'Noles News 01.16.12

The big news of the weekend was, of course, FSU's 90-57 drubbing of North Carolina on the hardwood. Wow was that something.

In other news, the recruits were in town over the weekend. I was told that the kids had a good time, FSU feels confident Mario Edwards will not stray (though, with a visit to LSU looming and the Texas Longhorns just a short drive away, it's impossible to be completely sure), and oh, Auburn WR commitment Ricardo Louis was also in town. Auburn still doesn't have an offensive coordinator and I wouldn't be shocked to see a flip here.

Bill and Brian's final F/+ rating is out. On the year, the 'Noles had the 32nd best offense, 6th best defense and 2nd best special teams. 8th overall. Damn you, bounces, injuries, and ridiculous calls. Still, the 2011 team > the 2010 team, record aside. It's interesting to me that the 2011 offense ranked better than the 2010 defense. Yet I hear a lot more griping about the 2011 offense than I did about the 2010 defense. Probably because people are still foolishly using stuff like total defense and points to evaluate. The 2010 'Noles were blown out twice (Oklahoma 44-7 before garbage time, and Virginia Tech 44-26 before garbage time). The 2011 'Noles were not blown out. At all. That's actually a very important sign of a good team. Interestingly, Bill says 2011 Florida State is the third-best team in the last seven seasons not to have won at least 70 percent of its games.

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Friday Mailbag: Mettenberger's Maserati - CBSSports.com

From @rbode17 Which of Florida's big 3 will have the best 2012 season?

I'll go with FSU. They finished 2011 with the most momentum, have the QB who is furthest along (E.J. Manuel) and have the best defense. They also have the most stability of the staffs among the Big Three.

Recurring Offseason Themes: Portrait of the BCS in winter | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

Post Season Press Conference: STS is the Devils Playground - Shakin The Southland
Quite funny here

Sooners coach at top of list for Clemson coordinator | The Post and Courier, Charleston SC - News, Sports, Entertainment
Brent Venables of Oklahoma tops the list.

THE CURIOUS INDEX, 1/16/2012 - Every Day Should Be Saturday

First Look at Maryland-Florida State: Terps Travel to Tallahassee to Face Confident Noles - Testudo Times
Previewing Maryland's trip to Florida State, which is playing its best basketball of the season after an epic blowout of UNC.

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