Top Quotes Following FSU's Shutout Of Louisiana at Monroe

"I thought we came out and played hard, together and they played with good passion in the game. From the first play to the last play you couldn't tell what the score was with what was going on. The kids were flying to the ball whether it was on offense, defense or special teams. I thought their focus was good for the game and I thought our mental preparation was good."  -Jimbo Fisher

"I feel like I can make every single throw out there. I don't feel like I am perfect or anything like that, but I always want to strive for that."  -EJ Manuel

"We were able to make plays in key moments in the game when we had to. Even when things weren't going well all of a sudden they brought it back up and made a play. We have a lot to clean up and we have a lot to get better on, but it was a good first ballgame."  -Jimbo Fisher

"We were so ready. Man, camp seemed like it was forever. We had the three weeks and then then the build up of the game. It was so tedious. It felt great to get out there and hit some different colored jerseys."  -Vince Williams on finally being able to hit someone other than a teammate

"We have the potential to be a good football team.  We have some weapons on offense and some great guys on defense and some great special teams players. But we have a long way to go and we have to just keep getting better each week."  -Jimbo Fisher

"It means a lot. There's still some stuff we need to work on, still some stuff we have to get better at. I'm looking forward. This game is passed us. We have to look forward to Charleston Southern and try to get a shutout each and every week."   -Greg Reid on the shutout

"From a management standpoint, I was very pleased but now we've got to play better.  I kept saying ULM is a good football team, they are not a bad football team and they do unorthodox things."  -Jimbo Fisher

"It was good for the first game. Most teams, it takes a little time to get rolling with their performance. Louisiana-Monroe was a good team, and we knew that. We had a pretty good game." -Bjoern Werner on the defensive performance to start the season

"I was proud we played hard the whole football game and I thought our kids competed hard the whole game."  -Jimbo Fisher

I think there's so much room for us to grow. We base everything off of what we do in practice because it translates right to the game. There were some things I did that I shouldn't have but we'll take it back to the drawing board this week and look to improve as we move forward."  -EJ Manuel

"I thought he was a little nervous in the beginning, but for the most part I thought he had a solid day. EJ's a perfectionist, but I was a lot happier with him than he was with himself. He wants to be perfect."  Fisher on Manuel

"It wasn't anything new for us, that's what we expected from EJ and he's showed it all spring and summer in practice and preparation."  -Kenny Shaw on EJ's performance

"We have been working on the up-tempo stuff. I think we did a good job of getting set and keeping everything in front of us all game."  -Vince Williams

"You would think I’ve played in big games, bowl games and stuff, why am I out here nervous?  No offense to ULM, but why am I out here nervous?   But it happens. It was all a part of the process. You’ve got to settle in."  -EJ Manuel

"I think that's great. If you don't have butterflies why you playing? I told them I had butterflies. I been in 22 years and every game I am in I have butterflies. When I lose them I'll quit. If he's nervous and throws for 65 percent every week, we'll be pretty good."  -Jimbo Fisher

"It felt pretty good.  The first time I went in there I had butterflies but after that first catch it all went away."  -Kenny Shaw on how it felt to get some significant time on the field

"I was happy to get that first play out of the way and get the butterflies out."  -Scooter Haggins

"The first few drives I had some jitters but then finally settled down and sat in the pocket and delivered the ball like I do in practice. It will definitely be something I work on this week as we look ahead to Charleston Southern. I had a pretty good game and I got more comfortable as the game went on. I just had to settle in and relax, that's my main thing. If I'm relaxed I'll be able to do whatever I want out there."  -EJ Manuel

"He made some real nice throws on third down and he hit the deep ball well. He could of had the throw of the day they called out of bounds on Bert. That might have been the best throw of the day, he stuck it right in the corner. I think Bert should have given him a little more room."  -Fisher on Manuel

"It was great. I gave the offense good field position. I'm the kind of guy that's always looking to score, though I think I need to stop trying so hard and let it come to me." -Greg Reid on his punt returns

"It was great. It's great. I was really tired on the first drive and I was shocked. Then they put Tank in. Then we rotated and rotated, and I felt fresh the whole game. It was really nice to have the rotation going on for the whole game."  -Bjoern Werner on the DL line rotation and keeping everyone fresh

"We dropped two touchdowns while we were down there and had a penalty on the one yard line that cost us. We left some points off the board but that's something we can clean up and get better at."  -Jimbo Fisher

