Florida State football quotes: Jimbo on Duke

Jimbo Fisher spoke with the media after Duke.

Opening Statement:

"I was very proud of our guys. I was proud with the way we came out of the gate. We played very well early in the game – offense, defense and special teams. We established a tempo in the game, very much through the first two drives in the second half. We came out the first two drives, scored bang-bang – offensively, defensively and special teams did a great job. Then we had a little lapse. We put a punt on the ground – took our eyes off of it trying to make too much of a play. EJ (Manuel) had a fumble on a loose ball. It was a shame that Rodney (Smith) had one on a big play down the field, waving the ball. We come out and do ball security every day at the beginning of practice. We’re going to fix that, I can’t tolerate that and Devonta (Freeman) put one on the ground. I couldn’t see what happened on his. But that was disappointing, but I was very proud of our team. Offense we were able to run the ball, thrown the ball, protect it pretty well. EJ did a great job of getting the ball down the field deep. Devonta had a nice day, Wilder ran very well – had some nice yardage runs. Had some red zone runs. Debrale (Smiley) came in and did a nice job. EJ managed the game very well. The thing we were able to do was hit those deep balls. That changes the field position with those big plays and it was awesome. Defense did a good job of pressuring the quarterback. We kept pressuring them with looks and for the most part had a pretty good game. Dustin (Hopkins) – congratulations to him. He had an outstanding day. He broke the ACC record for field goals and our school record. He’s really been kicking the ball the last few weeks and he’s starting to come into his own. Being that Dustin we know and we’re very proud of him. I was very proud of our guys."

On Tyler Hunter’s day on punt returning:

"He had a great day. If you watch the punt, he was looking at it and all of a sudden he looks down real quick. First job as a punt returner is not to return it, but to catch it. That’s what we got to remember and I think we got a little greedy. I still think he had a good day, but that’s inexcusable and we’ve got to get it fixed."

On Christian Jones:

"He had 11 total plays in the game. He was getting out in space. That guy can play when he hits space – covering and running. He’s athletic and he can cover and make some big plays in the field with open field tackles."

On Devonta Freeman and James Wilder Jr.:

"I thought they were good. In pass pro they were good and running the ball. I think the only bad thing was Devonta put the ball on the ground at the end. But that sucker was running it, he had a nice trap down there on a third and 10, he had nice balance. Quick. James was running for powerful third down runs. I thought they had an outstanding day."

On their consistency:

"For the most part I saw it. I’ll look at the film, but for the most part I was very comfortable with the way they played today."
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