Scouting FSU's Opponents: Week 4

This is a weekly feature on in which we review the performances of each of FSU's upcoming opponents. I will not do game charts for games against D1-AA opponents. All game charts are non-garbage time only.

This takes a lot of work. I hope that your enjoyment of each game increases with additional knowledge of the opponent.

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Duke easily handled Tulane, 48-27. I cannot imagine how bad Tulane is. Heather Dinich likes the effort shown by Duke, compliments Duke's balance, and asks whether Duke can keep this up. A quick check of the schedule shows a distinct lack of future games against Tulane this year. Doubtful. Also, a great photo of the Duke crowd.

  Temple MD
Plays 53 59
Yards/Play 6.4 3.3
Temple outgained MD by 94% per play
Avg Field Position Temple 40 Maryland 20

Maryland was demolished at home by Temple 38-7. Want a good example of a team losing the same game twice? This is it. Maryland didn't recover from the loss to WVU last weekend. Does Temple have better players? Of course not. You'd be hard pressed to argue that Maryland took Temple seriously. 

Oh, and this was not a turnover fest! Maryland only gave Temple a single turnover. Ben Broman said the Terps were Shell-Shocked. Here are the helmet stickers and general observations. Maryland is far from a powerhouse team, but do not expect them to come into the FSU game totally unprepared.

Maryland fans were unimpressed. Didn't they bring in Edsall to make a splash and sell tickets? Oops.

Plays 52 64
Yards/Play 6 6.9
CIN outgained NCSU by 15% per play
Avg Field Position NCSU 22 CIN 36

N.C. State lost to Cincinnati on national TV, 44-14. The Wolpack has a lot of problems right now, including: defensive tackle injury nightmare scenario leading to walk-ons playing meaningful snaps. Ouch. The passing game isn't bad, but the run game has not developed into what the Pack expected. That's an obvious issue without Russel Wilson. NCST doesn't miss Wilson's arm, and Wilson doesn't play defense, but he sure could run. Recap from Backing The Pack.

Boston College beat UMass 45-17. I do not do drive charts for 1-AA games, so read more about this here if you choose.

Plays 52 58
Yards/Play 6.4 7.1
Miami outgained KSU by 10% per/play
Avg Field Position KSU 22 MIA 30

The Miami Hurricanes lost at home to the Kansas State Wildcats! Miami announced an attendance of 43,786. That's announced, meaning the real attendance was probably less than 50% capacity (let's say 33,000). The score was 28-24 and this was a very even game between Miami and Kansas State. The Canes were two-touchdown favorites.

Realistically, Miami should have won this game. They had awful fumble luck (recovering 0 of KSU's 4 fumbles). And Miami was not prepared for KSU breaking out the option game. KSU had four red zone trips and scored four touchdowns. Miami had two red zone trips and scored a touchdown on only one of those possessions.

The Virginia Cavaliers lost to Southern Miss at home, 30-24 This should not be a shock as S.Miss is the better team. UVA was -2 in turnovers and was the difference in this game.

Plays 58 68
Yards/Play 7.7 4
UF outgained UK by 95% per play
Avg Field Position UF 36 KY 29

Florida stomped a very bad Kentucky team, 48-10. The Gators rushed for 406 yards. Many of those were very long runs by track stars Rainey and Demps. And the UF defense looked great again against another terrible offense.  

Still, only 22 of UF's 60 completed passes this year have gone to the wide receivers. That is going to be an issue against good defenses. And look who comes to town this week... (hint: Alabama). 

Thoughts? Did I miss anything from these games?

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