Uniforms may play a role in the winner of Saturday's Game...? Here's why.

As we all know OU is comming into tallahassee for the first time EVER. I was laying in my bed the other night tossing and turning just thinking about the match up on Saturday. Then i started thinking about how we got blasted last year in Norman. But then suddenly i realized that OU will be wearing WHITE uniforms on Saturday....Now i know many of you are thinking, big deal, we know...Lets think about what this means... Hmmm white uniforms. What is means is OU will be the only people in DOAK with 83 to 85,000 people wearing WHITE. ( Granted some people may be wearing white) Think about this for a second... if u walked onto the field in DOAK for the first time ever wearing all WHITE with 85,000 people looking down on you and screaming at you, you might feel just a little Vulnerable. Granted you have never been to DOAK campbell stadium in your whole life. I just think this might have some effect on Saturday's game.. Here is WHY:

We all know that Garnet / Burgundy is a dominate color... Almost 85,000 people are going to be wearing Garnet or Crimson on Saturday. As well as OU fans. If your wearing all white and see Garnet flying at you, you might be a little scared. Lets look at a couple games that FSU has WON when they where wearing their Garnet Uniforms..

1) WV bowl game 

2) BYU last year

3) UF last year

4) USC bowl game 

* I know that we did loose to VT tech last year when we were wearing Garnet.. 

* But we did loose last year to OU when they were wearing there Crimson uniforms.

In conclusion,

I am open to comments, concerns or complaints.. But i just think that OU in their white uniforms on Saturday might have an effect with Confidence and comfortability. We all know that being comfortable and confident is key to playing a good game and not making mistakes.. Discipline. With that said...85,000 fans screaming their heads off at the team that has never been to DOAK, wearing white. OU players will be nice big WHITE targets for our players to lay the wood on Saturday night... And after they realized that they their pretty little white uniform got dirty and realized that they are not in Norman anymore...It just might look like they pooped their pants in DOAK Campbell stadium. Thus, they will be wishing they were anywhere but DOAK. I hope that all of you enjoy the game and scream your heads off before, during, and after the game.. Granted if we win. GO NOLES.. Lets give em hell.

HopeEnjoy the Youtube clip. 

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