"I know we could have played better and we came out a little sluggish. We had been on fire during camp so I thought we were going to come out a little hot. It was just the first game jitters. When we go into the film room we’ll see some things that we can work on and address. The jitters come from the 83,000 people. You go out there everyday and you want to compete like it’s the first day of practice and it’s not."  -Bert Reed

"I just went and made a play on the ball. That's why I'm a starter for the FSU defense and that's what I'm going to do all year. I've played safety my whole life. I'm a wild player and safety is the right position for me."  -Lamarcus Joyner on his interception

"Timmy Jernigan, he was in there throwing guys around like he's a fifth-year senior." - Jimbo Fisher

"Playing solid is actually what you want to be coming into your first game. There is a lot of things you put in during the camp and that you work on during two-a-days that you don't know if it's going to work just to get them out there against a different opponent and see that they hold up. Being solid is actually what you want to be."  -Vince Williams

"I got a little too greedy. I’ve been hitting those in practice and darting them in on our defense."  EJ on his interception

"He saw it, he saw the safety coming over, but he just thought he could stick it in there."  Fisher on Manuel's pick

"I was good for us to get a lot of the kinks out. We never really get a chance to tackle. We didn't have a lot of missed tackles which was really good. So anytime you can open up like this is pretty good for a defense."  -Nigel Bradham

"David's definitely going to be a great leader for that O-line. Those other guys might not be as vocal as he is. I think that's what he's going to bring to our offensive line this year, some vocal leadership." -EJ Manuel on Spurlock

"That's a credit to the O-line and to EJ for being patient. One thing I’m working on is trying to find the paint more, especially with me not getting in the end zone that much in my career. It’s always good to try to get in there. The line did a great job. I was EJ's third read so he had time to sit back there and wait for me to get open." -Bert Reed on his TD reception

"I know if I'm open EJ will get me the ball, he did a great job of putting in a place where I could make a play on it."  -Greg Dent on his 50-yard TD catch

"Yeah I did, but that's part of the game. That's part of being a quarterback." -Manuel on if he felt the hit on the TD pass to Dent

"I think one of the toughest things I've ever done was have to sit out last year and not be there for my team. It feels great getting out there with everybody and playing next to Zebrie and being with Fahrenkrug, Stork, Datko and even the young guys. It's fun just seeing how I used to be freshman year and seeing them coming in and succeeding and doing really good. It's just good to see."  -David Spurlock

"He's been super every day and you see a smile on his face every day. He's just having fun." -Fisher on Spurlock

"He was very calm and confident, I think we all felt very comfortable in there."  -Greg Dent on EJ's demeanor in the huddle

"I just had the mindset to come back in and do better. It felt pretty good because I had to get the butterflies out. I came in for a second try and I had to do better."  -Greg Dent after dropping a possible TD earlier in the game

"He preaches that, forget the play. You made a mistake, move on to the next play. That's what Greg did and I'm really proud of that guy because he's worked really hard."  -Bert Reed on Dent and what coach Dawsey preaches to his WR's

"They didn't throw a lot of balls down the field. They tried to dink and dunk and it was hard to get there. But when they did, we had some pressure. I thought they did an outstanding job on defense. We were physical and they couldn't get any runs. I thought up front we did a really nice job. What I was happy about was that team was no-huddling and we were making the adjustments. We were getting our blitzes in. We were getting our checks in. We were used to what we were doing."  -Fisher on the defensive performance

"I think we did everything OK but I still think that there's a lot more that we should learn.  We still have a long way to come and we just have to get better each and every week."  -Greg Reid

"I told him he would score today. We had a little talk in the locker room today and I told him treat it like high school and stay level-headed and you’ll score today. He said he believed and he felt it. That's how we do St. Thomas baby." -Lamarcus Joyner on his pre-game advice to fellow STA alum Rashad Greene

"We're so deep, and everybody knows the defense and understands the concepts of what the game plan is. Coach Stoops does a great job of making sure that everybody understands the game plan for that week. So whenever we have anybody rotating in, we just all feel comfortable with each other."  -Nigel Bradham

"It really makes you feel good as an older receiver because coming in as a young guy that’s all you need is the confidence. When you get the confidence that you can play at this level and can score and run routes and the sky’s the limit for you."  -Bert Reed on mentoring the new receivers

"It felt great. We were prepared. Coach (Mark) Stoops did a great job with the gameplan - simplifying the playbook, things like that. I think we did fantastic." -Vince Williams on getting the season opening win

