the national media seems to be catching on. First, read Dennis Dodd's CBS Sports piece on the signifcance of the language in the NCAA release announcing the suspension of many Hurricanes:

The NCAA felt no reluctance naming the sleazy central figure of the Yahoo Sports report [Nevin Shapiro]. Usually in these cases, the NCAA uses phrases such as "a person representing the university's athletic interests" or "third party" or something like that. It doesn't want to be sued in case the person they name is, you know, innocent.

On Tuesday, the NCAA just come out and said it: Nevin Shapiro offered it. These players took it. We've got this thing nailed.

It may wait months or even years for the final verdict but it's clear the NCAA is well on its way to discovering everything Yahoo reported.

His partner in crime at CBS, Tony Barhnardt, also weighs in:

But I told my friend that "The U," at least the swashbuckling, romantic version of Miami that played for national championships and infuriated its elders, is gone and is never coming back. That point was reinforced by the NCAA on Tuesday when it suspended eight players for taking extra benefits from a rogue booster, Nevin Shapiro.

Butch Davis brought the Miami program back from the brink once, when he rebuilt from 5-6 in 1997 to a team that won the national championship in 2001.

It won't happen again. Miami had a great 20-year run from 1983-2002 with five national championships by four different coaches. But the world that made Miami's quick ascension to the top of college football possible, just like the Orange Bowl, doesn't exist anymore.

It's also gone for programs like Army and Navy. And Minnesota. All multiple-time winners of the national title.

But the U's days as a national championship contender are over. It won't recover from what is coming down the road.

The present is going to be just fine for Miami. This was a team that was going to finish somewhere in the middle of the ACC's Coastal Division before anyone had ever heard of Nevin Shapiro. That doesn't change.

+1 for acknowledging Miami had the makings of a good team this year.

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