Florida State Film Review: Louisiana Monroe

Florida State shut out Louisiana Monroe 34-0 last Saturday. We break down the Seminoles' dominance over the Warhawks. This is a weekly feature breaking down the 'Noles play. As the games become more important, the level of detail will increase.

We have many contributors to TN, and each week over e-mail discuss the game. I'll be summarizing some here, and you can read their individual comments below.


  • FSU played disciplined football and was without many penalties. This has nothing to do with the opponent and is very encouraging for an opening weekend. Look around the country and see a lot of sloppy football on opening weekend. FSU was not sloppy.
  • Unless you were at field level, you don't understand how the wind affected this game. Multiple people on the sidelines have echoed these thoughts.
  • FSU avoided any major injuries, which was the #1 goal of the game.
  • EJ Manuel trusts Rodney Smith. This probably comes from their time together on the practice squad, just like how Ponder trusted Rod Owens.
  • The offense will look different with EJ running the football. Jimbo can say this was not a passing scrimmage, but he cannot deny that EJ's legs were absent from the gameplan.
  • As discussed above, ULM was a very funky team. They ran a lot of unconventional stuff on defense. And taking advantage of the wind, they forced FSU to go deep a lot by putting a ridiculous amount of men in the box to defend the run. This was a common look:
  • That said, the offensive line was not great in the run game. There was a lack of cohesion and the double teams were not smooth. 
  • David Spurlock had a poor game and was universally identified as a major problem.
  • Fahrenkrug's snaps were on-line horizontally, but must be higher. Manuel should not have to waste time bending down and focusing on catching the snap. He should be able to read the defense from the word go.
  • Many, many run blitzes from ULM. A fiesty bunch and well coached.
  • Florida State's defense played with tremendous effort and intensity throughout. 
  • ULM's offense is not like its defense. At all. That's a pretty good ULM defense. The offense was not good.
  • Bjoern Werner is a beast and might be as good as Brandon Jenkins. 
  • Everett Dawkins hasn't lost any quickness after bulking up to 290 pounds. He is a monster at the 3-technique.
  • McDaniel was unimpressive. The beauty of depth is that FSU has answers if a defensive tackle isn't playing all that well.
  • We were impressed with the discipline. In the first game, against an inferior opponent, there is a temptation to play with reckless abandon and not play disciplined, assignment football. FSU's defense did that. The 'Noles kept leverage on the football an overwhelming amount of the time. So much so that when the defense made a mistake, it was a huge shock.
  • The linebackers are going to be a good group. Vince Williams looks more fluid than before, which is good because coming out of spring we worried that he could not play at this level. He still needs to come off the field on obvious passing downs, and FSU removed him for those. 
  • Speaking of linebackers, coming out of spring, we said Christian Jones would be the star. He is. Jones is turning into everything we thought Nigel Bradham could be. Bradham is a good college linebacker, becoming more of  leader, but has not turned into a star.
  • It's difficult to evaluate the secondary against a team that threw only three of four downfield passes. For the most part, they were aggressive and tackled well. Importantly, there were no receivers running uncovered as a result of mental errors.
Special Teams: literally perfect


Jimbo is showcasing the fact that he absolutely will use some games as tune-ups for his squad. I remember back to '08 where we ran the scores up on Chattanooga and Western Carolina because Jimbo needed to play games at high intensity with all the stops pulled out. And then Week 3 Wake Forest - screeching halt. Yesterday, we played a scrimmage. Jimbo, to me, seemed to keep the intensity dialed down intentionally. I didn't see a defense that was salivating to destroy its opposition. Instead, I pleasantly saw a unit that was focused on playing their positions, assignments, and getting fundamental. The result was a BC-type production level. Much different from the previous every-game-mantra of "GO KILL EM.
The holdings by ULM tackles were ATROCIOUS. I counted 5 times where Werner threw a great rip and the tackle alligator-armed held him. Ridiculous."

Nole T&T

More thoughts later, but my initial thought after the game was that Nigel Bradham will never achieve greatness at FSU. I've been waiting for him to finally turn the corner to consistency but I've about given up. Truly disappointing.

Vince Williams on the other hand showed out. Let's hope he can keep it going, the LBs could really use a shot of life.


Did not see a shutout coming. This defense is for real, and they weren't even trying that hard.

Devonta Freeman is the future. Can't wait to see Jimbo actually showcase the running game during the CS game.


This week showcased every reason why you play a cupcake to start the season. ND, UO, and UGA really screwed themselves with scheduling. We come out nervous and still beat up ULM pretty badly.

As far as the game itself I thought our pace picked up from last year. I was intending to write an article every week to compare our pace this year with previous years but I have had trouble figuring out the equation for the regression formula that Bill uses. I'm not very good with stats so I'm hoping he releases the massaged data on a weekly basis. I think Fisher would like to run more plays/game but hasn't because of a bad and/or thin defense. He has that now so I expect to see more uptempo play starting with OU.


To hear people complaining about EJ yesterday just shows how high the bar was set by Ponder. The Oline seemed disjointed, and Fahrenkrug got blown up a couple times I was watching him. Really impressed with the freshmen skill players. The Dline is for real. Nice to see Greg Reid get some chances on punt returns, and why the hell is Joyner returning kicks?


I understand ULM was playing to stop the run first. I understand Jimbo was working it as a passing scrimmage first. I understand the lack of cohesion due to time missed by the OL starting 5. I understand EJ was holding on to the ball longer than he should have in many cases, and that this was their first game as a unit.

Understanding all of these and more, but I was SOMEWHAT disappointed in the OL in general. I was expecting more dominance, holding their blocks longer on passing downs, and blowing the front 3 deeper and LB's away from the point of attack. I'm probably wrong and I don't have the technical knowledge as some of you, and I haven't seen the replay, but that is my initial reaction from watching it live on TV.

That said, I am not going to make assumptions at this point, but I would like to see improved OL play next week which should be a given considering the opponent. Again, hopefully my opinion is wrong.

Dr. Ken Noisewater

It seemed there were a handful of missed assignments on the OL. Reminded me of some trouble Wake gave us last year with quickness and movement. My only concerns on defense: looked like XR was half-assing and we didn't do a good job accounting for the QB on some run option reads.

From first half film review of the DLine I would say nobody looked bad. Jernigan stood out as the most physical of the three NT's, McDaniel the least. Jenkins looks like he's lost a bit of quickness (probably expected with the weight gain). Werner looked like clearly the best DE. None of the DT's consistently stood out. Erving looked like the most physical of that group.

