Florida State Film Review: Oklahoma

For a big Florida State game, we'll do a big film review. And Oklahoma was certainly a big game. As usual, we'll lead with general observations and get to individual comments, and finish with a review of the Noles, play-by-play.

EJ Manuel was very average. He wasn't incredibly inaccurate at 13-19, but he did have two or three passes completed that were not very well thrown and prevented additional yardage. His reading of the defense and decision making was ok, but not great. He missed seeing open deep guys on two throws, and as you'll see in the play analysis, also incorrectly gave the ball up when he should kept it at least once and perhaps twice on the zone read play. When he did run, however, he did quite well.

None of the backs impressed us. They didn't fumble and were pretty good in pass pro, but didn't make anyone miss. And they missed 2-3 holes, which will get you killed against Oklahoma. These guys should be better. Nobody has emerged here.

The receiving corps was missing two of its top three guys and still played well. Kudos to this group and to Dawsey for getting these guys to step up. Kenny Shaw was well on his way to having a big game before getting crushed in the helmet. Rodney Smith didn't do much, but he gets a pass because OU focused on him the most and EJ missed him twice when he was open.

And now the tight ends. Beau Reliford is the most unreliable multi-year starter FSU has had in years. He routinely makes drive-killing mental errors. EJ's second interception was 100% Beau's fault. On the first sack of EJ, Reliford ran into Kenny Shaw in his route! How did this happen? He likely had a delay route and didn't delay. Jabaris Little is a backup for a reason. He is no good. O'Leary had to be hurt, because there is no reason for Little to be in a game of any importance, much less featuring prominently in the gameplan.  O'Leary did a nice job to go slow over the middle to present EJ a target on the drag to open the game. He caught two balls and then left.

The offensive line didn't play as poorly as we initially thought, but still played poorly. Datko and Sanders weren't horrible, but weren't great. Their pass pro was mostly good, but I was disappointed in their run blocking. Datko should be able to get more movement on the edge when he's out there with an end, and it just hasn't happened. The interior is a mess. These guys haven't played much together and it showed. Bryan Stork was the best of the three, and was average. He'll continue to get better and his snaps were encouraging. Spurlock doesn't play with the same intensity he did pre-concussion, but he is working his way back into things and will be needed this week. Fahrenkrug apparently has great power, but he is really slow on some plays (particularly a kick-out play we highlights in the play analysis below). The offensive line must improve if FSU is to win at Clemson this weekend, particularly if Clint Trickett starts. 

On second viewing, most of the concerns over the playcalling subsided and we realized as a staff that this came down to execution against a really good defense. Oklahoma is a better team than FSU, the refs really screwed FSU, and FSU hurt itself with some costly errors.

Inside, find the rest of the analysis.

Defensively, the 'Noles were excellent. I haven't seen a team play OU like that in a long time. We said that FSU would need to line up and tackle, making OU earn its points. Indeed, they did just that. FSU tackled like I haven't seen in a long, long time. Oklahoma won't see a better defense than that unless it plays Bama or LSU, and FSU is absolutely one of the best defenses in the country. 

The defensive line was excellent all night. As predicted, Bjoern Werner burst onto the national scene by dominating the Sooners. He should have drawn at least two holding penalties, as he was held constantly. It was the only way OU could stop him. Excellent job by Stoops to move him around as well. The defensive tackles rotated often to stay fresh, and we must remember to compliment Jacobbi McDaniel for his excellent game. This was his best game at FSU. Disciplined, powerful, and consistent. Consistent also describes Everett Dawkins who was constantly disrupting plays. Erving, Jernigan and McCloud also played and flashed. Erving continues to improve as a player. The other ends (Jenkins, Hicks and Carradine) ranged from good to poor throughout the night, but overall the defensive line was excellent.

We caught some heat from the readers before the season for saying that Christian Jones was the best linebacker on the team before he ever started a game. We were right. Jones is good enough to play in the NFL tomorrow, and isn't old enough to drink yet. Vince Williams was better than expected and if he's not the liability he was expected to be, FSU's defense will be even better than we thought. Nigel Bradham had a poor night. Yes, he was held a few times, but he also took some poor angles and had two unacceptable personal fouls for a senior. Jeff Luc got in and made a tackle or two while being held egregiously in the red zone.

The secondary was superb. FSU really does have three NFL corners on its team. Mike Harris is playing the best of any of them right now, but Xavier Rhodes and Greg Reid also played well against an excellent, excellent OU offense. And Lamarcus Joyner is the freak we all said he would be. Compliments too, to Terrance Parks, who did what was asked of him (play his assignment and not do anything stupid to allow a big play). 

 Mark Stoops got this loaded defense ready to play OU and did an excellent job. They were disciplined but aggressive, and were very multiple as well

Now to the thoughts of the individuals. (Some of these were given before realizing that EJ messed up multiple reads that if correctly done, would have had him on the outside with the ball.


After review: Jimbo's plan coming out looked pretty damn good. Lots of empty set/two TE looks (which we haven't shown this year), numerous designed QB runs, a deep route to Reliford (hard to tell if EJ overthrew it or Beau ran it incorrectly) and a few underneath crossing routes that OU was having trouble picking up.

