End of Season Recap

Florida State recently concluded their season with a come from behind win over Notre Dame. With that win, FSU improves to 9-4 on the season. After 2 seasons Jimbo Fisher is 19-8 in his short Head Coaching career.
This may be a little lengthy. But, I will be covering Recruiting from 2011, Preview of Positions for next season, opponents from 2011, player stats at each position, and much more.

********** I will be reviewing 2011 for the FSU football squad. *********



Florida State completed the 2011 recruiting class with a total of 29 signees and a #1 or #2 class depending on which system you look at:

Austin Barron-Center-Ft.Lauderdale,FL-from the widely known St. Thomas Aquinas HS. Started 2 games this year. My guess is that he'll backup Stork unless he can beat him out of the job at center. Barron played the ND game because Stork had a staff infection that almost caused him to have his finger amputated.

Terry Bell-DT- Lakeland,FL- Tenoroc HS- He never made it to Tallahassee. Didn't they greyshirt him to improve grades?

Kelvin Benjamin-WR-Belle Glade,FL-Glades Central HS- took a redshirt this year. I think he is up around 240 lbs. Warchant has him at 210 when he committed but on the roster at Warchant they have him listed at 242. Didn't have a good spring/summer practices. He won't start next season.

Eric Beverly-RB-Jacksonville,FL-First Coast HS- also took a redshirt. FSU sort of has a pipeline going to First Coast. I know we didn't get the WR that went to Alabama but still. Beverly tore his ACL his senior year in High School. He is a bit bigger than Devonta Freeman. Could get some reps next year. He will e a Redshirt Freshman. Two RB will be graduating (Thomas and Jones) and sadly, Chris Thompson may never play again. I do not think Beverly will start in the 2012 season.

Lamarcus Brutus-DB- Port St. Lucie,FL- Treasure Coast High- Brutus took a redshirt. Brutus commited to FSU and was firm with his commitment as he didn't play the recruiting game. He commited 14 months before the 2011 signing day. I doubt he will start next season.

Cornellius "Tank" Carradine- DE- El Dorado, KS- Butler Cnty CC- Tank came in as one of two JUCO players from this class. He was on second team with Dan Hicks playing the other end position with him. He played very well this season. Generated tons of pressure this year. If Brandon Jenkins leaves, expect Carradine to start.

Ruben Carter-OL- Miami,FL- Jackson HS- was the only OL redshirted from this class. We brought in a total of 8 lineman: 1 transfered, 1 was JUCO, the other 5 played as true freshman even though you didn't see all of them. I don't think he will start next year.

Jacob Coker-QB- Mobile,AL- St. Paul's HS- Ahhhhh, it's nice when you can steal a kid from Alabama/Auburn isn't it? Coker may beat out Trickett for the 2nd string spot for next season. I do think Secord will transfer after this season because of Coker leaping him on the depth chart. He may get some mop up duty time next year or could get the nod if E.J goes down. He sure has the size.

Jacob Fahrenkrug-OL-Wahpeton,ND- ND State College- I was really high on Fahrenkrug entering the season but as it went along I lost patience. Then, they moved him from center to LG and moved Stork to center. He played up to the ND game when Josue Matias beat him out of the job leading up to the game. He may have to battle the job out with Matias in the offseason.

Devonta Freeman-RB-Miami,FL,Miami Central HS- Freeman started out as a 2 star runningback but was eventually bumped up to 4 stars. In the state semi-finals and championship game he had over 300 yards in each contest. Not combined. But, 300+ in EACH game. That's incredible. He started after Chris Thompson went out with an injury. I expect him to be the starting RB when the Seminoles Offense take the field in 2012.

Rashad Greene-WR- Ft.Lauderdale,FL-St.Thomas Aquinas HS- 2nd recruit out of 3 from this class that is from St. Thomas Aquinas. Rashad had a solid season capped off by a Champs Sports Bowl MVP award. I am not sure if he will start next season. I think Rodney Smith will and the other is left to be claimed by Greene/Green/Shaw/and Haulstead if he can come back next season.

Bobby Hart-OL- Ft. Lauderdale,FL-St. Thomas Aquinas HS- last signee from St. Thomas Aquinas. Hart started many games this season when Datko went down with injury. He is young. 17 years old. He may start next year. Now that the LT is open. But, he may stay put at RT since he occupied that spot for most of this year.

