How solid were TN's staff & fan predictions in light of the NC State game?

I love preseason stuff as much as the next guy. Seems to me, however, rarely are people’s preseason comments reviewed for accuracy. So…see below for a chance to do just that. And I am specifically complimenting sadly prescient comments about NCState DKfromVA, RaysNNoles, Kyle Griffis, Nattylite, Pbysh, and pointing out Scott Crumbly & NTAT mentioned a win at NC State was likely.

Also, see here to find out who among the FSU fandom here at TN was right about the NCState game. I'm definitely more conservative about my predictions, but won’t say I predicted it at all. I can’t help but think the several 0 share predictions for this game were changed post-loss, as I don’t know if the google doc have been locked, and can't see how anyone picked NC State as a 100% winner against FSU, but there you are.

Staff Preview & Predictions (abridged)

SWFL Nole: If the injury luck isn't terrible this team should get to 10 regular season wins, and I believe that 11-1 is more likely than 9-3. They should win their division and be favored in the ACC Championship Game.

Ricobert1: I have the Noles with 10.25 wins. I have FSU favored in every regular season game. So I expect FSU to win in all of the games, but will not be surprised to see FSU lose against VT (65% win chance) or UF/Clemson (70%). I just don't think it's likely.

Nattylite: Give me 11-1 on the season with an ACCCG win and a BCS berth and I will be extremely happy. The eternal optimist in me wanted to type 12-0 but the running track record tells me we will lose at least one to a team we shouldn't lose to. Until proven otherwise, I have to make that exception a standing prediction. I think the loss comes out of a pool of 3: Virginia Tech, NC State, USF in that order. Clemson, while explosive at the skill positions just doesn't have the horses in the trenches this year.

Pbysh: Short and sweet: I think we are going to finish 10-2, losing to VT and one of Clemson/NC State/USF.

Eric Fisher: Barring another catastrophic year for the o-line, I think this is a 10-2 or 11-1 ACC championship team.

DKN: I had win shares slightly better than 9-3 last year and went with 10-2 and ACCCG appearance against VT...Going with the same prediction this year, assuming somewhat neutral in-game and season luck (injuries, bounce of the ball, officiating, etc.) and I think we have a better chance at 11-1 than 8-4 this year. This is the year we were all pointing to after Fisher took over and it should be "the year".

Scott Crumbly: With a stacked defense, what should be an improved offensive line and a very manageable schedule, I really want to predict a 12-0 regular season for FSU in 2012. I can't bring myself to do it though. Games at NC State and USF have been points of concern for some, but I don't think that the Wolfpack have the horses to hang with FSU for 60 minutes and the memory of a 2009 loss to the Bulls should be enough to avoid a trap in Tampa.

DKfromVA: I am a worrier by nature, and this translates entirely to my fanhood of FSU football. I worry about depth at running back and linebacker. I worry about the greenest of green offensive tackles. I worry about the Clemson-NCST stretch, the VT Thursday nighter, and the Florida game. The list only multiplies exponentially as the season begins…I'm not afraid to say that I like this team a lot. I will lean towards 11-1, with 10-2 more likely than 12-0, though the undefeated season is certainly not out of the question for 2012.

Michael Rogner: I'm going 12-0. I went 12-0 last year, and I'm going to go 12-0 next year, and one of these years I'm going to be right. And when I'm right I'm going to rub it in your face, but you won't care because we'll be 12-0.

Fsued: I am a pesssimist. My "don't want to look like a stupid homer" prediction is 11-1. My gut tells me Virginia Tech is the only game we can lose and it's a coinflip. We're due to win a coinflip. So, 12-0 regular season -- then two more coinflips.

Matthew Minnick: … For whatever reason, I just am not sold on the offensive line, or the offense in general…You put a gun to my head and make me choose a record right now, I go 9-3. Loss to VT, loss to either USF or UF, and another loss in there that we have no business losing at all. That said, (primarily due to how easy the schedule is) 8-4 would surprise me a lot more than 10-2.