We're finally getting to see what Stoops meant by being "multiple". They were all over the place. Jenkins lined up at four different positions in the first quarter (WDE, SDE, ILB, OLB) and Werner basically split time between SDE and WDE. Surprisingly, only had a couple situations with nickel. I loved bringing LJ on a blitz--which lead to Bradham's pick.I'm traveling today and may not have time to review film before tomorrow. I have reviewed drive charts and think the game plan/play calling might not have been as bad as I initially thought.


On offense:
The first two possessions were quite good. Manuel ran several times with great success and his go to guys--O'Leary and Shaw--were targeted on about 2/3rds of his passes. Losing both to injury probably hurt a lot more than I initially realized from the stands. After that first half I might be willing to say Kenny is playing like our best WR right now. The kid is almost always open and catches everything in his zip code. O'Leary will be a first down machine, I think.

I was a little disappointed by the lack of options and lack of EJ runs, in general. It looked like OU's DE's were coming down the line pretty hard on many of our inside handoffs. I believe a few of those were read options (haven't reviewed film yet) and if so, EJ missed some reads. In hindsight, the negative plays put us behind the chains on just about every drive after those first two and that probably knocked us out of the game plan. I hated that double reverse pass play....with their DT's running free it had no chance....and nobody appeared to be fooled in the secondary. I think we ran that same play once last year, with the same result. Please, Jimbo, take that out of the play book.

I'm sure everybody will cover the OL play. I'll leave it alone.

Hats off to Clint. I thought he played really well considering the situation and lack of a running game. Any takers on the over/under for how many catches Rashad will get before one is stopped short of the goal line?

On defense:
Wow. This group is very, very good. Looked like they were on their heals a bit on that first drive and either the confidence or aggression picked up on the second. Christian Jones may end up being the best LB we've had since Derrick Brooks. Mike Harris IS our best CB and Werner is a wrecking ball, with discipline. I thought Vince Williams had a good game, as well. It seemed that the only times they gashed us running was when #55 was in. Could be wrong, there, just going from memory (without film review). What a luxury to only really notice Joyner a couple times per game...and for something positive. Still not sure if there's something going on with XR. He just doesn't seem to be going full speed.




I spent a good amount of time complaining about the offense and play calling for FSU after getting back from the game. After watching it on DVR, everything was actually working well (run game with EJ, not running backs) until the Kenny Shaw hit. Kenny Shaw is better than probably anyone on the team at running routes. Just phenomenal. The move he put on the DB on his first catch, how fast he got out of his break, was just amazing. If he is really better with absolutely no lingering effects, he has the potential to have a huge game against Clemson. Would be surprising though. Not sure why Smith didn't have a bigger game, overthrow from EJ that went off his fingers was disappointing. He looked to have a pretty good match up with his DB, would have like to have seen him targeted a few more times. Greene needs to be in on the first snap. He stretches the field and makes opponent respect his speed. He might even get to the point where he demands safety help over the top. I thought it was a ticky-tacky call the refs gave to FSU on Trickett's first throw. Nope. Greene was burning him (not a very well thrown ball, but whatever) and the DB reacted by reaching out and bowing him in the chest as he was about to run by and get position.

The running game is a mess. Stork and Krug struggled the most. I think Spurlock is starting to get a feel for the game again and get his bearings. He wasn't great, but wasn't first two games bad. Stork is a better center than Krug and plays better there but he is slow at times and was getting physically over matched at times too. At this point if there is an option that is 3% better than Krug, he needs to be in the game. He is a turn-style. He can't play in space, he is slow off the ball. Can't use his hands, get's bowled over. I stopped counting how many times he let his guy go by and he was running backwards away from the line of scrimmage looking just bad. If he becomes a serviceable lineman at any point during the year, it will be a miracle (plus hopefully some good coaching). OU looked to stack the line on running plays too, even when guys were blocked LBs were making plays unblocked. Not sure if EJ is allowed to audible but I doubt it. I wish he was. When he sees that many guys near the line, playing tight and in the box, he needs to just say hell with it and go deep against whatever WR is one one one. With the o-line in the condition it is in, in addition with unfavorable numbers in the box, the run game is completely useless. If they don't work on audibles in practice, FSU may not break 100 yards rushing in conference play (maybe wake and duke, maybe).

Running backs, Devota Freeman let Trickett get absolutely nuked on one play where he figured out way to late he was blocking the wrong space and let a LB (I think) go untouched with 4 steps right into #9's legs. Ouch. He missed some runs, but really he didn't play much, none of the backs had a chance to get a rhythm with the way the o-line was going. Would have loved to see Jimbo call the speed option and give Pryor or Thompson a chance, just a chance, to get away from the mess that was the o-line and into some space. Other than that, we just don't know anything about the FSU RBs because of what is going on in front of them. They run hesitant and do not trust that line, at all, and there is good reason for it.