The K-Man

Despite our opponent, I feel it's apparent that the WR group took a leap forward. We still don't have a game breaker, but we've got a stacked quiver of arrows. Rodney Smith is here to stay. Scooter is a valuable #4. Bert has his head on straight.

Luc made some encouraging plays.

Joyner is Torii Hunter for our D. Haven't had in forever.

Jermaine has a reputation of dragging his feet when things don't go his way. From the stands, I saw him very active and encouraging on the sidelines despite seeing like 1 garbage time rep. That made me happy.

Our special teams are damn near perfect in every facet except:
A) Shawn Powell doesn't have a good "iron/pitching wedge game"
2) Don't want Lamarcus out there on kickoff return
D) we don't pose much of punt block threat, though does it matter much with Reid back there?


1) Very pleased with overall discpiline and poise of the team. Our level-headedness was appropriate. Mental mistakes were at a minimum, especially for an opener (compared to team like Georgia and others, we stacked up very well). Don't feel like I have to wince after every play, hoping we don't hit somebody late or do some sort of ridiculous celebratory dance.

b) Most glaring weakness was O-Line on run blocking. Yeah, ULM does strange stuff, blah, blah, blah -- so does everybody else. If we can't open up holes against those guys, we're going to have trouble running the ball

D) Individual assessments:

EJ -- A little jumpy -- not just early, but never seemed to REALLY settle down. Clearly lots of adrenaline as he had a couple of overthrows on deep balls. Ball handling was clean and he seemed in charge well enough. Overall, solid, but plenty of room to grow, as you would expect.

D. Freeman -- Bigger than I thought (in weight). Reminds me more of Leon Washington than Rock Preston. Easy to be excited by the future.

V. Williams -- Really stood out as being more fluid and playing with looser hips (can we send Bradham to the same hip loosening school??)

C. Jones -- His closing speed on the one flair to the RB was breathtaking

D. Hopkins -- has he lost some distance on Kickoffs???

Werner -- Like some sort of maniacal, methodical assassin -- he's just going to keep coming at you every play.

X Rhodes -- I wonder if something is up with him health-wise or personal-wise. Doesn't seem himself.

Moody -- Still looking for the homerun hit -- if only he was that devoted to scheming correctly .


On Werner v. Jenkins, I will say both played well, but for me Bjeorn Werner is my player of the game for week 1.

The only concerns I have, none of which are a big deal at this point:

1. Jacobbi McDaniel (clear lack of effort, temper tantrum after getting pulled, great depth behind him)
2. EJ's sporadic accuracy (think that is 80% jitters, 20% wind)
3. Making sure our LBs aren't missing assignments (When ULM gashed for 10-12 yards it was mostly a W/MLB responsibility issue related to QB runs)
4. The run blocking/Ty Jones (looked better when Chris/Devonta in/ I think they just need more reps together.)

On the other side of the coin from my concerns, things that I was really encouraged by:

1. I have been a huge critic of Dawsey and the WRs, however they were really good in this game, even Bert Reed. Outside of Dent's dropped TD pass they got open, fought for the ball, and caught it. They look quicker/stronger/better this year.
2. This defense truly has all the tools to be great. Good tacklers like Harris, Jones, Rhodes. Exciting edge rushers, Big strong tackles, etc. In short, it is a complete D and only the MLB position worries me at all.
3. EJ's arm strength. Kid can make the throws (even on the terrible INT decision you saw it)

Chat between FSU Va Fan and OBR:

FSU Va Fan: Do you think not having Ponder make calls at the line played a big role in their problems?

OBR: Honestly think it was having datko call out the protections. Actually think we are seeing why we miss macmahon here. Believe it or not. I think it will get better but will certainly take time getting that part of the pre snap play down. And at times it looked like they just got out muscled. Which is the most alarming, though that may have been more of an issue of not being sure of assignment, blocking the wrong guy or direction, and trying to adjust too late.

FSU Va Fan: Ugh, definitely your second thought hit on the biggest fear of mine. I'll have to look back and see where ULM is in terms of size on the DL. If ULM used a lot of stunting as was predicted then perhaps the OL was playing too tentatively and, like you said, adding to that tentative approach not succeeding in assignment execution would only confound the problem. Still though, I think that would be more of a rationalization than a explanation to be able to rely on.



- I am going to reserve judgment on the offensive line. Overall, they did a solid job in pass protection, and were for the most part able to pick up the 3-3-5 scheme effectively, which relies upon blown assignments to get sacks. Run blocking was obviously a different story. ULM's often played 10 or 11 men inside the box, and stayed committed to stopping the run the entire game. UCF ran for 316 yards (6.6 per attempt) against Charleston Southern. If we don't see consistency in the running game along with explosive runs (UCF had 5 guys rip off carries of 15+ yards) this week, I'm going to be worried.

- It will be interesting to see if any of the receivers can separate themselves from the pack. Right now, we have a bunch of above average guys, but no superstars. Rodney Smith appears to be EJ's favorite target, and if he continues to make plays, he will hopefully draw double coverages and open things up for some of our other receivers, who in my opinion, do not consistently get good separation. Right now, I'd say our receivers look to be better than last year, but behind the 2009 group.

- Speaking of receivers, Greg Dent is a frustrating player. Run the wrong route, catch a 50 yard touchdown pass. He is the football equivalent of the Vicki Mendoza diagonal.

- EJ's is a bit more of a down the field gambler than Ponder. I think this will, in time, open up our running game and our short to intermediate passing game. It will also lead to more interceptions.

- I thought our red zone play calling was predictable. I expect play action from us on second down, and that is exactly what we did. Perhaps we kept it basic on purpose; we will see if that pattern continues as the season goes along.


- Vince Williams looks good when playing downhill. He doesn't look quite so good when he has to chase people in space.

- It was hard to judge improvement in our coverage game. There weren't a whole lot of deep passes being thrown. According to CFB stats, FSU's defensive backs did not account for a single PBU.

-After watching the film, I didn't see a whole lot from #55. With the depth at defensive line, he is going to need to improve, or he will see his playing time continue to evaporate.

Special Teams

- We are really, really good. That is what happens when you recruit well. As long as they actually punt to Greg Reid next week, I'd be very surprised if he doesn't bring one back. Holding ULM to under 15 yards per kick off return is an excellent result (last year FSU gave up 21.5 yards/return, which was average).


-Student section was pretty full at kickoff. However, we do not have an elite level student section, not even close. The students were mostly gone by the start of the second half.

And finally, OBR has this week's breakdown. A huge thanks to him for this excellent work:


1st Quarter 

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm30 FS ball on FS30.

HOPKINS,D. kickoff 70 yards to the ULM0, touchback.

QB for ULM is #15-Browning.

