Who to root for: Week 6

College football is more fun if you have more at stake in the games on a given day. And for Florida State fans, this might be the year where what is happening in the rest of college football matters a lot. With a team that could legitimately be in the BCS talks at the end of the year, we should be watching the schedule with as much interest as Oklahoma State and Alabama fans did last year, so I'll put together a list of games each week and how we should root.

My criteria will be mostly based on boosting FSU's strength of schedule, which is an important component of each of the BCS computers used, and also psychologically affects poll voters. I will also look at weakening the SOS of some of our key challengers for the BCS (right now Bama, Oregon, LSU). Lastly, if there are any other implications (recruiting, TV contracts, etc.), I'll weigh that. I'll leave out games that are greater than 90% of being won, and games where you could argue either way.

The BCS is made up of six computers (A&H, Billingsley, Colley, Massey, Sagrin, and Wolfe). You can learn more about the BCS formula here. It's hard to know exactly how each computer tracks SOS, but the basic gist of it is that we want our opponents to do well, our opponents' opponents to do well, and our conference to do well.

Arkansas State @ FIU (Thursday) - FIU. FIU was an opponent of Duke. Arkansas State was an opponent of Oregon.

USC @ Utah - Utah. Hurts Oregon's perception. Hurts Pac 12 perception.

UConn @ Rutgers - UConn. They were an opponent of 3 of our opponents. Rutgers only one. (Makes UConn one of our most important non-con teams)

Arkansas @ Auburn - Auburn. They played Clemson.

Boston College @ Army - BC. Really need to take care of these non-con games to strengthen ACC rating.

Buffalo @ Ohio - Ohio. Buffalo played UGA and we need to weaken their SOS.

VT @ UNC - Screw VT for sucking OOC, but we need them to win this game, because they are a direct opponent, and UNC can't play in the ACCCG. Don't want a 6-6 Miami team in there.

Bowling Green @ Akron - BG. They played both UF and VT.

South Florida vs. Temple. USF. Direct opponent. Plus play Miami.

Arizona @ Stanford - Arizona. Pack 12 perception needs to take a step back.

Virginia @ Duke - Duke. And the Dukies have a real shot!

Southeastern Louisiana @ UAB - Southeastern Louisiana. UAB played both USCe and OSU who are both undefeated.

Northern Illinois @ Ball State - Ball State. They played 2 of our opponents.

GT @ Clemson - Clemson better not eff this up for us by Clemsoning.

Wake Forest @ Maryland - Wake Forest. Still a chance Wake makes a bowl and that win just looks so good.

Louisana Monroe @ Middle Tennessee - Middle Tennessee. Would like the SEC struggles against LMU to look bad for them.

Tulane @ Louisana Lafayette - LLU. The Gata plays LLU.

Michigan @ Purdue - Purdue. Michigan played Bama and Notre Dame.

West Virginia @ Texas - Texas is less likely to go undefeated.

Washington State @ Oregon State - Wazzu. Bring down Pac 12.

Georgia @ USCe. USCe. They play 2 of our opponents, UGA plays 1. Plus we recruit more directly against UGA, and they are ranked highest with a greater chance to go undefeated due to schedule.

Fresno State @ Colorado State - Colorado State. FSUjr played Oregon.

Vanderbilt @ Missouri - Vanderbilt. They play 2 opponents. Missouri plays 1.

Texas A&M vs Ole Miss - Texas A&M. Gata don't play Ole Miss but Bama and LSU do.

UCLA @ Cal - Cal. Pac 12 perception.

Washington @ Oregon - Goooo Huskies!

I left out LSU@ Florida and Miami @ Notre Dame. Lots of arguments either way on those. If I missed any games, update them in the comments.

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