The plays with the empty backfield, two tights were a waste. Let me clarify, the plays with the empty backfield with 85 and 88 were a waste. If O'Leary is hurt, fine. But in no place in my head is it better to put 85 in and take out 24. They need to get 24 in some H-Back, or put him in motion, something, anything. Get him on the field, utilize his catching ability, again, get him in space. If you want to leave him in to pass block, I'm willing to bet he would do that well. Want him to chip a d-end and slide out into the flat? Yeah, would have loved to have seen that. We got away from the screens perhaps too early with EJ too. OU was super aggressive.


I think Bradham is getting a bad wrap. He clearly was getting frustrated with some horrible no calls (one in particular that I'll get to). He did not have a horrible game. However the mental lapses with the personal fouls are close as you can get to unforgivable. The first one he did get yanked and Telvin went in for him. But Telvin wasn't perfect either, got blown off the ball by an o-lineman, however he did make a play (well almost) in the backfield quickly after. Still take away those penalties (or at least ok, 1, you've blown up, you get pulled, get your crap together and play) and he had a fine game. Yes there were times when he was out place, or OU's oline was on him quickly but it happened to every other linebacker on the field. This is OU offense, not Southern Chuck.

D-line took that first drive to acclimate to the speed of OU. Also think the crowd picked up with the noise and they weren't able to execute as quickly. But after that first drive they really buckled down and were matching OU's tempo, were lined up and catches and runs (for the most part) were reasonably limited. It was better than I expected this team to be able to do. FSU will need that level of play against ever good team this year. For FSU to reach it's goals, they will have to lean on the D play. From what I saw, they will be good enough to do that.

Officiating (yes, they deserve their own section)

It was awful. The calls on FSU were, for the most part, legit. Yes Bradham had hissy fits, yes we held. But my goodness so did OU, a lot, just as much, more. If you are going to call holding on FSU that much, fine, but you damn well better call an even game and the refs didn't even come close. Run to the left side on OU first drive, Jenkins blows by his guy, bounces the RB toward the sideline, everything is going fine, HOOKED FROM BEHIND, held until the RB got by him. It was just as or more egregious as any holding penalty FSU had and it had a direct impact on the play (not behind it like 52 was on the TD). Another running play and an OU lineman takes down Bradham from behind. I'm talking just tackles him while Bradham was running with his back toward him. Another play, Parks is hooked again, with his body turned away from the defender. It allowed the OU player to get more yards. Even the play Werner had the big sack, he is being held. Jenkins gets flat tackled on a play in which he was so fast off the line, OU tackle had no idea what to do so he just grabbed the top of his jersey and pulled him straight down. Pathetic, pathetic job by the big 12 crew. Again, was FSU guilty, absolutely, but OU was just as and they really didn't even come close to calling a fair game. Oh and have to mention the illegal motion penalty they called on FSU drive before the pick by Wort. I have honestly no idea what they were looking at. At all. If someone knows, let me know. Fisher should have sent Vic over to the refs to make him do PT for absolutely blowing that call. Ridiculous.

Over all, very proud of the 'Noles. They really did leave everything out there. Offense just has a long ways to go to find out what works. Fisher's offense is built around running plays based on other plays that work. But when his setup plays don't work, everything else struggles. There is plenty of work to do there. I really do think If EJ stayed healthy they would have got it together and found a way to win. They would have chewed clock, played keep away, run EJ HARD in late 3rd, 4th qaurter, but of course we'll never know. It's all about picking up the pieces now and figuring out what the plan is for Death Valley.




Just a few brief thoughts from me:
Offense: The amount of double tight and empty sets showed me how little faith Jimbo has in FSU's backs and young wideouts, probably mostly having to do with blocking necessities with the interior O-line injuries and everything. With EJ's health in jeopardy, as well as that of NOL and the receivers, the backs are really going to have to step up in the near future. Despite numerous issues with offensive personnel, the unit really had it going up until the Shaw injury. I wish we had been able to see what Jimbo's whole second half plan would have been with EJ in the game, as I felt like a lot of set-up plays were run early on.

Defense: Man, I loved the gameplan on this side from the opening kick. The odd fronts with #49 roaming, the selective pressure from the secondary, and the way FSU really did make OU earn its points - it was outstanding. As expected, Bjoern ate the hapless Lane Johnson's lunch and looked like a force, and Lamarcus Joyner is a stud.

Special teams: Dustin Hopkins is the man. OU did an incredible job on their end. Really wish the 'Noles could find a frightening kick returner, but with Rashad becoming more and more important with injuries, this is going to be increasingly difficult.



Most of my thoughts have already been mentioned by others, but what disappointed me most was the lack of EJ runs to the outside out of spread option with the possibility of him pitching it at the last minute early in the game. Sure we may think it was being saved for the fourth quarter, but do we really know that for sure. Regardless, I think we should have started doing it on the first few drives of the game to get them thinking about it whether they were successful or not, and then if we wanted to save it for the 4th, bring it back then. If it was successful do it every series. Manuel's legs were supposed to give us an advantage and we rarely used it. If saving it for the 4th was indeed the plan, the injury shows why you should play your strengths from the get go and not save it for later.

The second thing that disappointed me most was the mental mistakes by our seniors. I'll leave it at that because I think that sentiment is universal.