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm20 Browning, K screen pass complete to Edwards, Jyruss for 5 yards to the ULM25 (WILLIAMS,V.;BRADHAM,N.), clock 14:43. 1st down, dump off to RB, good job of Willliams to get to him and bring him down quick.

Ulm 2-5 at Ulm25 Browning, K rush over left tackle for loss of 2 yards to the ULM23 (WERNER,B.;HARRIS,M.), clock 14:11. 2nd down, Jenkins fights off multiple guys to take down an option QB read, along with Mike Harris of all people, Harris lined up almost on the line of scrimmage. Werner able to come down and put the finishing moves on.

Ulm 3-7 at Ulm23 Browning, K sideline pass incomplete to Ambrose, Luther, QB hurry by DAWKINS,E., clock 13:53. 3rd down, Jenkins breaks free and forces QB to throw it out of bounds.

Ulm 4-7 at Ulm23 Munoz, Aaron punt 30 yards to the FS47, fair catch by REID,G..

Chad Abram on KO special teams, Terrance Smith, LOS in punt team.

Drive: 3 plays, 3 yards, TOP 01:15


Fs 1-10 at Fs47 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 13:45.

QB for FSU is #3-Manuel.

Fs 1-10 at Fs47 MANUEL,E sideline pass incomplete to SMITH,R., clock 13:41. First pass by EJ, incomplete to R. Smith, not sure if that was EJ or Smith not going out soon enough. Timing off either way, EJ trying to shake some butterflies.

Fs 2-10 at Fs47 JONES,T rush over right guard for 1 yard to the FS48 (Lewis, R), clock 13:23. 2nd down Ty Jones run, one of the few times he gets to run behind Pryor, strange play set up with Haggins coming inside like a tight end. Confusion trying to deal with the 3-3-5. ULM walks up a DB, Krug doesn't kick man out, Beau not a good block, Jones tries to bounce outside, poorly. Should have still tried to follow Lonnie.

Fs 3-9 at Fs48 MANUEL,E post pass incomplete to SMITH,R., clock 12:49. 3rd down, overthrow to Smith. Smith had a stride, needed to put the ball where he could get it.

Fs 4-9 at Fs48 POWELL,S. punt 42 yards to the ULM10, downed.

Drive: 3 plays, 1 yards, TOP 01:07

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm10 LOUISIANA MONROE drive start at 12:38.

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm10 Browning, K sideline pass incomplete to Ambrose, Luther, dropped pass, clock 12:34. 1st down, quick throw to the flat, timing route. Bradham in coverage, but not in good position to break up. If the ball was caught Bradham would have destroyed if player tried to turn up field. Still not great coverage.

Ulm 2-10 at Ulm10 Browning, K rush QX for 8 yards to the ULM18, out-of-bounds, clock 12:25. 2nd down and holy crap, two FSU players scared of getting penalties. On the QB scramble for good yardage, both Jacobi and Williams slow up, looking like they could have taken easy shots pushing him out of bounds, they hold up and he scoots down the sideline for solid yards.

Ulm 3-2 at Ulm18 Timeout Louisiana Monroe, clock 11:52.

Ulm 3-2 at Ulm18 Browning, K sacked for loss of 8 yards to the ULM10 (TEAM), fumble by Browning, K recovered by ULM Browning, K at ULM7. 3rd down, busted play, ULM fumbles ball, very quick reaction of FSU defense to see the ball and try to recover.

Ulm 4-13 at Ulm07 Munoz, Aaron punt 34 yards to the ULM41, REID,G. return -3 yards to the ULM44 (Usher, Khairi).

Drive: 3 plays, minus 3 yards, TOP 01:33

Fs 1-10 at Ulm44 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 11:05.

Fs 1-10 at Ulm44 JONES,T rush over left tackle for 2 yards to the ULM42 (Newsome, Isaiah), clock 10:50. 1st play Jones follows Pryor better, out of the I, Saftey runs up fast to make a play. Massive confusion on the play. Think Krug went the wrong way. Krug, Spurlock, Zebrie all come of line blocking the SAME GUY!

Fs 2-8 at Ulm42 JONES,T rush left for 1 yard to the ULM41 (Evans, Troy;Young, R.J.), clock 10:09. 2ndk down, Jones run down, trouble running out of the pistol. 3-3-5 confusing blocking with this offensive set.

Fs 3-7 at Ulm41 MANUEL,E rush QX for 2 yards to the ULM39 (Edwards, Jason), clock 09:22. 3rd down, Krug blocks but after Manuel holds the ball pretty long, guy gets by flushes Manuel. Spurlock takes a nasty shot on the leg on the QB scramble.

Fs 4-5 at Ulm39 POWELL,S. punt 39 yards to the ULM0, touchback.

Drive: 3 plays, 5 yards, TOP 02:14

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm20 LOUISIANA MONROE drive start at 08:51.

QB is #14-Wells

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm20 Edwards, Jyruss rush over right guard for 5 yards to the ULM25 (BRADHAM,N.), clock 08:35. 1st play, new QB for ULM, Williams does decent job fighting off block, but RB gets through arm tackle, Bradham comes across from his spot nicely to tackle.

Ulm 2-5 at Ulm25 Wells, Cody sacked for loss of 2 yards to the ULM23 (JONES,C.), clock 07:56. Next play, Parks in the box like a LB, Rhodes with coverage on a QB roll out, Jones in zone coverage, sees QB start to roll/scramble, chases down for an excellent play. Just awesome.

Ulm 3-7 at Ulm23 Wells, Cody sacked for loss of 3 yards to the ULM20 (WERNER,B.), fumble by Wells, Cody recovered by ULM McCaul, Ryan at ULM22, clock 07:00. 3rd down and ULM QB just hold ball far too long for this defense. Bjorn just blows by the tackle and gets the QB for the strip/sack, despite being held.

Ulm 4-8 at Ulm22 Munoz, Aaron punt 36 yards to the FS42, REID,G. return 19 yards to the ULM39 (Prelow, Darius).

Drive: 3 plays, 2 yards, TOP 02:14

Fs 1-10 at Ulm39 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 06:37.

Fs 1-10 at Ulm39 MANUEL,E deep out pass complete to SMITH,R. for 16 yards to the ULM23, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds, clock 06:31. 1st down, inside play action to Thompson, Smith and EJ on the same page for the first time in the game, Smith wide open on the sideline huge cushion from DB, fakes inside, goes back out, wide open, easy throw and catch.

