Don't Panic

There seems to be a lot of worry around this and other sites about how our offense looked against ULM. Much debate has raged back and forth about how much this lack luster showing on offense should concern us. Were we making mistakes? Can EJ read the field? How much of the playbook did we show and how much should we have shown if it makes this game a more convincing win? What is the deal with the O-line? (my biggest personal concern). And the most often question seems to be, "How will we compete against Oklahoma on Sept. 17?"

The answer to most of these questions is, "We have no idea."

This is a scary answer to any question, so it is understandable that people are getting a little hot under their collars with a #6 ranking and a big showdown coming up. We seem to be scared of not living up to the hype yet again. The truth is we might not. This is okay. Hype is mostly irrelevant. But we also might completely live up to the hype. We will just have to see. We aren't going to know anything about this team until after the OU game and we shouldn't try. It is just going to drive us crazy nit picking a game that, while not convincing on a lot of levels, have many very plausible reasons for being that way.

A) We were not using a fraction of our playbook so as to minimize film on our offense and EJ before OU.

2) We treated this as a glorified scrimmage to try and work out a few kinks we may have been struggling with.

D) The O-line is still gelling after a injury-ridden off season.

These maybe all be true or they may all be excuses to cover up serious deficiencies. An even wimpier game against CSU next week won't tell us much either except maybe how willing we are to try and make a point of out scoring UCF.

Oklahoma is coming and I understand the potential for worry and much gnashing of teeth, but I am imploring my fellow Seminole fans to take a breath and remember no matter how bad or good we look against these first two teams it doesn't really tell us anything... at all. Just enjoy the games... or don't... your choice. And wait for the game that is actually going to tell us something about this team.

Don't panic fellow Noles.

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