'Noles News 01.26.12

Here's another jam-packed edition of 'Noles News.

FSU Podcast (With a Recruiting Focus) | Chuck Oliver.Net

Ingram Smith and Bud Elliott take a final preview of Florida State's 2012 recruiting class. Subjects discussed includes who FSU could close with, rather or not they will maintain their current commits, and why FSU had such troubles recruiting offensive lineman this year.

As you can imagine Bud and I are extremely busy this time of year. This podcast was recorded on 1/25 at 7 a.m. EST, hours before the news of FSU garnering the commitment of OL Watson and that WR Ricardo Louis will reopen his recruiting process became public. We apologize for the delay but anytime you deal with a file this large there will be lag time between recording, editing, and having it posted on a site.

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Adam Duckett hoping for offer during Florida State visit : Adam Duckett hoping for offer during Florida State visit - Orlando Sentinel

"It’s beginning to look that way," Duckett said Wednesday when asked if he thought FSU would make him a scholarship offer during his upcoming visit. "I feel real good about it."

The buyer has seen the goods. Florida State offensive line coach Rick Trickett appears to like what he sees. But he’s still a little unsure. He needs to get up in the attic, check the wiring, see if there are any pipes leaking.

If coach Trickett and FSU are going to buy into this super-hero like teenager, they want to make sure everything is in sound, working order. They want to get him on campus and make a final evaluation.

"I’ll probably end up double signing on Wednesday just to make sure in case something falls through," Duckett said.

Here's what I wrote about Duckett on Monday:

Florida State is bringing in Adam Duckett for a visit this weekend, per J.C. Shurburtt of the 247 Network. Who? He's a 6'8", 340 pound offensive lineman out of Orlando East River. As a junior, he was out of shape and scored a 13 on the ACT (ouch!). As a senior, he apparently worked hard, lost 25 pounds, and says he has an ACT score of 20. None of the recruiting services are going to bother rating a kid with an ACT score of 13. Will the NCAA flag this test score? Is the score legit? How are his grades? I don't know. But this senior film is promising. I think at the very least, a sign-and-place could happen here. A 6'8", 340-pound 18-year old is just getting used to his body. There are definitely some tools here, and you have to like his energy. Many time guys this big play soft. He doesn't. I am not saying he is a superstar, and he definitely needs a lot of polish. But if he hadn't 13'd the ACT as a junior, this would be a kid with multiple BCS offers.

I think FSU will take Duckett, and if he doesn't get in, I expect that they will make sure the JUCO is the right fit. They definitely have the luxury of developing him, as they already have nine underclassmen. Slow is good here.

Florida State Recruiting: FSU Enters The Fray For Harvey-Clemons - SBNation.com
There's a new contender for the signature of linebacker Josh Harvey-Clemons, as Florida State has put itself squarely in the discussion for his commitment.

Virginia Tech to open the season against Georgia Tech on Labor Day | The Key Play This gives me a good opportunity to promote my spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ap8jQ_wvTm93dEpkNjUyZERGenIta0oxWDJJdnNjaFE&hl=en_US#gid=0

On Clemson's S&C Program And Our Problems with Batson - Shakin The Southland

New ACC Football Divisions Could be Decided Next Week - Gobbler Country
The Hokies will find out their new Coastal division rival as early as next week.

Committed to football | The Post and Courier, Charleston SC - News, Sports, Entertainment
Don't think they are going away any time soon.

Ryan Brodie latest for impressive Rutgers class - CBSSports.com this is a kid that Miami wanted.

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