Fs 1-10 at Ulm23 MANUEL,E deep out pass complete to SHAW,K. for 17 yards to the ULM6, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds, clock 05:58. 1st down, poor job by Datko. Does not get his cut block and the dlineman with a free shot on EJ, EJ sees Shaw last second open and makes a great throw before getting popped. Just an excellent footwork by Shaw to snag a difficult ball on the sideline. Tremendous presence by the offense to get up to the line quickly and avoid a review. This is something that must be done, and the receiver must have the awareness to tell the offense that the play was questionable.

Previous play is under review to see if receiver was in bounds.

Ruling on the field is confirmed.

Fs 1-G at Ulm06 THOMPSON,C. rush over left guard for no gain to the ULM6 (Caldwell, K;Brown, Nate), clock 05:18. 1st and goal and running play goes nowhere. Confusion again, Krug gets pushed back, badly.

Fs 2-G at Ulm06 MANUEL,E sacked for loss of 3 yards to the ULM9 (Caldwell, K), clock 04:51. Second and goal, Beau in motion, designed play action to Thompon, was supposed to be thrown to Thompson as well. Well defended by ULM, no one bites, covers Thompson, Beau's block breaks down, Sanders looks to be blocking the wrong guy, dlineman has free run at EJ, EJ tries to scramble, goes poorly. ULM guessed correctly on that play.

Fs 3-G at Ulm09 MANUEL,E crossing pass complete to REED,B. for 9 yards to the ULM0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 04:16. 3rd and goal, Manuel has forever to throw, good thing, slow developing play with Reed streaking underneath. Great throw and catch, good quicks by Reed to get to the endzone. Manuel nice job of staying patient and working through at least two (maybe three) reads before finding Reed. ULM had 8 zone defenders dropped in coverage and only rushed 3.

HOPKINS,D. kick attempt good.

Florida State 7, Louisiana Monroe 0

Drive: 5 plays, 39 yards, TOP 02:25

HOPKINS,D. kickoff 70 yards to the ULM0, Edwards, Jyruss return 12 yards to the ULM12 (SMITH,T.;MOODY,N.).

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm12 LOUISIANA MONROE drive start at 04:12.

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm12 Browning, K at QB for Louisiana Monroe.

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm12 Browning, K sideline pass incomplete to Leonard, Brent, dropped pass, clock 04:08. 1st play, quick throw, Moody in ok coverage, off WR fingertips, incomplete.

Ulm 2-10 at Ulm12 Browning, K middle pass incomplete to Edwards, Jyruss (JENKINS,B.), clock 04:03. 2nd play Werner good job containing QB, Williams with a great play to break up the pass and take down the would be receiver.

Ulm 3-10 at Ulm12 Browning, K sideline pass complete to Maye, Tavarese for 12 yards to the ULM24, 1ST DOWN ULM (REID,G.), clock 03:52. 3rd, 1st down catch, Greg with a big cushion, too big, Harris lined up in the box (just strange to see that) roll out by the QB easy throw and catch, no pressure. Poor job of breaking on the football by Reid. Jenkins lost contain and was undisciplined.

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm24 Donald, C rush over left guard for no gain to the ULM24 (JENKINS,B.;WILLIAMS,V.), clock 03:23. 1st down, DT's stuff olineman, nowhere to go for RB, Williams, Jacobi, Bradham, Jenkins all destroy.

Ulm 2-10 at Ulm24 Browning, K rush quarterback draw for 14 yards to the ULM38, 1ST DOWN ULM (MOODY,N.), clock 03:02. 2nd down, dline looks like they take a play off. ULM in 5 wide, great time to run a decently mobile QB up the middle, no one in the middle for support covering the 5 wide. Joyner is closest on the play, over runs, out of position, throws an arm in vein attempt at tackle.

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm38 Donald, C rush left for 2 yards to the ULM40 (LUC,J.;COMMACK,A.), clock 02:30. 1st down, run, good play reading by Jeff Luc not a solid tackle, but slows down runner, everyone else there to clean it up. Good spill and contain.

Ulm 2-8 at Ulm40 Browning, K rush left for 9 yards to the ULM49, 1ST DOWN ULM (JOYNER,L.), clock 02:14. 1st down, good option play from ULM against a 3 man front for FSU. Not enough players in position to cover all options, Rhodes takes WR pitch man, QB free to run for decent gain.

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm49 Browning, K screen pass complete to Maye, Tavarese for 4 yards to the FS47 (SMITH,T.), clock 01:38. Next play, decent coverage to tackle on quick throw to flat by Telvin. Strange stutter step to lineup angle before burst, may have cost a couple yards.

Ulm 2-6 at Fs47 Maye, Tavarese rush OR for 3 yards to the FS44 (MOODY,N.), clock 01:13. 2nd down, better job covering an option. Moody, walks down into the box, destroys guy after minimal gain. Carradine nice job keeping outside arm free and keeping contain.

Ulm 3-3 at Fs44 TEAM rush over right tackle for loss of 2 yards to the FS46, fumble by TEAM recovered by ULM Donald, C at FS45, clock 00:25. 3rd down, ULM fails to execute (fumbled snap). Play would have been dropped for a lot regardless, excellent penetration from the front.

Ulm 4-4 at Fs45 PENALTY ULM false start (Montgomery, A) 5 yards to the 50 yardline.

Drive: 10 plays, 38 yards, TOP 04:19


2nd Quarter 

Ulm 4-9 at Ulm50 Start of 2nd quarter, clock 15:00.

Ulm 4-9 at Ulm50 Munoz, Aaron punt 43 yards to the FS7, fair catch by REID,G..

Fs 1-10 at Fs07 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 14:53.

Fs 1-10 at Fs07 MANUEL,E BU pass complete to REED,B. for 5 yards to the FS12 (Taylor, Tim;Ford, DaCorris), clock 14:35. 1st down, EJ play action, good quick throw with defender in his face, to Reed in the slot, Reed good job to dive forward and get some yards. 

Fs 2-5 at Fs12 MANUEL,E WS pass complete to HAGGINS,J. for 9 yards to the FS21, 1ST DOWN FS (Eddie, Vincent), clock 14:09. 2nd down, great placement from EJ on quick throw to Scooter, big cushion easy throw and catch, good job of Scooter looks good here.

Fs 1-10 at Fs21 MANUEL,E deep out pass complete to SMITH,R. for 11 yards to the FS32, 1ST DOWN FS (Taylor, Tim), clock 13:41. 1st down play action to 33, Smith and EJ really starting to play with chemistry now, good long throw across field on the money to Smith for first down. Excellent blocking after the play action. Big big arm shown by EJ here.

