Following a day of a upset.



And what started was this feeling of hopelessness, the Atlanta Braves and Chipper Jones got dealt a heart-breaker. A game most fans would say they may only see once in a lifetime. A game plagued by bad calls and a fight to the death that ended so sadly. At the end was hopelessness. How could the storytelling end to a beautiful career and the team that you come to love because of the never give up attitude just abruptly end so ugly.

It may hurt but you never give up hope that you still have the team you grew up seeing win over and over and though you know tomorrow may feel not so good anymore, the game you had circled on the schedule as the game that would make or break a season just about to dawn. Could that feeling be true? Florida State will lose tomorrow to NC State...Only way to find out is make the trip.

So onward we go, breaking free of the jail you call Camp Lejeune...the 2 hour trip couldn't feel any longer. But for many I met that drove from Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington D.C. I should feel comfortable. As you pull close to the stadium there was a quaint gas station full of noles, time to get some beer. And you find to recognize faces as you see the Fabio Seminole who so love to travel and many other noles who are striking this land ours by raising flags and sparking up grills.

What looked like a huge trip for the noles at one point seeing 15% noles turnout at least. You could only get this feeling not today. So we must admire these noles to come into enemy territory to cheer on their beloved national championship team. IT couldn't have been any beautiful of a day then today. After talking to many wolfpack fans it was quite clear, I just hope it isn't a blowout, i just hope we have a lot of luck.

Luck was sure on their side.

As the game begins its loud, its crazy. But after visiting many games, it wasn't where you couldn't hear. It was pretty quiet until the 4th quarter. The only crazy things that we all noticed in the crowd was the obvious NC State commercials on the jumbo tron. What is it with the raleigh-durham area colleges and their pure stupid goofiness during football games that just makes you want to cringe. Or the constant wolf crowl that you have grown to hate especially with all the games we lose there.

We all know the story of what happened, we all know how it turned out. But what we do not know is how the season will end. SO do we punish our team by talking about not going to anymore games? SO do we cry like lil babys and look like a bunch of baby turds floating around ready to be flushed down the toilet. OR do we stand up and support our team no matter what. Because truely that's all we can do to make this team better. If we don't we play into our enemy's hands and tear whatever lil hope is left at this season.

I completely understand we all need to vent. Our frustrations full of hatred. Oh how we could do better. Instead of falling down we need to unite. Believe in process because by not doing such would become a cancer. All I ask is that all of you would shut up already. Get together and lets move on. We will get the last laugh, so Unite fellow Noles. Stand up and say we aren't miami, we aren't a joke. And WE as fans will respond. You can. I trust Jimbo. I trust FSU.

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