Tyler Hunter-DB-Valdosta,GA-Lowndes HS- Another pipeline is flowing from Tallahassee to Valdosta. For several years. Most recent ones were Greg Reid, Telvin Smith, Gerald Demps, and now Tyler Hunter. He took a redshirt. I doubt he will start with Xavier Rhodes and Greg Reid coming back. But, may battle for a 2nd string spot now with the vacancy of Mike Harris. To me, Harris was the most consistent out of him, Rhodes, and Reid. From both years he was at FSU.

Tre Jackson-OL-Jesup,GA-Wayne County HS- Jackson did not reshirt. But in the last game of the year, he started due to an injury to Garrett Faircloth. Maybe the coaches didn't want to chance it with Spurlock knowing he has had 2 concussions or maybe Jackson beat him out in practice. Him and Faircloth will battle for the starting job next year.

Arrington Jenkins-LB-Miami,FL-Coral Park HS- Ohhhh, this will be fun. When I first saw his picture my first thought was no joke "He looks like a thug". 10 months later, he was arrested for stealing and damaging a motorcycle. Let's just say North Alabama will be getting a new player soon. But, who knows, without Terry Bowden there, North Alabama may have changed it's ways.

Timmy Jernigan-DT-Lake City, FL-Columbia High- He is a monster. He started some games this year over Amp McCloud who will be a senior next year. The whole D line is a monster. Jernigan and McCloud should be getting plenty of snaps next year.

Nile Lawrence-Stample-DT-Davie,FL- Nova HS- Stample took a RS in his first year in Tally. He definately has the size to play as he is 300 lbs. With no DT leaving I doubt he will start next year. He could battle it out with Cameron Erving or Amp McCloud next year for 2nd string. But I think he will be 3rd string.

Sterling Lovelady-OL- Navarre,FL-Navarre HS- Lovelady didn't redshirt. He appeared some on Special Teams. I do not think he will start next season.

Josue Matias-OL-Union City,NJ-Union City HS- Matias is huge. He beat Krug out of the starting LG spot for the ND game. I think he has a very good chance to start next year. He has tremendous size.

Derrick Mitchell-DL-Jacksonville,FL-First Coast HS- Another First Coast player in the program. I saw Mitchell in person during the 2010 season. His senior year. Let me tell you, he is a grown man. With so much depth and experience on the D line it's hard to imagine that he would start next season.

Giorgio Newberry-DL-Fort Pierce, FL- Fort Pierce Central HS- He chose DL over OL. Being 255lbs I think he will play DE. Even if Jenkins goes pro, I don't think he will start.

Nick O'Leary-TE-West Palm Beach,FL- Dwyer HS- From the popular Dwyer HS and Grandson of famous golfer Jack Nicklaus, Nick O'Leary had tons of hype coming out of high school. I don't know but if somehow Beau Reliford beat him out of the starting TE spot, I don't know why he isn't playing. I've heard he is a bad run blocker. If Kristo Courtzidis decides to become a Nole then he and O'Leary will battle for the starting TE job.

Trey Pettis-OL- Deland,FL-Deland HS- Pettis didn't take a redshirt is freshman year. He had little playing time. I doubt he will start next season. But being 6'5 310lbs, he has very good size.

Jordan Prestwood-OL-Plant City,FL- Plant City HS- Prestwood came into Tallahassee and his stay was cut short. Apparently, he was home sick and headed back down south. I think it was Trickett's coaching style. He probably got on him and he didn't like it. He'll regret that in a year or two.

Keelin Smith-DB-Port St. Lucie,FL-Treasure Coast High-Treasure Coast must have had a monster secondary in 2010. Keelin Smith and Lamarcus Brutus. I'm not sure if any of the others went somewhere. Smith redshirted in the 2011 season. He probably won't start next season. With 4 CB coming in and 1 Safety it will be a battle for the 2nd string CB slot for the 2012 season.

Terrance Smith-LB-Decatur,GA-Southwest Dekalb HS- Smith also took a redshirt. Smith is also small for a linebacker like Telvin Smith. By the way, we have too many Smith's. This makes 4. Telvin, Rodney, Keelin, and Terrance. Probably wont start next year.

Nick Waisome-CB-Groveland,FL-South Lake HS- Waisome played as a True Freshman and got playing time. Not much, but some. He appeared on Special Teams some and I saw him playing corner. Although the coaches opted to move L. Joyner to CB and bring in T. Brooks to S. Waisome probably won't start next season.

James Wilder Jr.-RB-Tampa,Florida-Plant High School- Wilder played as a True Freshman as well. He ran for a couple TD and was 3rd string I think when Thompson went down and 4th before the Wake game. Against ND he came in 2nd and got numerous touches. I don't think he is fast enough to run outside the tackles. That's more of a Freeman job. I don't see him starting next year. I see him getting playing time.