Fs 1-10 at Fs32 MANUEL,E post pass incomplete to REED,B., PENALTY ULM pass interference (Prelow, Darius) 15 yards to the FS47, 1ST DOWN FS, NO PLAY, clock 13:07. 1st down, Mauel under throws Reed, if he doesn't could be six, Reed slows down to come back to the ball and gets mauled for the PI. Announcer said double coverage but if this ball is further there is no coverage. Wonder if the wind impacted this?

Fs 1-10 at Fs47 MANUEL,E post pass incomplete to SHAW,K., clock 13:00. 1st down, Shaw with a beautiful job getting wide open, not sure what happens with EJ's throw but is off target, incomplete. Shaw is a very good route runner for a second year guy. Interesting route. FSU doesn't run that often.

Fs 2-10 at Fs47 MANUEL,E screen pass complete to JONES,T for 4 yards to the ULM49 (Taylor, Tim;Evans, Troy), clock 12:26. 2nd down, pass to RB on the flare, looks like slot receiver Haggins misses block or assignment tackled for minimal gain. 

Fs 3-6 at Ulm49 MANUEL,E rush quarterback draw for 5 yards to the ULM44 (Brown, Nate), clock 12:02. 3rd down, Sanders cut needed to be better on this quick pass, EJ scrambles against 3 man front with defenders dropping in coverage, good call to scramble, all receivers appear to be covered.

Fs 4-1 at Ulm44 MANUEL,E rush quarterback sneak for 3 yards to the ULM41, 1ST DOWN FS (Jefferies, E), clock 11:47. 4th and short easy power ahead with the QB sneak for first down.

Fs 1-10 at Ulm41 MANUEL,E WS pass complete to HAGGINS,J. for loss of 4 yards to the ULM45 (Taylor, Tim), clock 11:10. 1st down screen throw to Haggins. WR Smith does an awful job on his block, completely whiffs. If he makes the block Scooter would have to make one man miss, instead gets blown up for a loss. Smith promptly pulled for a bit after this and Jimbo/Dawsey were angry.

Fs 2-14 at Ulm45 MANUEL,E WS pass complete to HAGGINS,J. for 6 yards to the ULM39 (Newsome, Isaiah), clock 10:18. 2nd down, another screen WR block better, good play by ULM DB to make the shoestring tackle for minimal gain. Blocking was good. 

Fs 3-8 at Ulm39 MANUEL,E flag pass complete to REED,B. for 25 yards to the ULM14, 1ST DOWN FS, clock 09:39. 3rd down, ULM blitz with 5, picked up very well, decent throw but great catch and concentration by Bert for a big first down. Not really sure what was happening on this play as the angle was too tight. EJ could have banged the backside route, I think.

Fs 1-10 at Ulm14 MANUEL,E crossing pass incomplete to DENT,G., dropped pass, clock 09:25. 1st down and Manuel with plenty of time throws an absolute dart to Dent who has one on one coverage on a slant, fights off press gets open can't squeeze pass, perhaps a bit high but Dent should have caught it. Dent sure is frustrating sometimes. Good blocking by oline here after PA to handle the twist.

Fs 2-10 at Ulm14 MANUEL,E rush quarterback draw for 9 yards to the ULM5 (Brown, Nate), clock 09:08. 2nd down, EJ opts to not throw screen to Shaw, not sure why, looks like it would have gone for good yardage, perhaps lineman got in the way of the pass and his vision was screwed up on the play, elects to run, shaw not sure why he gets the ball, crazy helicopter from EJ after the scramble, decent yardage but kinda scary watching your starting QB pull that, in the first game, against ULM... 

Fs 3-1 at Ulm05 Timeout Florida State, clock 08:51.

Fs 3-1 at Ulm05 JONES,T rush over left guard for 1 yard to the ULM4, 1ST DOWN FS (Blakes, Cameron), clock 08:39. 3rd down, Jones just gets the first down, Pryor though doesn't get a very good block, would have been a lot easier if he did. Not a good game for the always-dependable Lonnie Pryor.

Fs 1-G at Ulm04 PRYOR,L. rush over right guard for no gain to the ULM4 (Evans, Troy;Blakes, Cameron), clock 08:09. 1st and Goal FSU in a I, either blocking scheme was messed up or Lonnie ran the wrong way. Spurlock got stoned, Lonnie ran into a mess, didn't go anywhere. 

Fs 2-G at Ulm04 MANUEL,E rush up middle for 3 yards to the ULM1 (Newsome, Isaiah), clock 07:24. 2nd down, actual option read. Manuel keeps, very close to taking it for 6. Stork was late, gets snagged at the line and doesn't make the block for Manuel to get to the endzone. Spurlock, not great either as his man fights off the block forcing Manuel back to the middle. 

Fs 3-G at Ulm01 PENALTY FS false start (DATKO,A.) 5 yards to the ULM6, clock 07:20. 3rd and goal, Datko false start (c'mon man). Stork also moved.

Fs 3-G at Ulm06 Timeout Louisiana Monroe, clock 07:01.

Fs 3-G at Ulm06 MANUEL,E sideline pass incomplete to REED,B., clock 06:56. After being backed up, 3rd down, close as close gets for Reed, looks like his foot is just a fraction over the boundary. Good job to make the play, in very tight coverage, but got to be more sure about position. Great great throw. Dhop, is Dhop with the FG.

Previous play is under review. Call on the field is incomplete pass.

Call on the field is confirmed.

Fs 4-G at Ulm06 HOPKINS,D. field goal attempt from 24 GOOD, clock 06:53.

Florida State 10, Louisiana Monroe 0

Drive: 17 plays, 87 yards, TOP 08:06


HOPKINS,D. kickoff 67 yards to the ULM3, Edwards, Jyruss return 15 yards to the ULM18 (MOODY,N.), PENALTY ULM illegal block (Jackson, Oliver) 9 yards to the ULM9, 1st and 10, ULM ball on ULM9.

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm09 LOUISIANA MONROE drive start at 06:47.

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm09 Edwards, Jyruss rush up middle for 1 yard to the ULM10 (WILLIAMS,V.), clock 06:12. 1st down, inside option, both Bradham and Vince fight off blocks to get the ball carrier, excellent play by both LBs. Jenkins good job of holding the POA.

Ulm 2-9 at Ulm10 Browning, K rush for loss of 6 yards to the ULM4 (JENKINS,B.), clock 05:42. 2nd down, funny busted play by ULM, result, Jenkins gets a free shot on the QB. 

Previous play was a broken play.

Ulm 3-15 at Ulm04 Browning, K TA pass incomplete to Washington, M, clock 05:10. 3rd down, QB with some time, should have been called for intentional grounding, QB wasn't outside the box and he threw it away. Should have been safety for 2 points.  Basically an uncalled coverage sack. Stoops went nuts, as he should have.

