10/6/12: Beginning of the End of the Jimbo Fisher Era

Though many Seminoles fans would like to see Jimbo Fisher fired immediately, I think we all know this isn't going to happen, nor should it. The season is far from over. If the Noles can recover and win out the rest of the season, they should win the ACC Championship and the Orange Bowl. I don't care who wins the Coastal divison or the Big East. We should beat any contenders, easily.

But, of course, we should have beaten NC State.

Based on Jimbo Fisher's current run as head coach, I'm not convinced FSU will recover this season. Because recovery is relative. Even if we win out, if we struggle the entire way, gutting out wins against teams we should easily dominate, what does that do but set us up for massive disappointment in 2013? The problems facing this team seem deep-rooted, and perhaps unknown to the coaches perpetuating them. Jimbo most of all. And when I look ahead, to the end of this season, and then on into 2013, I think we will eventually look back on last night as the tipping point, the moment that led to Jimbo Fisher's dismissal.

Here's why.

1) Attrition. We're losing a lot of valuable players after this season: Werner, Rhodes, Carradine, Dawkins, Manuel, McCloud, V. Williams, Thompson, R. Smith, Pryor. Very possibly Jenkins, too. The defense will be gutted of veteran leadership, and we'll have a first year starter at QB. The 2013 team is not going to be as good as this 2012 team, which couldn't beat NC State. Think about that.

2) Bye Bye, Mark Stoops. If he's not gone after this season I will be shocked. He's highly coveted, and there will undoubtedly be an attractive Head Coach gig waiting for him. In my opinion, no one has had a bigger impact on the Noles since Bowden "retired". And he's gone. Bank on it. Who will replace him? If it's Greg Hudson, the current linebackers coach, Fisher might as well pack his bags right now.

3) Weak recruiting class. Generally speaking, a loss like we had last night isn't going to impact the current recruiting class. But it will likely impact the following class. 2013 is already looking weak compared to Jimbo's first three classes, and if the Noles stumble through the remainder of this season, it will almost certainly have an impact in 2014. FSU can't keep failing and expect to attract elite prospects. Not like we did from 2010-12.

4) Strength of schedule. The Noles had it very, very easy this season. In 2013 we play some of the better ACC teams, like Georgia Tech and UNC. We play the Gators in Gainesville. Clemson in Death Valley. It could get ugly.

Jimbo really needed to win last night. He needed to go undefeated in the ACC this season, period. And he couldn't even win our first conference road game. The hype is gone. GameDay won't be in Tallahassee again anytime soon. No more prime time kickoffs. We'll be lucky if our preseason ranking next season cracks the teens. It may take another disappointing year or two, but unless Jimbo makes some serious fundamental changes, he is gone.

I'm not completely ruling out the possibility that he'll do what needs doing. But, frankly, I don't believe Fisher has it in him. I think he's too much of a control freak, stretched too thin. And I believed in him as much as anyone. Hell, I've got an FSU shirt with his mug on the back, says, TAKE BACK DOAK.

I'll be wearing that shirt a lot more these days, but it will mean something completely different.

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