Karlos Williams-SS- Davenport,FL-Ridge High School- Williams played as a True Freshman. I wish they would use him more on kickoff returns. Williams runs hard and doesn't do the dancing aroung like Greg Reid does. I would hate to be the guy that has to tackle him. I see him and Terrance Brooks spliting the playing time at SS next year. But, I think Brooks will start.

  • 26 out of 29 made it through their first season in Tallahassee. Almost 90%

Player Stats and Review:

QB: E.J Manuel- E.J if you look back didn't too bad this year. His pocket presence was not very good and his ability to read the coverage was questionable in some games. He spent much of several games running around or laying on his back. He played in 12 games but missed half of the OU game, all of the Clemson, and half of the Wake Forest game. He completed over 65% of his passes for 2,666 yards. 18 TD and 8 INT added to that total.

Clint Trickett- Trickett appeared in garbage time, the second half of the OU game, the entire Clemson game, and the 1st half of the Wake Forest game. The only time he didn't do good was in the Wake game where an injured E.J Manuel took his place. In the Clemson game, Trickett did pretty good. The offense scored 30 points. But it was the D who lost that one. Too bad this game wasn't later in the year because this game would have been 30- 17 or less in favor of FSU.

RB: Chris Thompson- Thompson wasn't himself all year. Averaging less than 3 yards per carry. I think his back injury from the offseason was lingering over him. In the Wake Forest game he broke part of his vertebrae and likely won't play football again. Hopefully, coaches will let him be a student assistant like they did with Snider and Sanderson.

Devonta Freeman- Freeman stepped in the starting RB role after Thompson went down with injury. He averaged almost 5 yards per carry which is good. He had 8 TD and close to 600 yards.

Jermaine Thomas- Thomas had just over 4.5 yards per carry and close to 300 yards rushing on 61 attempts. After his freshman season when he was the ackup to Antone Smith I was really high on him. He graduates after a disappointing career.

James Wilder Jr.- Wilder had over 4.5 yards per carry and over 150 yards on 35 attempts. He should be the backup next year.

Lonnie Pryor- On 27 carries he rushed for 74 yards on 2 TD. I really wish we would use him more.

Ty Jones- Wow. Where did he go? He was leaped on the depth chart and had 71 yards rushing on 23 attempts and 1 TD.

Debrale Smiley- Could he transfer? He will be a senior next year and had 14 yards on only 6 carries. I hardly remember those carries. I know a bulk of those 6 were in the Charleston Southern game. I'm talking late in the game.


Rashad Greene- He led the team in receptions, yards, and TD. Greene had 38 catches for 596 yards and 7 TD's. Greene had a great year and being a True Freshman its even better. I think he will start.

Rodney Smith- Smith will be a senior next year. He had a decent season. Similar to Greene's. 36 catches for 561 yards and 4 TD. Smith is a tall 6'6 target. Which can be a huge mismatch when going up against a CB who is 6-10 inches shorter than him. For example, if it was Greg Reid covering him it would be a 10 inch height difference. 5'8 to 6'6. Compared to Xavier Rhodes who is 6'2.

Kenny Shaw- They say he is the best route runner on the team. He had 34 catches for 418 yards. He looked very good at some points in games. He was knocked unconsious in the OU game and didn't miss the Clemson game. In the Wake Forest game, a pass was deflected and came right down to Kenny Shaw around the 10 yard line. It hit him in the shoulder pads and fell innocently to the turf. FSU had to kick a FG. Imagine instead of 3 points we get 7 so that puts the game to 35-34. When we scored at the end, Hopkins would have kicked the PAT and it would have been a tie game. You can't say IF. There was no excuse in that game.

Bert Reed- I was hating on Bert Reed after it appeared like he alligator armed a wide open pass in the ND game. I then stopped when he caught a TD pass to help them win the game. Way to go out on a high note. He had 29 receptions fo 403 yards and 5 scores.

Christian Green- I see a lot of potential in him. He was a RS Frosh this year and caught 26 passes for 450 yards. Altough he didn't catch any TD passes I think he had a solid season.

Greg Dent- He only had 12 catches but he had almost 20 yds per catch. Dent had 236 yards in limited action. He is a True Sophmore this year.

Jared Haggins- He is also a True Sophmore. Haggins broke his hand in the OU game. I think it was on that sweet diving catch over the middle that did it. He had 11 catches for 94 yds.