Ulm 4-15 at Ulm04 Fryoux, Conner punt 43 yards to the ULM47, REID,G. return 30 yards to the ULM17, out-of-bounds (Kittle, Ty). Punt, Greg Reid is Greg Reid.

Drive: 3 plays, minus 5 yards, TOP 01:47

Fs 1-10 at Ulm17 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 05:00.

Fs 1-10 at Ulm17 MANUEL,E crossing pass intercepted by Prelow, Darius at the ULM0, Prelow, Darius return 0 yards to the ULM0, touchback. 1st down, two major errors. EJ doesn't read the FS right (says he read it, but though he could make it, don't buy it) perhaps if he threw it A LOT sooner, it could have had a chance. Just bad decision. Bert Reed doesn't run the route to the correct depth and made his break 4 yards too early, alerting the other safety. Unacceptable by Bert. He must be patient. EJ also needs to see that. Also, this was first down. No reason to take a big risk there.

Drive: 1 plays, 0 yards, TOP 00:05

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm20 LOUISIANA MONROE drive start at 04:55.

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm20 Donald, C rush over right guard for 2 yards to the ULM22 (JENKINS,B.), clock 04:38. 1st down, Dline holds ground, bradham caught off gaurd on the snap, but cleaned up for minimal gain. Jenkins good job crashing down he line of scrimmage.

Ulm 2-8 at Ulm22 Browning, K BU pass complete to McCall, Anthony for 11 yards to the ULM33, 1ST DOWN ULM, out-of-bounds (RHODES,X.), clock 04:19. 2nd down, Big cushion from Rhodes, quick throw, no real pressure, plenty of space for WR to get first down, easy throw and catch for 1st down.

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm33 Browning, K screen pass complete to Edwards, Jyruss for 2 yards to the ULM35 (HARRIS,M.), clock 03:58. 1st down, pass in the flat to RB, Greg does a nice job turning it back inside though could be more physical, Jones and Harris nice job gang tackle for minimal gain. 

Ulm 2-8 at Ulm35 Edwards, Jyruss rush over right guard for 13 yards to the ULM48, 1ST DOWN ULM (JOYNER,L.), clock 03:34. 2nd down, delayed run, Bradham misreads the play, gets blocked low, out of play, Moody comes down into box, misreads play, goes for a huge hit, over the guy that fell blocking moody, goes flying, hits nothing but air, looks bad. Joyner with a very good open field tackle. If he doesn't make it, would have been good for a lot more yards.

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm48 Browning, K deep pass intercepted by JOYNER,L. at the FS16, 1st down, QB has time to throw, but Dline was closing, great pick by Joyner. Can't really appreciate it on TV, but at the game, you could see how quickly he turned, adjusted to the ball, put on the jets, and got the pick. Two very good, very different plays in a row from the new safety there. 

JOYNER,L. return 0 yards to the FS16.

Drive: 5 plays, 28 yards, TOP 01:47

Fs 1-10 at Fs16 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 03:08.

Fs 1-10 at Fs16 THOMPSON,C. rush right for 19 yards to the FS35, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds (Brown, Nate), clock 03:00. 1st down, shotgun hand off to Thompon, great blocking from everyone, Pryor back to last season form, destroys backer, Thompson turns on the jest for a great gain, oh and wow, great job Reed sticking his nose in there and destroying his guy too.

Fs 1-10 at Fs35 MANUEL,E BU pass complete to HAGGINS,J. for 6 yards to the FS41 (Taylor, Tim), clock 02:33. 1st down, fake to thompson roll out, short throw to haggins, good play on first down. Good job quickly reading by EJ.

Fs 2-4 at Fs41 THOMPSON,C. rush left for 8 yards to the FS49, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds (Taylor, Tim), clock 02:10. 2nd down, shotgun still, hand off the other direction for thompson, Pryor destroys again. Good running. So much better than earlier in the game. Everyone meshing better. Very nice job by Stork and Datko. Fahrenkrug with the better job stepping and sealing! 

Fs 1-10 at Fs49 THOMPSON,C. rush left for 1 yard to the 50 yardline (Prelow, Darius), clock 01:37. 1st down, Same exact play and Stork whiffs Pryor winds up blocking up his guy, everything goes to crap, blown up for no gain. ULM was ready for it too. Thompson needs to make a linebacker miss. 

Fs 2-9 at Fs50 MANUEL,E deep pass incomplete to SMITH,R., clock 01:16. 2nd down, Spurlock awful job here, guy blows past him, rocks EJ as he throws, ball is not accurate to a wide open Smith. EJ can be seen trying to shake that hit off after the play. Ouch. Spurlock cost Rodney a TD on that play. 

Fs 3-9 at Fs50 MANUEL,E post pass complete to DENT,G. for 50 yards to the ULM0, 1ST DOWN FS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 01:09. 3rd down, this time it is Krug that lets him man by but despite the oncoming hit EJ gets off a perfect throw, to Dent who was one on one with no help over the top. Good job of dent of getting separation, good job of EJ for sticking in there and delivering a great pass. EJ again, having to shake off that hit. Fahrenkrug needs to do a better job of initial punch after the snap to buy his feet time to get in position.

HOPKINS,D. kick attempt good.

Florida State 17, Louisiana Monroe 0

Drive: 6 plays, 84 yards, TOP 02:03

HOPKINS,D. kickoff 70 yards to the ULM0, Edwards, Jyruss return 15 yards to the ULM15 (BRADHAM,N.).

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm15 LOUISIANA MONROE drive start at 01:05.

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm15 Browning, K crossing pass complete to Leonard, Brent for 15 yards to the ULM30, 1ST DOWN ULM, out-of-bounds (RHODES,X.), clock 01:01. With just over a minute left FSU was just trying to limit a big play and get to the locker room. 1st down, Williams not paying attention for the snap, one on one with a slot receiver, gives up a good throw and catch, plenty of space to get some yards.

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm30 Browning, K crossing pass incomplete to Maye, Tavarese (JONES,C.), clock 00:54. 1st down, incomplete pass, good job of the LBs vince and jones, to converge and strip it out. Jeff Luc (don't think it was jenkins as said in the telecast).

Ulm 2-10 at Ulm30 Browning, K rush QX for 11 yards to the ULM41 (HARRIS,M.), clock 00:45, PENALTY ULM holding (Montgomery, A) 10 yards to the ULM20, NO PLAY. 2nd down, holding, Bradham runs into the ref.

Ulm 2-20 at Ulm20 Donald, C rush over right guard for 5 yards to the ULM25 (CARRADINE,C.), clock 00:21. 2nd down, Bradham looks to fill wrong gap, Tank very good job to get off the line and make the play. 