Finally, unless I am wrong, I believe Pryor is our best blocking back. Why was he not in the backfield more on passing downs instead of the others? Why was he not in the backfield when Trickett came in? He is an excellent last read and dump off option for the QB as well as the best blocker and he should be in on passing downs just about every time. If Trickett is our QB against CU, LP24 damn well better be in the backfield more than he was against OU.


I think the story of the game is the OLine play, particularly the interior. FSU wasn't able to run up the middle much and that makes for a tough day. I thought EJ would throw long earlier and more often. Watching replays I felt he had big gainers there. I'm not saying he was wrong in his decisions I just thought there was an opportunity for more explosive plays. Overall I was very happy with the way the game went. Fan support was the best part and I hope that continues. I think this team can play with anybody. I don't expect a let down next week.


- Cut Beau Reliford.
- To win a Championship you have to be good AND lucky. Clearly didnt have good injury luck Saturday night.



HOPKINS,D. kickoff 70 yards to the OU0, touchback. ||||| What a weapon. Like Ponder, FSU fans probably won't realize what they have in Hopkins until he is gone.

1-10 OU 20 Jones,Landry WS pass complete to Stills,Kenny for 6 yards to the OU26, out-of-bounds (RHODES,X.), clock 14:54. ||||| Playaction boot flood to the field. Excellent pursuit by Werner off blind side. Jones good in pursuit. Stills is very good. Remind yourself how good OU is when evaluating this game.
2-4 OU 26 Clay,Brennan rush left for 12 yards to the OU38, 1ST DOWN OU (JOYNER,L.;PARKS,T.), clock R1 14:36. ||||| I-twins to the field. Stretch to the field. Werner gets hooked by double team, Jones is taken out on run blitz (nice block by the OU fullback), Williams really slow to diagnose and lets the blocker get in on him too deep. But then Vince gets out of it and is held badly and spun around! No call gets OU 5 more yards.
1-10 OU 38 Jones,Landry WS pass complete to Broyles,Ryan for 3 yards to the OU41 (JONES,C.;WILLIAMS,V.), clock 14:15. ||||| Bubble. Excellent job by Jones to use his hands to defeat the cut block and force ball back inside.
2-7 OU 41 Jones,Landry WS pass complete to Broyles,Ryan for 5 yards to the OU46 (REID,G.), clock 13:32. Injured player for FSU is #5-Reid. ||||| Ace trips field. Bubble. Reid nice job fighting block. Jones a bit slow to get there.
3-2 OU 46 Clay,Brennan rush over left end for 4 yards to the 50 yardline, 1ST DOWN OU R2 (HARRIS,M.;PARKS,T.), clock 13:07. ||||| Run to the boundary, off tackle. Jenkins gets doubled by a WR & TE, fails to squeeze. Bradham really slow to diagnose this.
1-10 OU 50 Millard,Trey rush over right tackle for 2 yards to the FSU48 (WERNER,B.), clock 12:41. ||||| 11 gun. Jacobbi fights double somewhat well and helps in the stop. Werner cleans up.
2-8 FSU 48 Jones,Landry slant pass complete to Broyles,Ryan for 12 yards to the FSU36, 1ST DOWN OU P3 (JOYNER,L.;PARKS,T.), clock 12:13. ||||| Gun empty. Broyles singled up on Williams. Total mismatch. Shake route.
1-10 FSU 36 Clay,Brennan rush over left tackle for 4 yards to the FSU32 (DAWKINS,E.), clock 11:36. ||||| Great effort by Dawkins here, but Bradham is again slow to diagnose, poor job of engaging and shedding blocker, etc.
2-6 FSU 32 Clay,Brennan rush left for 7 yards to the FSU25, 1ST DOWN OU (JONES,C.), clock 11:17. R4 ||||| Werner and Jones play this correct, turning the play back to the inside. Where is the inside help? Vince poor job of fighting off cut block and so even though play is alleyed, nobody is there to tackle.
1-10 FSU 25 Whaley,Dom rush left for 6 yards to the FSU19 (HARRIS,M.), clock 10:37. ||||| Really poor form by Bradham here. Really poor. See the picture. Bradham can't fight off the block of the tight end to make this tackle? He is too high and appears to quit on the play before it is over. Jenkins gets held here on the edge but it's not egregious.
2-4 FSU 19 Whaley,Dom rush up middle for 1 yard to the FSU18 (JENKINS,B.), clock 10:15. ||||| Well played by the defensive line.
3-3 FSU 18 Jones,Landry WS pass complete to Broyles,Ryan for 4 yards to the FSU14, 1ST DOWN OU, P5 out-of-bounds (PARKS,T.), clock 10:07. ||||| Bubble. Nigel forces the issue, Parks perhaps a step slow, Harris too many steps in his backpedal and is blocked.
1-10 FSU 14 Timeout Oklahoma, clock 09:35. |||||
1-10 FSU 14 Whaley,Dom rush up middle for 4 yards to the FSU10 (LUC,J.;WILLIAMS,V.). ||||| FSU goes heavy personnel with McCray, McCloud and Hicks. McCray gets blown off the ball. So much for heavy personnel. Hicks almost makes the tackle after being cut.
2-6 FSU 10 Clock 09:21. |||||
2-6 FSU 10 Whaley,Dom rush up middle for 9 yards to the FSU1, 1ST DOWN OU (JOYNER,L.), clock 08:52. R6 Injured player for FSU is #90-McCray ||||| McCray blown off the ball, then hurt. Felt like Luc could have pursued quicker here if he wasn't being held like crazy. Again, no call.
1-G FSU 01 Jones,Landry rush quarterback sneek for 1 yard to the FSU0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 08:35. |||||
1-G FSU 03 Stevens,Jimmy kick attempt good. |||||
Oklahoma 7, Florida State 0 15 plays, 80 yards, 6:29 |||||