Nick O'Leary- O'Leary had 12 catches for 194 yards. I think we will use him much more. They didn't use him like they said they would. Heard and saw during the season that his run blocking was not very good.


Dustin Hopkins- Hopkins is now 0-2 in do or die field goals. Unless you count the Clemson game last year where if he missed thekick the game would have went into OT. Dustin kicked 44 PAT and 22 FG.

Shawn Powell- Powell punted 57 times for an AVG of 47 yards per punt. He had almost 2700 yards. Wish him luck at the next level.


Points for: 398 Opp points: 198

  • That is the 3rd least points given up in the country( Behind Alabama and LSU)
  • The D is not far behind them

The Offense ran 820 plays. Just short of 4800 yards. They had 4799. We did one knee too many. Ha. An AVG of 369 yards per game and 5.9 per play.

  • There was 103 penalties commited this year. Some were costly. Some were questionable. Seems like every time we had something going they would throw a flag. If those AWESOME ACC refs couldn't think of anything it seemed like they would say Holding 77. Sorry Zebrie.
  • Those totaled for 875 yards
  • Each game the Offense held the ball for an AVG of 29 min and 51 sec


Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks- Both sides looked very good. Even though they play in the Sun Belt it was an overall dominant win. 34-0.

Charleston Southern Buccaneers- Final score was 62-10. The lone TD was a INT return close to the Bucs endzone. Everyone got work in this game but probably everyone was looking forward one week.

Oklahoma Sooners- Tallahassee was electric on September 17. The Sooners were in town as was college gameday. By the hour, it was getting more electrifying. By gametime, the crowd was deafening. Has Doak ever been louder when Rashad Greene was racing down the sideline to make the score 13-13? OU did what good teams do and that was answer. Final score was 23-13. But, things were looking up in Tallahassee.

Clemson Tigers- Pass.

Ok. E.J missed this game due to a sprained AC joint in his left(non throwing) shoulder. It was close the whole game. It was started with a long pass from Trickett to Rodney Smith. Jacobbi McDaniel had an unfortunate roughing the passer that was EXTREMELY questionable. That was 3rd and long that made it an automatic 1st down. They eventually scored on the play. Whenever Trickett is in there the Offense is very 1 dimensional. Not much mobility there and with the Oline that we had. Woah.

Wake Forest Deamon Deacons- Double Pass.

Trickett started this game also but was replaced the drive before halftime with an injured E.J Manuel. E.J drove the Seminoles down the field to make it a halftime score of Wake 16 FSU 14. I was feeling good. Final score was 35-30 in favor of Wake Forest. I explained a possible outlet to victory up above on Kenny Shaw's stat paragraph.

Duke Blue Devils- This is football by the way. So yes, we won. Even though the great ACC analyst Heather Dinich, predicted a Duke win. What an insult. Fire Dinich. Who's with me? Final score 41-16. E.J started this game while attempting to recover from the brutal OU game. This wasn't a nationally/regionally televised game.

Maryland Terrapins- What were they thinking with these new uniforms? They wore white helmets with a turtle shell on them. The score of this game was also 41-16. They scored a TD late off of a big kickoff return that almost went the distance.

North Carolina State Wolfpack- Again, another total domination. Final score 34-0. Same as La-Monroe. After this game the team improved to 5-3. I remember there was a stretch from Duke to BC when I wasn't happy with the offensive showing in the 3rd quarter. This was the D's 2nd and last shutout of the year.

Boston College Eagles- Ahhhhhhh, a Thursday night primetime game. What's better? Anything. They finished 4-8 on the year but I hate Thursday night games. Final score FSU 38 BC 7. Record: 6-3. They scored late in the game with the 2nd string in the game. But, it had been decided for quite some time.

Miami Hurricanes- It was a November afternoon game in the Doak. After a touchback from Dustin Hopkins, Mike Harris forced a fumble on the first play. Lamarcus Joyner who is one of the best overall players to me on the team, in my opinion, returned the fumble for a TD. The great ACC refs reviewed it and after over 4 minutes of discussing what seemed to be an obvious call, they reversed it. Take off the 7 points. Fastforward to the end of the game. The score was FSU 23 Miami 13. It seemed in hand but Jacory Harris drove downfield and around the 20 yard line he threw a pass over the middle to a WR who Nigel Bradham absolutely crushed. The ball popped out a Everett Dawkins caught the pass. INT. But, thanks to the _________ ACC refs, a flag came flying out. Personal Foul blah blah blah #13 on the Defense. He is ejected from the ball game. The referee said Nigel "launched" himself at the player. They got moved up and eventually scored but didn't get the 2 pt. conversion. The score remained the same. FSU 23 UM 19. Final score should have been FSU 30 Miami 13. But a win is a win and against Miami I'll take it. Remember what happened in 08 @Miami.