Ulm 3-15 at Ulm25 Timeout Florida State, clock 00:21.

Ulm 3-15 at Ulm25 Donald, C rush up middle for 5 yards to the ULM30 (MCCLOUD,A.), clock 00:10. Last play, Amp arm slaps RB, takes him down.

Ulm 4-10 at Ulm30 End of half, clock 00:00.

3rd Quarter 

Ulm 4-10 at Ulm30 Start of 3rd quarter, clock 15:00, ULM ball on ULM30.

ULM will kick and defend the south goal.

Drive: 4 plays, 15 yards, TOP 01:05

Manton, Justin kickoff 70 yards to the FS0, JOYNER,L. return 36 yards to the FS36 (Ambrose, Luther).

Fs 1-10 at Fs36 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 14:54.

QB is #3-Manuel.

Fs 1-10 at Fs36 THOMPSON,C. rush over left tackle for 2 yards to the FS38 (Dorsey, Ken), clock 14:38. 1st down, FSU in pistol. The team did not run well out of the pistol. At all. It was bad. 2nd down, Krug gets BLOWN off the ball. Stork, equally awful with his block, minimal gain. They did not handle this double well at all and seemed to lack intensity and cohesion here.

Fs 2-8 at Fs38 THOMPSON,C. rush left for 3 yards to the FS41 (Dorsey, Ken;Newsome, Isaiah), clock 14:00. 2nd play, and this is no joke, Sanders and Pryor try to block the same player, just mass confusion it seems, no surprise, run goes no where. Pretty ugly.

Fs 3-5 at Fs41 MANUEL,E sideline pass incomplete to SHAW,K., clock 13:33. 3rd down, EJ has time, throws another laser Kenny doesn't see it in time to make a play, double covered. EJ perhaps should have gone somewhere else with the ball.

Fs 4-5 at Fs41 POWELL,S. punt 44 yards to the ULM15, downed.

Drive: 3 plays, 5 yards, TOP 01:32


Ulm 1-10 at Ulm15 LOUISIANA MONROE drive start at 13:22.

QB is #15-Browning

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm15 Edwards, Jyruss rush up middle for 1 yard to the ULM16 (WILLIAMS,V.;MCCLOUD,A.), clock 13:02. 1st down, whole dline stuff, oline, they are double teaming Werner, no where to go, run stuffed. Dline tackled, but Vince in the mix, bradham there if needed. Excellent excellent job by Anthony McCloud to anchor and use his hands. 

Ulm 2-9 at Ulm16 Browning, K rush over left end for 17 yards to the ULM33, 1ST DOWN ULM (JOYNER,L.;REID,G.), clock 12:46. 2nd down hard to tell what happened on the QB run because ESPNU is second rate crap. Looks like lots of people out of position, Joyner though, throws a shoulder at the ball carrier, bad, bad form. Still makes the tackle with help. Perhaps an alignment issue.

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm33 Edwards, Jyruss rush over right tackle for 2 yards to the ULM35 (JENKINS,B.;WILLIAMS,V.), clock 12:14. 1st down, Bradham lined up on the line, QB forced to hand inside, Jenkins and Vince excellent plays to make it a minimal gain. McCloud and Dawkins nice job to hold the POA, though McCloud was more catching than delivering and didn't get off ball well.

Ulm 2-8 at Ulm35 Browning, K rush left for loss of 1 yard to the ULM34 (JENKINS,B.), clock 11:38. 2nd down, option, QB misreads Jenkins, QB pays the price, Jenkins destroys. FSU too fast and far too physical for ULM to run very much successful option. Good discipline by Jenkins, I guess, but this was poor offense.

Ulm 3-9 at Ulm34 Browning, K slant pass complete to Hamm, Je'Ron for 5 yards to the ULM39 (HARRIS,M.;JOYNER,L.), clock 10:50. 3rd down, Great job here, line pushes, quick throw, Joyner, Harris keep everything in front, force 4th down. 3-man line here with Jenkins standing as a 3-4 OLB. We've stated that we do not want the 4 down coming off the field, and it makes no difference if Jenkins stands up or not. Goal here was to blitz and force quick throw. Goal accomplished and tackle securely made.

Ulm 4-4 at Ulm39 Munoz, Aaron punt 27 yards to the FS34, out-of-bounds.

Drive: 5 plays, 24 yards, TOP 02:53

Fs 1-10 at Fs34 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 10:29.

Fs 1-10 at Fs34 MANUEL,E deep out pass incomplete to SMITH,R., clock 10:24. 1st down, incomplete, don't know what happened because again, ESPNU is crap, literally didn't show the play.

Fs 2-10 at Fs34 JONES,T rush over left end for 4 yards to the FS38 (Caldwell, K;Edwards, Jason), clock 10:09. 2nd down, Ty running, Krug bad block, Spurlock HORRIBLE, leaves feat, goes flying, engages no one. He has lots and lots of rust to knock off. Ty is not a great gun runner. ULM with a run blitz here. Well timed, and well called.

Fs 3-6 at Fs38 MANUEL,E middle pass complete to RELIFORD,B. for 13 yards to the ULM49, 1ST DOWN FS (Brown, Nate), clock 09:35. 3rd down, EJ double clutching the ball, strange. Plenty of time to throw, little antsy, throws behind Beau, great adjustment by 88 and great hands to real in the catch. Shocking.

Fs 1-10 at Ulm49 MANUEL,E flag pass incomplete to REED,B., clock 09:09. 1st down, play action to Freeman, EJ just overthrows Reed on the corner route. Disappointing throw there.

Fs 2-10 at Ulm49 MANUEL,E slant pass complete to REED,B. for 4 yards to the ULM45 (Taylor, Tim;Young, R.J.), clock 08:50. 2nd down, absolute laser to reed for a short gain underneath. Best part of the play, Freeman outstanding time picking up the block on the blitz. 

Fs 3-6 at Ulm45 MANUEL,E slant pass complete to FREEMAN,D. for 8 yards to the ULM37, 1ST DOWN FS, clock 08:02. 3rd down, Freeman first touch is for a first down. Sneaks out of the backfield, EJ squeezes it where only Freeman can make the play. Great play and adjustment to go low and get the ball by Freeman. Circle route.

Fs 1-10 at Ulm37 FREEMAN,D. rush over right tackle for 11 yards to the ULM26, 1ST DOWN FS (Edwards, Jason), clock 07:48. 1st down, a lot less confusion on the oline. In the I, TE LIttle, and Pryor with great blocks, Freeman great downhill running with good burst. Huge hole. 