O'Hara,Patrick kickoff 64 yards to the FSU6, JOYNER,L. return 19 yards to the FSU25 ||||| Why in the heck is Joyner still returning kicks?
1-10 FSU 25 JONES,T rush over right guard for 2 yards to the FSU27 (Nelson,Corey;Wort,Tom), clock 08:13. ||||| Inside zone to the boundary. Jones needs to cut this all the way back outside of Lonnie. This is not poorly blocked. Probably a 10+ yard run if Jones makes the cut. Admittedly, he'd need to have better vision to do that. Well played by OU.
2-8 FSU 27 MANUEL,E WS pass complete to SHAW,K. for 8 yards to the FSU35, 1ST DOWN FSU, P1 out-of-bounds, clock 07:43. ||||| Great route by Shaw, good throw by EJ in rhythm, good pass pro.
1-10 FSU 35 MANUEL,E crossing pass complete to O'LEARY,N. for 4 yards to the FSU39 (Jefferson,Tony), clock 07:03. ||||| Crossing route to Nick O'Leary. Simple play.
2-6 FSU 39 JONES,T rush over right end for 3 yards to the FSU42 (Alexander,Fran;Lewis,Ronnell), clock 06:17. ||||| Zone read with a lead blocker from gun. Poor blocking by Spurlock as he doesn't move his feet. Kudos to Ty Jones for cutting it up.
3-3 FSU 42 MANUEL,E crossing pass complete to O'LEARY,N. for 6 yards to the FSU48, 1ST DOWN FSU P2 (Lewis,Travis), clock 05:43. ||||| Protection is fine, OU drops 8 and plays contain with EJ, Manuel is patient and finds O'Leary on a cross. O'Leary takes a big shot here. Would not be surprised if he has a deep thigh bruise.
1-10 FSU 48 MANUEL,E flag pass incomplete to RELIFORD,B., clock 05:17. ||||| Play action, excellent blitz pickup by Chris Thompson, well designed and called play by Jimbo, Manuel badly overshoots Reliford on the corner route.
2-10 FSU 48 MANUEL,E rush over right tackle for 28 yards to the OU24, 1ST DOWN FSU, out-of-bounds, R3 clock 05:06. ||||| QB read, Fahrenkrug really slow out of his stance. So much so that I can't really tell what he was trying to do (though I am sure he isn't supposed to block the guy EJ is trying to read!). I think he was supposed to turn up in the hole. EJ kept (correct read), then made defender miss (Fahrenkrug should have blocked him).
1-10 OU 24 THOMPSON,C. rush up middle for 1 yard to the OU23 (McFarland,Jama), clock 04:27. ||||| Inside zone from I to the field. Not much there. Spurlock didn't look to execute here.
2-9 OU 23 Timeout Florida State, clock 04:06. |||||
2-9 OU 23 MANUEL,E deep out pass complete to SHAW,K. for 23 yards to the OU0, clock 03:57, PENALTY FSU holding (STORK,B.) 10 yards to the OU33, NO PLAY, clock 03:57. ||||| Horrible, horrible call here. Stork does not grab the dude. True, his blocking was terrible, but there was no hold. He just turned him loose. This was one of the first of several terrible, terrible calls by Big 12 officials against the 'Noles. TD robbed #1. FSU can't beat OU and the refs and they were asked to do so. Great catch by Shaw. Second of the drive and he was well on his way to having a big game until OU cheapshotted him.
2-19 OU 33 MANUEL,E middle pass complete to RELIFORD,B. for 9 yards to the OU24, clock 03:41. ||||| Fine pass pro. Manuel hits Beau on the curl. Looked to be the correct place to go with the throw.
3-10 OU 24 Timeout Oklahoma, clock 03:15. |||||
3-10 OU 24 MANUEL,E sacked for loss of 11 yards to the OU35 (Nelson,Corey;Wort,Tom), PENALTY FSU holding declined, clock 03:09. ||||| This was handled poorly by the interior of the line (see the picture). They have to slide and pick this up. Also wonder why no receiver if flashing to the middle of the field. Did someone miss a hot route? Oh! I think I know! Beau Reliford was probably supposed to stay in and block before releasing into his route. Why do I think this? Because he damn sure wasn't told to immediately release and run into Kenny Shaw in the route. Also, EJ cannot take this sack. 53-yarders are not automatic.
4-21 OU 35 HOPKINS,D. field goal attempt from 53 GOOD, clock 02:42. Oklahoma 7, Florida State 3 ||||| Weapon.
11 plays, 40 yards, 5:55 ||||| A few mental errors, but FSU moved the ball well against a very good defense and had a TD called back on a BC call.