Virginia Cavaliers- It was senior night. We were closing the Doak out in style. Night game. It was my birthday. Nov 19. I was pumped up. We were a 4 TD favorite. Yet after each offensive possesion I was getting frustrated. We couldn't score. But, I felt as if we had the game in the palm of our hand as we closed in on the 5-7 minute mark. They scored late, we drove down the field. Time ran out D-Hop ran out to kick the GW field goal. An offsides made it 42 yards. I felt confident that he would make it. When it left his foot I was certain it was going in. It looked straight but as it neared the goal post it was starting to hook. When it hit the net, it was wide left. Game over. UVA 14 FSU 13.

Florida Gators- Last road game in The Swamp. It was clear they wouldn't score so I think that was some of the reason you saw a basic offense time in and time out. The D was dominant even though you weren't facing a "premier" QB in the game. They still had not one but two very fast RB on the field. But the D shut them down. Florida had 11 total rushing yards I think. Some of them were Brantley/Brissett being sacked. It should have been a shutout for the D. A well deserved one at that. But, Jermaine Thomas decided he wouldn't let that happen. Final score FSU 21 UF 7 Record 8-4.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish- We were favored by 3 points and they were pretty accurate. I predicted a 20-14 FSU win. I was so close. I was greedy(I guess you could call it and I was actually hoping for a safety at the end of the game and we almost got it. Andrew Hendrix escaped Tank Carradine narrowly. It was another poor Offensive showing, For the 1st 3 quarters anyways. Then E.J hit Bert Reed to make it a 14-9 game.(2 pt conversion failed) We got the ball back then he drove down again and hit Rashad Greene to make it 15-14(2 pt conversion failed) Dustin Hopkins later kicked a field goal. Late in the game, Shawn Powell punted and it went out to the 43. Suprising. There was a personal foul that drove the the Qbball to the 28. I wasn't feeling good. Terrence Brooks came through for us and picked off a pass to seal the game. Not to mention the pass that he intercepted was caught in the endzone. I actually think he will start. It will be between him and LOS.

Preview of Projected Starting Players for the 2012 season:

QB: E.J Manuel

  • Manuel is in line to start his senior year
  • I think there will be more of a battle for the backup spot
  • Jacob Coker and Clint Trickett will be battling for that job
  • I would imagine Will Secord will transfer especially if Coker leaps on the Depth Chart
  • No one graduates
  • Sean Maguire and Jameis Winston is the 2 QB's in the 2012 class

RB: Devonta Freeman

  • I doubt there will be any change here
  • If someone beats him out the only ones there to take is place are James Wilder Jr, Eric Beverly, and that's pretty much it.
  • We not deep at the Running Back position like we are the Defensive Line
  • The only RB coming in the 2012 class is Mario Pender
  • Pender is going to Early Enroll
  • Jermaine Thomas and Ty Jones graduate

FB: Lonnie Pryor

  • Lonnie will be a senior
  • He has NFL size to be a RB
  • Chad Abram should be the backup
  • You might see Debrale Smiley transfer
  • due to lack of playing time possibly?

WR: Rodney Smith and Rashad Greene

  • Smith will be a senior and Greene will be a Sophmore
  • Neither were redshirted
  • Hopefully Haulstead will be able to return. But, lets hope he didn't turn out like Spurlock did. Spurlock was NEVER the same player as he is now compared to before the concussion
  • Haulstead missed the entire season due to concussion
  • I think Christian Green and Kenny Shaw will be the 2nd string
  • IF Willie haulstead can come ack I think he can see some playing time
  • Greg Dent and Jared Haggins will have some catches here and there
  • Bert Reed is the only one that graduates
  • No WR are committed but the FSU staff are looking at some.

TE: Nick O'Leary

  • O'Leary will be a sophmore
  • I expect him to start as he is the only TE on the depth chart as of now
  • Ja'Baris Little and Beau Reliford graduate
  • Thank God
  • Christo Kourtzidis is the only TE so far in this class

OT: Josue Matias and Bobby Hart

  • Zebrie Sanders graduates
  • Matias can play both OG and OT
  • Dan Foose could be in the mix too
  • The only OL in this class is Daniel Glauser
  • Hart will need to get stronger

OG: Tre' Jackson and Garrett Faircloth

  • Fahrenkrug lost his job before the bowl game to a True Freshman
  • I don't think he will get the job back
  • Jimbo did say that Tre Jackson was going to be a very good
  • a very good lineman before he left here Krug could battle with Faircloth for one of the jobs. He may take his job back.

