Florida State Football Press Conference 10.01.12

Jimbo Fisher and EJ Manuel will discuss the top storylines from the South Florida game and the upcoming game against N.C. State.

Florida State head football coach Jimbo Fisher will discuss the happenings going on in FSU's program since the team's 30-17 win over the USF Bulls. FSU played well, but not terrific, and Fisher didn't speak to the media for very long afterwards. We'll see what he has to say now after watching the film.

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He'll also discuss the upcoming game Saturday night at 8 p.m. on ESPN2 at the N.C. State Wolfpack in Raleigh.

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  • Florida State will host Boston College next Saturday at 5:30 on ESPN2.
  • Despite him winning the ACC player of the week for defensive line, Fisher was not elated with Tank Carradine, noting that he had a lot of small errors in the game and has to adjust to being a full-time starter.
  • The quarterbacks will whisper in this week's practice to help the team focus on detail and communication in anticipation for the crowd noise Saturday.
  • Lots of praise was given to N.C. State, as is the standard practice with all opponents.
  • Reserve (3rd/4th-string) DT Derrick Mitchell's back surgery was a success and Fisher said that he is progressing well. Still going to miss 2012, however, I imagine.
  • The team came out of the USF game healthy, which was the No. 2 goal (winning is No. 1, obviously).
  • Fisher was pleased with the reserve defensive ends and noted that it will be important to have them play more as the season goes on. Mario Edwards Jr. is under 290 pounds now, and Giorgio Newberry played well, per Fisher.
  • Fisher noted many of the things we said last night here about N.C. State.
  • Fisher said the oline had some technical issues that need to improve/get cleaned up. That's not unexpected given their inexperience. The offensive tackles were a hair late off the ball in pass pro when using the silent count.
  • The blocked punt was a missed assignment . "Have to step over and block him"
  • Seemed higher on the reserve defensive tackles McAllister and Jernigan than the starters. Said McAllister has grown up, has been in the system, and made reference to him not pouting if things don't go his way (like, perhaps happened in previous years).
  • Fisher is proud of EJ Manuel's improved footwork.
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