Fs 1-10 at Ulm26 FREEMAN,D. rush over right end for 1 yard to the ULM25 (Dorsey, Ken), clock 07:18. 1st down, confusion again, Beau blocks the wrong guy, Stork pulls, blocks no one, bad execution. Not sure Freeman hit the correct path here.

Fs 2-9 at Ulm25 FREEMAN,D. rush over left end for 9 yards to the ULM16, 1ST DOWN FS (Brown, Nate), clock 06:48. 2nd down, much better blocking, ULM even playing the run, Freeman just tripped up after a solid gain.

Fs 1-10 at Ulm16 FREEMAN,D. rush over right tackle for loss of 1 yard to the ULM17 (Caldwell, K), clock 06:07. 1st down, giant whiff by Beau, another defender without a blocker on him, bad run, blown up in the backfield.

Fs 2-11 at Ulm17 MANUEL,E rush QX for 6 yards to the ULM11 (Taylor, Tim), clock 05:22. 2nd down, Pryor not a good job picking up the blitz, EJ can't find anyone, probably decent coverage, he runs and does not take a big hit.

Fs 3-5 at Ulm11 MANUEL,E middle pass complete to SMITH,R. for 7 yards to the ULM4, 1ST DOWN FS, clock 04:51. 3rd down, and EJ is looking end zone, time to throw, holds the ball for a long time, finally decides to get the first down with Smith, good catch by Smith, on a poorly-placed ball. Good protection. Not sure why he didn't see Smith earlier.

Fs 1-G at Ulm04 FREEMAN,D. rush over left tackle for 3 yards to the ULM1 (Prelow, Darius), clock 04:11. 1st and goal, not horrible blocking, not spectacular, Freeman, very strong run for short gain. Freeman ran hard but should have stayed left.

Fs 2-G at Ulm01 FREEMAN,D. rush over left tackle for 1 yard to the ULM0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 03:48. 2nd down, Freeman punches it in. Good blocking by Datko and Pryor and Stork. Freeman just goes forward.

HOPKINS,D. kick attempt good.

Florida State 24, Louisiana Monroe 0

HOPKINS,D. kickoff 70 yards to the ULM0, Edwards, Jyruss return to the ULM16 (WILLIAMS,K.), PENALTY FS offside (MOODY,N.) 5 yards to the FS25, NO PLAY.

Drive: 14 plays, 66 yards, TOP 06:53

HOPKINS,D. kickoff 65 yards to the ULM10, Edwards, Jyruss return 21 yards to the ULM31 (COLLEY,C.).

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm31 LOUISIANA MONROE drive start at 03:36.

Ulm 1-10 at Ulm31 Edwards, Jyruss rush up middle for 2 yards to the ULM33 (ERVING,C.), clock 03:18. 1st down, Cam Erving, Jenkins, Williams, all there to stuff the run. Erving is eventually going to be very good.

Ulm 2-8 at Ulm33 Browning, K BU pass complete to McCall, Anthony for 5 yards to the ULM38 (REID,G.), clock 02:31. 2nd down, quick throw to WR on sideline, Reid with big cushion, very good tackle by Reid, to bring him down. 

Ulm 3-3 at Ulm38 Browning, K rush OL for 13 yards to the FS49, 1ST DOWN ULM (WILLIAMS,V.), clock 02:02. 3rd down, option again, FSU doesn't play this one well at all, almost entire team, LBs and Moody get sucked up the wrong way, QB with the right read, plenty of space to run and pick up the first down. Williams has to chase down from behind and tackle.  

Ulm 1-10 at Fs49 Ambrose, Luther rush right for 5 yards to the FS44 (CARRADINE,C.), clock 01:28. 1st down, speedy ambrose in motion takes the hand off, Bradham, Tank, Jones, all play it perfectly and all fail to make the tackle for a loss. 

Ulm 2-5 at Fs44 Browning, K sacked for loss of 10 yards to the ULM46 (ERVING,C.), clock 00:56. 2nd down, Cam Erving just blows up the LG and gets the sack, nice play. Erving has very long arms and uses them well here. Redshirt. Freshman.

Ulm 3-15 at Ulm46 Browning, K deep in pass complete to Hamm, Je'Ron for 17 yards to the FS37, 1ST DOWN ULM (RHODES,X.), clock 00:26. 3rd down, confusion between Xavier and Bradham, assignment confusion, bradham chips the WR, lets him go, Xavier doesn't come up, not sure who had responsibility there, bad execution either way. To finish it up, horrible tackling from Moody. 

Ulm 1-10 at Fs37 Browning, K WS pass complete to Kittle, Ty for 6 yards to the FS31 (JOYNER,L.), clock 00:00. 1st down, inside play fake freezes Telvin just long enough for a throw to an H back. Good play, Joyner ok tackle, but not very good form tackle. Still throwing shoulders.

Drive: 7 plays, 38 yards, TOP 04:11

Florida State 24, Louisiana Monroe 0

4th Quarter

Ulm 2-4 at Fs31 Start of 4th quarter, clock 15:00.

Ulm 2-4 at Fs31 Browning, K TR pass incomplete to McCall, Anthony, clock 14:56. Same drive, 5 wide, ULM QB throws up a hope and a prayer, down the sideline, no chance, Rhodes in good coverage.

Ulm 3-4 at Fs31 Browning, K slant pass complete to McCall, Anthony for 3 yards to the FS28, clock 14:36. 3rd down, Rhodes jamming his WR at the line, doing a good job, XR deflects pass, it bounces and ridiculous luck as the ball bounces around and lands in the hands of the same WR on the ground. Great D by Rhodes.

Ulm 4-1 at Fs28 Browning, K rush right for loss of 3 yards to the FS31 (WILLIAMS,V.). 4th down, for some reason on 4th and inches ULM decides to go shotgun, WIlliams, Hicks, read the option perfectly and destroy in the backfield.

Drive: 10 plays, 38 yards, TOP 04:11


At this point the game is effectively over. You get the idea of what happened though, and who needs work. Whether it was the wind that made some of EJ's throws off or timing issues with WR's still looks like there needs some fixes there. EJ did miss some open guys. Oline, wow, needs work. All of them. If FSU actually spent a lot of time working on dealing with ULM's unconventional defense, it didn't show. At all. Defense looked great for the most part, wish we got to see more rotation than we did. Sometimes looked like the line took some plays off. Supposed to be a lot of improvement between first and second week. If FSU has Char. So. first and ULM second I think this game would have been an even larger blowout as some of the problems on the oline and passing game would have been ironed out. If this team really does get some of this worked out quickly, it could get really, really ugly next week.

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