"He's not a non-factor. It's just that he was banged up at the beginning of camp but thirty-eight will have a big role with this team before it's all through. He'll be back in the mix and playing. We have no inclination of being (holding him) down."  -Fisher on Jermaine Thomas

"I'm going to keep on saying it and keep on stressing why I really feel so confident is because of up front. With that pressure, man we're going to win championships. You couldn't ask for more. We want the shutouts and I don't care if we won 2-0 or 3-0. We want the shutouts. Because if they don't score, they don't win."  -Lamarcus Joyner

"We always take it personal. Coach Stoops always says, `Every yard is personal' whether it's the third backups or fourth backups. Our backups did a really good job keeping the shutout. We take a lot of pride in preventing every yard." -Bjoern Werner on preserving the shutout in the 4th quarter

"It's all a process. I think we're definitely where we want to be right now, but obviously we have a long way to go. Coach Fisher will be the first to tell you that. And we know that."  -EJ Manuel

"I feel like we proved to the world that we’ve been practicing hard all throughout camp but we still have a lot to work on. Teams see we have depth like that because you only have a limited amount of DBs and they get tired, so we try to keep them moving."  -Kenny Shaw

"Rashad's got some juice in him. He's got the ability to make you miss and do some things. I thought they all did a nice job. I really did." -Fisher on Rashad Greene

"He told me he was going to do it before he did it. He said 'I'm about to get out there on kickoff and the first person I see I'm going to knock him out.' And I'm like, 'Yeah man sure.' And then we're watching the kickoff and it's like POW."  -Vince Williams on his brother Karlos' huge hit on the 2 ULM blockers he destroyed on the kickoff

"Man wow! I mean it's unfair. It's unfair and we love to do it."  -Nigel Bradham on Karlos' big hit

"Oh man, I can tell you that kid is a mother. He's going to get plenty of those hits. He's going to make a lot of those hits."  -Bert Reed on Karlos' big hit

"We are working with him right now and as we see fit when he's ready to go. He is doing great and I think he's going to be a super player here."  -Jimbo Fisher on Kelvin Benjamin who did not dress out

"How you want to be treated you treat other people. Nobody ever wants to be disrespected. How do you give respect to somebody? By preparing and giving them your best. By giving them you're A game and not joking and clowning or doing anything in that respect. You have to bring your A game and you have to do it every week."

It’s about us. The thing about sports that we as coaches always emphasize and players don’t always believe it, and y’all don’t always believe it, and fans don’t always believe it, sports is more about you yourself and what you do than the other people. The other people affect it, but you have to control what you can control. It’s how you go about your business from day to day. Am I disciplined to stay the same way? Do I do the same things? Do I stay in the same routine? Can I mentally train myself to create habits to be able to perform under pressure?

I’m a firm believer in that athletics is not entertainment. It’s competition and competition, when it gets good it comes down to the word pressure. How you function under pressure is how you create going into that. It’s about yourself and how you perceive everything and how you go about your business from day-to-day that’s critical. That’s what this team has to understand. No matter who we’re playing or when we’re playing them. We control what happens to us. We determine what happens, and how we’re going to prepare."  -Jimbo Fisher

"I still left some things out there. I missed some throws that I hadn't missed in practice all week. We just got to get back to the drawing board this week and prepare for Charleston Southern. The main thing is to focus on these guys and not get too far ahead of ourselves. We obviously know the Oklahoma game is right after these guys, but you’ve got to get past this game in order to get to Oklahoma. So we’re going to carry ourselves like we always do. The same protocol. Coach Fisher is still going to coach us extremely hard, and we still have to go out there and execute. It’s not so much about what team we’re going to play or who we’re going to play. We think of it as taking care of ourselves and executing on our own part, and we’ll be fine."  -EJ Manuel

"I wish we would've had 83,000.  Why not? I mean those kids only get to play there seven times. I know some folks have a hard time getting here and everybody's got their own deal. But please come. We want to get 83,000 in there every week and make it one of the unique places in all of college football. You got to understand those seniors get to walk in that stadium seven times. Now, six more. Wouldn’t it be nice having that memory of walking in there every time and being full. Again control what I can control. We have to play well. I guess if we keep playing well we’ll get those seats filled up. I’d love to see them there for what it represents. For what it stands for. It would be nice for every kid to go in there and say, I sweat and I work and I do everything that I can do to be the best. To walk in there and know that it’s full every time and know that somebody respects what I do, understands what I do and has great honor for what we do.  We are in it together and it would be a great thing. Now, that’s out of our control, but thank you to those who came."  -Jimbo Fisher

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