FSU44: Last season, I went with my proportionate win share projection of 9 regular season wins, with the caveat that if the team made it out of September unscathed, there was no limit on what they could accomplish….I like Florida State to win 11 games this season, and I think 12-0 is equally as likely as 10-2. Anything less than 10 regular season wins, given the depth this team possesses, should be considered an absolute failure.

NTAT: Short and sweet: we lose one close game during the regular season (@ VT) and win several more close games against Clemson, NC St, UF, and maybe even Miami (rivalry game, who knows), building character and propelling FSU to a victory in the rematch vs VT in the ACC CG.

RaysNNoles: …I see 11 wins on the Seminoles regular season schedule, losses to teams like WF and USF are completely unacceptable in my opinion, a loss versus VT, NCST or Florida would seem more acceptable and still leave the door open for a possible national title bid.

OBR: Florida State has the defense to be a championship team but I don't think the offense will be there. You don't fix the level of poor play in the trenches in one season that FSU had in 2011. …I'll predict 10-2 regular season and 11-3 overall.

FrankDNole: There is no reason, excluding complete team decimation due to injury (odds are against 2 years in a row), for this team not to finish the season undefeated, beat VT or GT in the ACCCG, and play for all the marbles on January 7th on our South Florida home field. There will be some close games with Clemson, UF, and even UM (yes, the UM located down south). All of these games will be won in the 4th quarter due to our advantage in depth and talent, and I would not be surprised if one of them comes down to a final FG kick by Hopkins…there will be no Wake moments this year.

MattDNole: I have a 9.53 win share prediction so I'll go with 9-3, because I'm a pessimistic son of a gun. Yet I do think we make the ACC championship game and win it. We won't play in a BCS bowl however because the Mayans are better prognosticators than any of us and the world will end on December 21, 2012.

NolesBlogger: I also see the same things as Frank and have a strong belief that 12-0 is well within reach. However, I'm not actually bold enough to predict it. I see one loss somewhere along the road to a team that we all expect to beat. I think we'll get wins against Clemson, VT, Miami, or Florida. Over his two seasons as head coach, Jimbo has shown that he has the team ready to go for big games. Instead, it will be a loss to a team that leaves us all frustrated and wondering what could have been.

FSUvaFan: Optimist turned pessimist by the lost decade and games like last year against Wake Forest, my win shares predict 9.53. Last year at this time I was predicting 9-3 so with a fresh year upon us, and a better defense, I'll stick my neck out enough to go 10-2. Thats based on the hope we get lucky with less injuries and Jimbo figures out a a way to mold the play calling and personnel to EJ's strengths (perhaps even his motivation tactics). The questions with the offensive line, running back, and loss of Shawn Powell keep me from predicting a 11-1 finish.

Kyle Griffis: I can't bring myself to predict 12-0. I think anything less than 11 wins is a disappointment with this schedule and this defense. I'll go with 11-1 and Atlantic Division champs, a slip up either occurring at VT or one of those "slip-up" Wake-UVa games from last year where the boys aren't as up for it, maybe an NCSU.

Adam Tolliver: My expectations of this team are high. Given the unlikelihood of suffering the same types of injuries as last season, the favorable schedule and what I firmly believe will be a competent offensive line at worst, I have the Seminoles at 11 wins this season. 10-2 being more likely than 12-0. I do not expect trap games or surprises to be an issue for FSU this season.

The K-Man: …Folks want to continually ask when will FSU be "back"? I don't know where back is. But I know where "here" is. And it's 12 wins with zero losses. I peeked into Jimbo's pre-race stall and he's pissing a powerful stream of golden excellence. Giddy up.

TRM Noles: Bare minimum expectation for the 2012 'Noles has to be 12-2 with an ACC Championship, an Orange Bowl win, and a third straight win over rival Florida. That's what I'll predict with the most likely losses coming at Virginia Tech and at N.C. State.

EvenFlow58: I'll go with 11-1 like most everybody else. Sure FSU's offensive line is questionable at this point in the season but the only teams with elite level defensive lines are VaTech and UF and they have their own offensive line problems.

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