HOPKINS,D. kickoff 70 yards to the OU0, Franks,Trey return 18 yards to the OU18 (HARRIS,M.). ||||| Some damn fine kick coverage by Williams, Harris, Bradham and Abram. Really everyone.

1-10 OU 18 Clay,Brennan rush up middle for 3 yards to the OU21 (DAWKINS,E.;BRADHAM,N.), clock 02:22. ||||| Better job by Bradham.
2-7 OU 21 Jones,Landry slant pass complete to Stills,Kenny for 8 yards to the OU29, 1ST DOWN OU P7 (REID,G.), clock 01:58. ||||| Well done by OU here on the slant through traffic.
1-10 OU 29 Jones,Landry deep out pass complete to Stills,Kenny for 15 yards to the OU44, 1ST DOWN P8 OU, out-of-bounds, clock 01:46. ||||| Play-action out to Stills out of trips. Same play the game winner came on, though this time he threw the out that Greg would later bite on.
1-10 OU 44 Jones,Landry FY pass incomplete to Stills,Kenny, clock 01:36. ||||| Stills falls down. First big incomplete for Landry. Coverage isn't bad, but would be interesting to see is Stills catches this ball if he doesn't fall.
2-10 OU 44 Clay,Brennan rush over left tackle for 3 yards to the OU47 (MCCLOUD,A.), clock 01:22. |||||
3-7 OU 47 Jones,Landry pass intercepted by BRADHAM,N. at the OU45, BRADHAM,N. return 0 yards to the OU45. |||||

See the diagram. This is a well designed blitz and I bet you stoops couldn't wait to call it. And it didn't hurt that OU increased the blitz' effectiveness by blocking it poorly. 59 doesn't block Carradine, which forces the running back to do so. 64 and 61 block mcdaniel. 75 blocks nobody. Excellent job by Mark Stoops on the design and nice job by his defense on the execution. FSU was able to occupy 6 blockers with 4 rushers and nobody blocked Joyner.
6 plays, 29 yards, 1:49 ||||| FSU was still doing a good job of lining up and tackling. It was only a matter of time until it could get OU off schedule.

1-10 OU 45 MANUEL,E deep pass incomplete to SMITH,R., clock 00:40. ||||| Poor throw by EJ. Had happy feet in the pocket. Missed a 25+ yard gain here.
2-10 OU 45 MANUEL,E middle pass complete to JONES,T for 6 yards to the OU39 ||||| FSU sold the screen well and threw it well. Datko missed a block on Wort downfield. Not easy against a good linebacker, but one I expect a senior to make. I also didn't expect Ty to turn that way. If he turns the other way, Datko may have it blocked. Game of inches.
3-4 OU 39 Start of 2nd quarter, clock 15:00. |||||
3-4 OU 39 MANUEL,E crossing pass complete to SHAW,K. for 14 yards to the OU25, 1ST DOWN FSU, clock P4 14:54. ||||| Excellent, excellent job by EJ of quickly scanning the field and delivering a good, accurate ball over the middle.
1-10 OU 25 MANUEL,E rush up middle for 2 yards to the OU23 (Lewis,Travis), clock 14:18. ||||| Zone read. I think EJ messed up here and needed to give the ball. YMMV. Instead, 2-yard run.
2-8 OU 23 MANUEL,E post pass incomplete to SHAW,K. (Harris,Javon), clock 13:50, PENALTY OU personal X5 foul (Harris,Javon) 12 yards to the OU11, 1ST DOWN FSU. 1-10 OU 11 1st and 10. Injured player for FSU is #81-Shaw. Carted off the field. ||||| Well-designed play, protection is good, throw is good down the middle, Shaw makes the catch and is illegally targeted above the shoulder pads by two OU defenders as he is falling back. I understand this is bang-bang, but I also understand it's a penalty. Also, since this was a catch and then fumble, I believe the ball should have been placed at the 1 after penalty (enforced at the spot of the foul) and not a half-distance to the goal assessment which they did from the original LOS. Every play is reviewed in college football, and here there was plenty of time to do so. For a second time in as many series, the refs changed the game by denying FSU a TD.
1-10 OU 11 THOMPSON,C. rush over right tackle for loss of 1 yard to the OU12 (Jefferson,Tony), clock 13:29. ||||| Manuel misses this read. What was going through his head on these? If he pulls the ball he has one man to beat to race to the endzone. Not a good game on these for him.
2-11 OU 12 MANUEL,E sideline pass complete to SMITH,R. for 7 yards to the OU5 (Lewis,Travis), PENALTY FSU illegal shift 5 yards to the OU17, NO PLAY, clock 12:58. ||||| This was complete bullshit. Just garbage. This game was very poorly officiated and these garbage, biased Big 12 refs called FSU for an illegal shift because the tackle raised up to point at the guy he was going to block? That's standard practice. He's not considered "in motion", and thus the penalty should not have been called.
2-16 OU 17 MANUEL,E screen pass intercepted by Wort,Tom at the OU23, Wort,Tom return 12 yards to the OU35 (MANUEL,E;RELIFORD,B.). 7 plays, 28 yards, 3:09 |||||Great playcall here by Fisher. TE screen on a long down, catches OU in a blitz, the field is wide, wide open and if executed, this is likely a touchdown. Unfortunately, Reliford doesn't create any separation from the nearest defender, and Manuel doesn't put enough loft on the ball. Also, Fahrenkrug didn't do a good job on the blitzer. Ultimately this is on EJ. Also, great great play by Wort. Have to credit the kid here.