C: Bryan Stork

  • Stork should have 2 more good years in Tallahassee
  • Austin Barron will be the backup
  • Stork missed the bowl game with a staff infection
  • No Centers are commited
  • No one graduates

DE: Brandon Jenkins and Bjoern Werner

  • Jenkins decides to return for his senior year
  • This could be Werner's last year
  • Backing them up will be Tank Carradine and Dan Hicks. Toshmon Stevens could play in garbage time
  • But, if the big 3 all comes to Tallahassee you may not see much of Hicks and Stevens. If Edwards, Fowler, Casher all come I think you can call the DE spot looooooooooaddddddeeeedd.
  • But, you can't ignore the fact that one of them might not pan out.
  • No one leaves or graduates

DT: Everett Dawkins and Timmy Jernigan

  • Everett will be a senior and Timmy a Sophmore
  • You will see lots of snaps from Amp McCloud as well
  • Cameron Erving will be a Sophmore RS
  • He will see the field plenty
  • You have guys at the bottom like Demonte McAllister and Darious Cummings who will play in garbage time
  • No one graduates
  • Dalvon Stuckey and Justin Shanks are the 2 DT commited.
  • I don't think Stuckey will qualify. He lives in my hometown.
  • Walton High went 0-10 this season. I know its embarrassing
  • He showed no effort in the games.
  • We pulled Justin Shanks out of Alabama. He goes to Prattville.
  • He is the teammate of 2013 recruit Austin Golson.

LB: Vince Williams(MLB),Christian Jones, and I think Jeff Luc

  • It will be tough replacing Nigel Bradham.
  • Williams will be a senior, Jones a Junior, and Luc would be a Junior
  • Only Bradham graduates
  • Christian Jones is a monster and we have him for at least 1 more year. He is 240 lbs covering slot receivers. Mwahahahahahaha
  • Telvin Smith will see lots of playing in his junior year at FSU. Yes, he is small. But, he is quick. He is one of the main coverage guys on the kickoffs
  • Ukeme "Markuss" Eligwe is the only LB in this class

CB: Xavier Rhodes and Greg Reid

  • Both chose to spend another year in Tallahassee
  • Reid is a senior and Rhodes is a RS junior(as of next season)
  • Only Mike Harris graduates. Avis Commack decided he needed new ***FREE*** electronics that costed him greatly.
  • P.J Williams is the only CB in this class.
  • Nigel Terrel will also be in the mix for playing time
  • Terrence Smith could get some PT as well

SS: This is a toss-up. It's down to Karlos Williams and Terrance Brooks. But thats why there is spring, summer, and fall practice/camp to figure that out.

  • Nick Moody will be a senior
  • Terrance Parks is graduating
  • No safeties are commited yet

FS: LaMarcus Joyner

  • This one is pretty obvious
  • He is arguably the best defensive player on the team.
  • He may be small but when he hits you, you know it. Just ask Michael Floyd.
  • If Karlos Williams gets the nod at Strong Safety. Terrence Brooks will probably be the backup at Free Safety. Nick Moody will play Strong Safety.

Kicker: Dustin Hopkins

  • He will be closing his senior year in Tallahassee
  • Roberto Aguayo will be his backup/successor

Punter: Cason Beatty

  • He is the only Punter on the roster
  • The mighty Shawn Powell graduates

Graduating Players:

Jermaine Thomas RB

Ty Jones RB

Bert Reed WR (minor weep)

Mike Harris CB (weep)

Terrance Parks SS

Timothy Orange WR (walk-on)

Andrew Knowles QB (walk-on)

Nigel Bradham LB (weep)

Brandon Simmons FB (walk-on)

Chad Colley S

Shawn Powell P

Andrew Datko OT(weep)

Zebrie Sanders OT (weep)

David Spurlock OG (weep last year)

Ja'Baris Little TE (cheers)

Beau Reliford (ditto)

Looking Back: Yes, this year was disappointing when you look at the expectations. 9-4. Predicted 12-2 by ESPN. Next season we may not start quite as high but, we will have once again high expectations. We just have to live up to them. In 2012, the sky is the limit for Tallahassee. #MiamiBound

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