'Noles News 01.19.12

Mark Stoops finally signed his contract. $575K ($205K base, $370K additional compensation). That's good news.

Oh, and Clemson hired Oklahoma Brent Venables to be its DC. Shakin will hate the move. I don't think they could have done much better. Their reaction piece is guaranteed to be quite funny.

Feldman's pre-season top ten:

10. FSU: After the underwhelming season the Noles had following all of the hype they had entering 2011, I swore I wouldn't give in and allow myself to rank them in the top 10, so I had them at 11. Yet, here they are. This is something we in the media need to realize: The Noles are your preseason dirty addiction. They are that ex-girlfriend who still can put it together and show up at the other side of the bar and catch your eye. And then you give in, and not long after you feel foolish for it. Anyhow. Jimbo Fisher should have a nasty defense, led by a ferocious D-line. The O-line will be better with much-needed experience. Same for QB E.J. Manuel and a young group of receivers. They do have to go to Va. Tech this year and get WVU at home. Just Missed the Cut: Michigan, South Carolina, Ohio State, K-State, Michigan State.

2012 College Football Do's And Don't's, The Premature Edition - SBNation.com

Do: Expect Florida State to improve from a cursed 2012. Every year someone's roster suffers an injury curse like something out of the Old Testament, and this year's smiting victim was the Florida State roster. The offensive line in particular suffered from injury, inexperience, and youth, and it showed as they sank to 77th in total offense. Don't ever watch their game against Florida. It is best forgotten, and buried so that sports archaeologists of the future can study it once the radiation and toxicity of the images themselves die down a little bit.

Don't: Put them in your top five just yet, unless you enjoy putting your hand in the same bear trap again, and again, and again, and then possibly again just for the hell of it. Jimbo Fisher has thus far followed the profile of a well-heeled but underachieving heir to the Bowden throne, losing three games in conference in each of his first two seasons. Florida State has to have one dominant turn through the conference before any national ambitions can come to fruition, and that is before you even look to their formidable out-of-conference games with West Virginia, USF, and traditional rival Florida. Their eventual landing spot in the polls is as much about schedule as it is anything else, and it starts with mastering the ACC before all else.

2012 ACC Football Schedule Taking Shape, Will Likely Not Include Syracuse, Pittsburgh - BC Interruption
The 2012 ACC football schedule is taking shape, though it's unlikely to include either Syracuse or Pittsburgh. Also, the date of the Miami-USF game could disrupt the ACC conference schedule when it comes out in early February.

Chase Rettig Tweets Out Hints About Next Year's Offense? - BC Interruption
Chase Rettig Leaks Out Hints About Next Year's Offense? I am skeptical here.

Video: Coastal clash on Labor Day? - ACC Blog - ESPN
Heather Dinich says a VT-GT matchup on Labor Day would be great for the league and its fans. Advantage VT, as they'd get all camp to rep the option.

Recurring Offseason Themes: Year of the Tiger, take two | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports LSU will be loaded.

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