Scouting FSU's Opponents: Week 3

This is a weekly feature on in which we review the performances of each of FSU's upcoming opponents. I've also added two potential teams in Virginia Tech and UNC that are likely to make the ACC Championship Game. I will not do game charts for games against D1-AA opponents. All game charts are non-garbage time only.

This takes a lot of work. I hope that your enjoyment of each game increases with additional knowledge of the opponent.

Week 1 | Week 2

Plays 63 90
Yards/Play 6.9 6.9
Neither out-gained the other per play
Avg Field Position Aub 23 Clem 19

The Clemson Tigers defeated the Auburn Tigers, 38-24. This was a very exciting game and since a lot of people on Tobacco Road don't quite understand how awful Auburn's defense is, it has caused Clemson to become a bit overrated. Auburn is much closer to being 0-3 than they are to being 3-0. Clemson has some serious playmakers on offense, but they are young and it will be interesting to see how they transition from playing terrible defenses to a very good defense.

Here is STS' game recap Sunday thoughts. Good stuff, as always. The only difference in this game was Clemson's ability to move the ball and run about 40% more plays than Auburn. That's a serious pace right there. Auburn only scored three points in the second half, but they still moved the ball on Clemson just as they had in the first half (two of four drives went for more than 62 yards). Clemson is a scary team with athletes all over the field, great assistants, and a clown for a head coach. We'll have much more on them this week as the FSU walking wounded travel to Death Valley.

Wake Forest beat Gardner-Webb. Nothing much to see there as the Deacs improve to 2-1.

  Duke BC
Plays 80 58
Yards/Play 5.8 5.7
Duke outgained BC by 3% per play
Avg Field Position Duke 24 BC 25

Duke beat Boston College 20-19. Yes, Duke. BC missed a 23-yarder off the upright to win the game with no time left. Duke still isn't any good, and BC has very serious injury issues right now, along with some coaching issues. This was a very even game, as the score indicates.

Duke threw the ball 52 times and ran 28. Renefree was 41 of 52 on the previously-referenced green BC secondary (Eagles have lost 3 of 4 secondary starters since the final week of camp due to injury or suspension). I didn't watch this game and can't imagine it was much fun on tv or in person. Unless BC gets its guys back in a hurry, it will not go bowling. I See the Eagles finishing 4-8.

Plays 77 87
Yards/Play 6.3 5.5
WVU outgained MD by 15% per play
Avg Field Position WVU 24 MD 34

The Maryland Terrapins lost a home game to the West Virginia Mountaineers, 37-31. This was a battle of good offenses and bad defenses. Played at a fast pace, WVU was simply better. 6.3 yards allowed per play is not very good by Maryland. The issue seems to be really poor defensive back play, complete lack of pass rush, and the need to over-involve the safeties in the run defense, exposing those defensive backs. I think Maryland will need Danny O'Brien to play out of his mind each week if the Terps are going to win more than 7 games. That didn't happen yesterday, and part of it is due to Maryland suspending two of its top receivers.

Stock Report & Helmet Stickers:

N.C. State beat South Alabama. We know very little about this team right now, but should find out more come Thursday night when the Wolfpack travels to Cincinnati.  

BC- see Duke

Plays 53 65
Yards/Play 3.5 5.6
UM outgained OSU by 63% per play
Avg Field Position OSU 37 UM 22

The Miami Hurricanes took advantage of some ridiculously bad quarterback play to beat Ohio State. Miami did a good job using its strength (offensive line and stud runner Lamar Miller), and minimizing its weakness (Jacory Harris). I watched this game and will say that while Miami improved from the Maryland game and could be a very good football team if they keep improving, this was largely on Ohio State. I have no earthly idea what OSU was trying to do on offense. None. What a cluster.

Here are six post-game videos of Canes' players. And here is a good look at the game from a Miami beat writer: 

Plays 75 63
Yards/Play 6.2 6.4
UNC outgained UVA by 2% per play
Avg Field Position UVA 24 UNC 26

The Virginia Cavaliers lost to the North Carolina Tar Heels, 28-17. UNC jumped out to a 21-3 lead before letting up a bit. UNC used the bend but don't break strategy and forced three turnovers. UNC is a good team and has a huge test coming this weekend. Here is the game story and here is the news and notes.

There is still nothing to fear about Virginia. UVA is still on the Duke/Wake tier.




Florida beat an overrated Tennessee team 33-22.

  Tenn UF
Plays 69 63
Yards/Play 4 5.5
UF outgained Tenn by 36% per play
Avg Field Position Tenn 27 UF 26

I was more impressed with UF's defense than I was its offense. 

Week Three Expectations And Reality: SEC - Football Study Hall:
"Florida (Proj. Scoring Margin: +17.6 | Actual Scoring Margin: +10 | Diff: -7.6) One team's offensive star lands wrong and injures his knee. The other team's star goes off. Such is life. Chris Rainey had 108 rushing yards and 104 receiving yards, while Jeff Demps complemented him with 48 and 37. Throw in some lovely big-play prevention, and there you go. John Brantley completed 10 of 11 passes to Rainey, Demps and Trey Burton for 179 yards, and it didn't even matter that he was 4-for-12 for 34 yards to actual wideouts (though, uh, that may be a concern at a later date). Jelani Jenkins was great: 5.5 tackles, a sack and two PBU."

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