2011 FSU Season Predictions

Here are our staff's predictions for the Florida State Seminoles 2011 season:


My win shares put me between 9-3 and 10-2, though I personally lean toward the ten win mark. I see the losses coming from the group of OU, @CU, NCSU, @BC, UM (if current suspension numbers hold), @UF. I would be pleased with a 4-2 record over these 6 games and thrilled with 5-1. I like the chances of winning the division quite a bit, and I like a potential match-up with VT in Charlotte because of favorable depth.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater:

My win shares says 9-3. But, I’m going with 10-2. Two losses coming from OU, UF, CU, BC. If we happen to get through September without a loss, I’d say we roll into G’Ville at 11-0. If Bud gets eleven more followers before Monroe kickoff….go ahead and book your flights to Nawlins. Oh, and I’ll go ahead and predict a win in the ACCCG…even though we don’t know for sure it will be against VT. We really do, even though we don’t. So, let’s call it 11-2 and a BCS bowl.


12-2. Same two losses coming from OU, UF, CU, BC as DKN pointed out. Think we handle VT in the ACCCG and whoever we play in a bowl setting up 2012 nicely. If we happen to beat OU, I will submerge my head in the koolaid and wake-up from the dream looking at a 3rd crystal football. Drool may or may not be dripping from the corner of my mouth depending on how many beers are involved.


11-1. We are going to beat OU by 10, but the score is deceiving because it will be more lopsided than the margin indicates. Our only loss will come from either UF or UM, but I will be ritually sacrificing a goat (or pig) before both of those games in reverence to the football god Hermes so that I may be wrong. We will beat VT in the ACCCG. If we go Orange we will win regardless of opponent. If we luck out and everyone else chokes and we go to the NC game, we will probably lose. So 13-1 if we go Orange or 12-2 otherwise. To recap, I'll be the one playing the part of TheChi/NextLevel/Doc Holiday with my 11-1 prediction and the W versus OU. Word to your mothers.


I think we lose to OU by a hair yet end up with 11 wins heading into the ACCCG. Clemson goes up 14-7 early in Death Valley, but falls apart and gives up 31 unanswered points. Miami game is close until 3rd quarter before we take it over. Not sure even Charlie Weis can help Brantley. Visions of green fields and red endzones. Of cold, rainless Northeast Thursday nights. Of a mid-afternoon sea of orange with a not-so-bright-look upon their faces. Of a crisp fall reverie, denizens drunk on tryptophan, and locals bemoaning a still-green head coach.


I'll go 9-3 for the regular season and 11-3 for total with acc championship and the destruction of some yet to be determined crappy big east school.


My win shares are always way too pessimistic, but I'm at like 8.59. Somehow I'll go with 10-2, but I'm not really sure why.


I'm at 10-2 and favorites for acccg.


im saying 14-0. My bold prediction that UConn would win it all in basketball came true so I might as well try to keep the streak going.


I am going with 10-2, but my gut says 9-3. I think we lose OU, UF and one of UM,BC,CU. I do think we will win the ACC this year.


10-2 here as well with the losses coming from the same group of teams that everyone has mentioned. I also think we win the ACC to go 11-2.

The K-Man:

I see 10 and 2, with one of the losses to a BC, Maryland, NC State. 9 and 3 wouldn't shock me at all. I already booked a room at the Residence Inn in Charlotte for December.


I'm guessing it's not necessary to chime in if your prediction is a 10-2 regular season with an ACC Championship win? However, if we go 9-3, I'll say I was the only one with the level-headed foresight to call it. It's a gift that I'll be able to pull it off. Go ahead, save the e-mail. It won't help.


Count me among those predicting 10-2 this year as well. I just have this feeling that FSU is going to lose one game that we shouldn't and BC keeps coming to mind. Ill say we sweep UF and UM in two close games but we lose to BC and we lose to either OU or Clemson. If there's a certainty in life in addition to death and taxes, it is Clemson shooting themselves in the foot. I think FSU wins the Atlantic and the ACC as well. Thank goodness football is back gentlemen!


9-3 before the season starts, but if we get out of September unbeaten, we will play for the National Championship.


9-3. My win shares at Fall Practice came at 8.93, but in retrospect I think I put us a little low on UM and Maryland. My heart tells me 10-2, but I'll stick with 9-3; that BC game keeps me from going with 10-2. IMHO its forcing a wild card into a game we should have expected to win comfortably.


I'll be optimistic and say 11-1 with a loss coming to either OU or Clemson.

As for me?

FSU plays what should be seven bowl teams (eight if they make the ACC championship game). One of those opponents is the AP #1 team in the country. Two more are against extremely talented teams in two of the most hostile environments in college football (at Death Valley and at the Swamp). Miami has a ton of talent and all suspensions will be served before the 'Canes come to Tallahsssee. No way of knowing what UM will be like in November. And an always-tricky Thurdsay night context in potentially nasty weather awaits FSU in Boston.

Florida State is one of only a handful of teams to retain the same staff from last season. We covered all the schematic stuff last year, much more than you'll find anywhere else. This year is about sustaining an excellent offense (or not slipping much after losing a 1st-round QB and an NFL guard), and taking another giant step forward on defense thanks to increased comfort, familiarity, and understanding of the scheme. FSU should boast one of the best 25 offenses and defenses in the country. Add in excellent special teams, and this team should be FSU's best in a decade.

FSU will be a favorite or small underdog in every game. This is the best roster in the ACC, and thus, an ACC Title should be expected.

I also expect FSU to be within a game of a 10-2 regular season record. (10-2, 11-1, or 9-3).

I could see 8-4 or worse only if a lot of injuries mount at positions which FSU cannot afford and a bunch of bounces go the wrong way.

But if key players stay healthy and the 'Noles get the bounces (don't kid yourself, this is huge in any title run), FSU has just as good a shot of playing for it all as anyone not named Oklahoma (no conference championship game) or Oregon (USC ineligible from Southern Division). You can't ask for more than that.

Take a look at FSU's performance over the last few years, courtesy of Bill Connelley:

This program is undoubtedly going in the right direction. Excellent recruiting and excellent coaching should produce excellent results. Just stay healthy and get some bounces.
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