FSU vs UL Monroe Hindsight 20/20

Observations: QB - Ej Manuel started out kind of shaky leading the offense to two straight 3 and outs missing his first few passes but after a while you could see he relaxed and got things going. Ej's arm is way stronger then I thought it was he had a ton of velocity on short and intermediate passes and his deep throws where either on the money or overthrown but the never came up short. It was obvious he was told not to run very often unless he felt he had to so that makes it hard to grade his overall play seeing how he was missing a huge part of his game but when he did run it was effective. Ej is no kid! That is a big Man and he looks all of the 6'5" 242lbs he was said to be.

Clint Trickett - Only had one throw but it was a nice strong pass and the receiver made a play after the catch to turn it into a score. Trickett is very very small and needs to get some weight on him.

RB: Ty Jones - He just looked "Alright" to me wasn't overly impressed but i also wasn't disappointed he looked a bit slow on some of his runs and at times i thought he was being a little too patient. Didn't really get the chance to get going but it's rare he is taken down on the first tackle attempt. Looked good in pass protection.

Chris Thompson - Very explosive and home run threat type of guy like last year. Hope that his back doesn't bother him much more this season because we will need him. Definitely our best back in my opinion.

Devonta' Freeman - Strong runner who keeps his feet moving. Powerful for his 5'8" frame and is shifty also. Looking forward to seeing him progress throughout the season.

Lonnie Pryor - Lonnie has put on some muscle and in my opinion is one of the best and most unique full backs in all of college football. Had on touchdown he dropped but I wouldn't hold it over his head he is a great person and player.

Jermaine Thomas - Think i saw him in on one snap but didn't get any carries. Hope this isn't a permanent thing JT is a good runner.

WR: Bert Reed - Looked great. Can't give him enough props, He went up to make tough catches ran good routes and didn't just wait for the ball to get to him he was aggressive and i was more impressed with him than anyone else on the team. If he continues to play like this it should be a fun season He and Ej seem to have good chemistry. also was sure handed and didn't drop any passes.

Rodney Smith - Freak of nature. 6'6" frame and runs like a gazelle. Good hands he and Ej also seem to have chemistry and that has been evident since the Clemson game last year.

Scooter Haggins - Impressed me. i heard good things about him through out the off season but today he showed that what i was hearing is true.

Greg Dent - FAST!! Has the potential to be a very exciting receiver. 

Rashad Greene - I really really like this guy!! I have said since the day he signed that he would be a special player and i stand by that. To be a freshman he is so polished and plays mature beyond his years. Looking forward to seeing him start in the next few seasons.

Kenny Shaw - Good receiver will be more of a factor next year.

Nick O'leary - Really like him as well plays hard and if he stays healthy through out his career i believe he could easily leave as the best Tight End to ever come through Florida State. Could have the best season from a tight end since Brandon Warren.

Beau Reliford - Great athlete. big target with long arms and usually catches the ball well.

O - Line and Defense will be done tomorrow along with special teams.

Please feel free to comment with your opinion.

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