FSU can't beat Oklahoma and the refs. I rarely harp this much on officiating, but they were truly brutal. Protectionism at its finest.

1-10 OU 35 Clay,Brennan rush over right end for no gain to the OU35 (MCDANIEL,J.;BRADHAM,N.), clock 12:21 ||||| Tremedous play by Everett Dawkins to shoot the gap and meet the running back in the backfield. Oh, and Oklahoma's guard HOOKS Dawkins from behind, causing Dawkins to miss the tackle. How the hell can the only defender in the backfield be collared in front of the entire free world and not draw a flag? Ridiculous.
2-10 OU 35 Clay,Brennan rush up middle for no gain to the OU35 (WERNER,B.), clock 11:38. ||||| Here's that Diamond formation discussed during the week. Damn if this wasn't played perfectly by Jacobbi McDaniel and Bjoern Werner. Both stand their blockers up and shed nicely. Werner is going to be very special.
3-10 OU 35 Jones,Landry sideline pass incomplete to Hanna,James, clock 11:06, QB hurry by DAWKINS,E.. ||||| Good pass pressure, and the pass is dropped. Even if it was caught, would have been well short.
4-10 OU 35 Way,Tress punt 51 yards to the FSU14, REID,G. return 0 yards to the FSU14. ||||| Catch the ball, Greg
3 plays, 0 yards, 1:42

1-10 FSU 14 MANUEL,E screen pass complete to THOMPSON,C. for 4 yards to the FSU18 (Wort,Tom), clock 10:40. ||||| Bootleg, play action to Thompson. Ball is behind Thompson and makes him slow down enough to limit the gain to four.
2-6 FSU 18 JONES,T rush left for 11 yards to the FSU29 (Lewis,Travis), PENALTY FSU holding 10 yards to the FSU19. ||||| FSU has a really nice run play and again, the gall of these refs to call a hold on FSU's receiver after he literally just put the OU defender on skates and pancaked him. Ridiculous. Really bad call. Dent should get a helmet sticker for his blocking effort here. Also nice job blocking this by the oline and lonnie.
2-5 FSU 19 THOMPSON,C. rush for loss of 4 yards to the FSU15 (Wort,Tom), clock 09:20. ||||| I'm not quite sure what this play is. Back action says counter. OU has a well-timed run blitz and between Spurlock and Pryor, someone was supposed to pick up the backer. That didn't happen.
3-9 FSU 15 MANUEL,E rush quarterback draw for 8 yards to the FSU23 (Lewis,Travis), clock 08:40. ||||| QB draw, well-designed and called play. This breaks bigger if Datko sees Lewis in the open field, but he doesn't and Lewis hits it from behind a yard short.
4-1 FSU 23 POWELL,S. punt 44 yards to the OU33, downed. ||||| Excellent punt. Why does Shawn Powell not get more love?
4 plays, 9 yards, 2:39 ||||| Really felt like Jimbo was in a nice play-calling rhythm here and the refs did a great job getting him out of it.

OKLAHOMA drive start at 08:17.
1-10 OU 33 Jones,Landry FY pass complete to Stills,Kenny for 38 yards to the FSU29, 1ST DOWN OU, P9 clock 08:08. ||||| Play action double move. This is just really well done by Oklahoma. Joyner comes over and almost lays the wood but Stills ducks under it, catching a piece of Joyner's forearm. Great defense by Rhodes as well to get his hand in there
1-10 FSU 29 Whaley,Dom rush over right guard for 3 yards to the FSU26 (WILLIAMS,V.), clock 07:35. ||||| Werner gets badly held by #69 Johnson. I mean hooked and turned around. That was the only way Johnson blocked him all night, and again, no flag.
2-7 FSU 26 Jones,Landry screen pass complete to Millard,Trey for 17 yards to the FSU9, 1ST DOWN OU P10 (BRADHAM,N.), clock 07:18. ||||| Play action holds Bradham for a count too long and he is late getting out to cover Millard. Good play by OU.
1-G FSU 09 Whaley,Dom rush right for loss of 4 yards to the FSU13 (WERNER,B.), clock 06:57. ||||| Just tremendous work by Werner. Dominated Lane Johnson and doesn't even give him a chance to hold. Then Bradham commits a personal foul. Dumb. Real dumb.
2-G FSU 13 PENALTY FSU personal foul (BRADHAM,N.) 7 yards to the FSU6, 1ST DOWN OU. X11 |||||
1-G FSU 06 Whaley,Dom rush over right guard for no gain to the FSU6 (WERNER,B.), clock 06:18. ||||| Great work out of 92 McCloud 95 Werner and 98 Erving. Played with leverage and quickness to make the stop.
2-G FSU 06 Whaley,Dom rush over left end for 4 yards to the FSU2 (JONES,C.;JOYNER,L.), clock 05:37. ||||| Jenkins loses contain, but Jones and Joyner clean it up.
3-G FSU 02 Whaley,Dom rush over left end for loss of 2 yards to the FSU4 (RHODES,X.;JONES,C.), clock 05:00. ||||| Is Telvin Smith instinctive or what? Kid shoots the gap and this play has no chance.
4-G FSU 04 Stevens,Jimmy field goal attempt from 21 GOOD, clock 04:32. |||||
Oklahoma 10, Florida State 3 |||||
8 plays, 63 yards, 3:50 ||||| OU made two really nice plays on this drive while FSU made a few really nice stops on the goal line. Good defensive series against an excellent offense.

