'Noles News 01.11.12

FSU goes back to the basics, upsets Virginia Tech 63-59 - Tomahawk Nation
A much, much needed win.

The Fun In Funeral: 2011 College Football's Dark New Orleans Sendoff - SBNation.com
Spencer Hall attends a funeral in New Orleans, the only possible final resting place for the 2011 college football season.

WATCH THE THROWN - Every Day Should Be Saturday
Just read it, haha.

ESPN's 2012 College Football Pre-Season Top 25: Five Boston College Opponents Ranked In Top 25 - BC Interruption Alabama might lose 16 starters. That''s a ton.

A reminder: Today's post is brought to you by Kevin Willson. Please help out my cousin in his quest to have his commercial shown on the Super Bowl by voting! It's very funny. He's a young Christian filmmaker who devotes much of his time to filming missionary work all over the world. In the past years he has filmed missionary workers in very dangerous parts of Afghanistan and remote locations in China. Kevin also done documentary filmwork in South America highlighting groups who bring wheelchairs to some of the remote villages in the mountains of Peru. The Doritos Crash the Superbowl Contest goes along way in supporting his other filmmaking endeavors throughout the year! Thanks and spread the word and vote as often as you can! Remember, you can vote multiple times!

Big BCS change likely coming in wake of all SEC championship game - Andy Staples - SI.com
Conference commissioners met Tuesday in wake of controversial BCS title game / Existing deal runs through 2013 season, but we could hear new plan this summer / Current system won't survive; move to plus-one and away from AQ status is likely.

LSU The Clear Favorite For 2012?

Early 2012 ACC power rankings - ACC Blog - ESPN
FSU finished 2011 as the ACC's best team, and loses the least, so it makes sense the the 'Noles to start at the top.

College Football Top 25 For 2012: An Early Look Toward Next Fall - SBNation.com

5. Florida St. Seminoles. Today's freshmen are tomorrow's sophomores, and while FSU will still be young enough to take a couple of accidental steps backwards, it is impossible to ignore the number of intriguing players they will have: ends Brandon Jenkins and Bjoern Wener, quarterback E.J. Manuel, young receivers Rashad Greene, Kenny Shaw, etc., a deep (and still young) offensive line, corners Greg Reid and Xavier Rhodes, etc. The Seminoles become bigger, faster and deeper each year.

18. Clemson Tigers. Oh, that defense. Andre Ellington is returning alongside quarterback Tajh Boyd and receiver Sammy Watkins, so Clemson should absolutely be a top-25 team because of the offense alone, but to say the least, they have a lot to prove on the defensive side of the ball. ESPN's Matt Millen and Robert Smith both named the Tigers a top-five team for 2012, and ... yeah. Can't agree with that.

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