Craft Brew of the Week - Week 10, Bye Week

I will be profiling a quality craft brew each week prior to the game, one that fits with the theme for the week, because beer and game day are highly complementary. Please don't ‘rec' this post, as I would like them to roll off the front page each week.

My criteria for this list are:

A) use a combination of foreign and domestic beers that are generally available this time of year
2) only high quality beer
D) beers from a variety of U.S. regions for domestics
Ξ) present a variety of styles, with attention to the season, and do both classic styles and offbeat beers
Helium) in general, bigger beers for bigger games

Once again, let's do this thing...

November 3 - Bye Week -

The Brewery: Oskar Blues

Selected Beer: Old Chub

It's bye week and I've got the Blues. FSU isn't playing but there are a host of great games to choose from, which is a great reason to continue our craft beer reviews (and drinking). I'm keeping the review brief this week. Next week I'll return with more substance. I really don't have to say much. This brewery is so awesome it will do the work for me.

Oskar Blues is a unique brewery out of Colorado which started the ‘craft beer in a can' craze that has gained popularity the last few years. All of their beers are great interpretations of the style.

The game day brew:

Scottish Style Ale hails from Great Britain. Classically, Scottish Ales were brewed with a heavy dose of slightly darker malts and fewer hops than a Pale Ale. Traditionally, brewers separated part of the wort and vigorously boiled it down to a thick, concentrated wort, then blended it back into the main wort. This boiling caused sugars to caramelize, adding rich flavor and even lending a smoky taste to the beer (as some sugars burn in this process). The result is a malty, caramel, and mildly sweet ale with residual but mild smokiness. Some brewers today supplement their wort with more caramel malt and a bit of smoked malt to yield a similar result, though this is not considered a true Scottish Ale. I'm not sure how Oskar Blues makes theirs, but I imagine they incorporate an extended boil in the process.

The Old Chub is malty, but not overly sweet. It has a nice smooth mouthfeel, smoky aroma, and rich caramel malt flavor. If you pour it in a glass, you'll see it has a rich red-brown color and full head, but I sort of feel like it is OK to drink it straight from the can on game day. It's up to you.

Alternate Brews - Go to the store. Pick up a four or six pack of everything Oskar Blues makes. There will be no disappointments. Dale's Pale Ale or Mama's Little Yella Pils are good places to start if you like the lighter styles. The Gubna and Deviant Dale's are both Awesome IPAs. The G'Knight, an Imperial Red, is amazing. I think Ten Fidy is on the shelves now, so there's a good chance I add that to my lineup this week. Let me repeat... you cannot go wrong with this brewery. Please indulge, and report back your findings in the comment section.

What I'll (probably) Be Drinking Saturday - Old Chub, St. Somewhere Saison, Bell's Two Hearted, Arcadia Hop Rocket, homebrews.

What about you? What are your thoughts on Scottish Style and what is your favorite? What will you drink on Saturday?

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