O'Hara,Patrick kickoff 70 yards to the FSU0, REID,G. return 25 yards to the FSU25 (Jefferson,Tony). ||||| Deep kickoff returned to the 25? I'm fine with that.
FLORIDA STATE drive start at 04:27. |||||
1-10 FSU 25 MANUEL,E rush left for 12 yards to the FSU37, 1ST DOWN FSU (Lynn,Gabe), clock 04:08. R6 ||||| QB sweep. Well blocked up front, EJ jumps over Spurlock who had cut Lewis and gains extra yardage.
1-10 FSU 37 MANUEL,E middle pass complete to THOMPSON,C. for 9 yards to the FSU46 (Lewis,Ronnell), clock 03:32. ||||| Play action, protection is good, EJ had a guy deep here but instead checked down to Thompson who did a nice job to get low and grab 3 extra yards. Oh, and a horrible spot here by almost a full yard.
2-1 FSU 46 THOMPSON,C. rush over right tackle for no gain to the FSU46 (Lewis,Travis;McGee,Stacy), clock 02:44. ||||| Inside zone, CT may have missed a cutback, really well played by OU. Give them credit.
3-1 FSU 46 MANUEL,E rush quarterback sneek for 1 yard to the FSU47, 1ST DOWN FSU (Alexander,Fran), R7 clock 02:35. |||||
1-10 FSU 47 MANUEL,E rush QX for 3 yards to the 50 yardline (King,David;Colvin,Aaron), clock 01:53. Previous play was a handoff to #23 to #12. #12 pitched to #3. ||||| An end around with a pitch back to EJ? I liked the call, but nothing was open apparently and EJ needs to get out of there a count earlier as he is tagged on the leg and stumbles for 3 yards of gain.
2-7 FSU 50 MANUEL,E crossing pass incomplete to LITTLE,J., dropped pass, clock 01:33. ||||| Jimbo says Nick O'Leary wasn't injured. Then why was Jabarris Little in the game? Simple drag route and Little drops it. Would have set up third and 3 or less.
3-7 FSU 50 MANUEL,E deep in pass intercepted by Harris,Javon at the OU28, Harris,Javon return 69 yards to the FSU3 (J,FAHRENKRUG). ||||| This is 100% on Beau Reliford. How many mental errors can one tight end make? Beau actually turns inside and looks right at EJ. He is taught to stop and present a target, then if nothing, work back outside. Instead, he only flashed to the inside, not long enough to realize EJ is winding up to throw the ball TO HIM, and then pivots and runs outside as the ball goes inside right to where Beau should have still been. This is an easy first down and a huge mental error by the tight end.
7 plays, 25 yards, 3:08

OKLAHOMA drive start at 01:19. |||||
1-G FSU 03 Jones,Landry TA pass incomplete, clock 01:14. ||||| Play action, well defended, not many guys out for passes and Jones throws it away. Werner continues to eat Johnson's lunch.
2-G FSU 03 Whaley,Dom rush over left guard for 2 yards to the FSU1 (PARKS,T.;DAWKINS,E.), clock 00:58. ||||| Jernigan and Dawkins do a good job of stacking the pile, while FSU just outnumbers OU here at the POA.
3-G FSU 01 Whaley,Dom rush left for no gain to the FSU1 (WILLIAMS,V.), PENALTY OU holding (Habern,Ben) 11 yards to the FSU12, NO PLAY, clock 00:29. ||||| Toss play, FSU had it defended anyway andd OU held. Jimbo takes the penalty thinking Stoops would go on 4th
3-G FSU 12 Jones,Landry TA pass incomplete to Broyles,Ryan, QB hurry by WERNER,B.. ||||| Good pressure off the edge, but Jones leaves the pocket too early, and when he does, this play has no chance.
4-G FSU 12 Stevens,Jimmy field goal attempt from 29 GOOD, clock 00:00. |||||

I didn't write up the second half, but did watch it.

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