Why I Believe FSU Lost To Florida

I have been following FSU football for about 35 years and I have seen some incredible wins and some horrific loses. It doesn't matter if it is Jimbo Fisher or Bobby Bowden we just seem to get out coached more than we out coach our opponent.

Going back to the early days of Bobby Bowden, he out coached the opposing coach. FSU rarely had more talent then the other team. They definitely didn't have more talent in 1980 when they beat Nebraska. However there were many games in the 1990's when FSU just simple had more talent then the other team and mistakes like we had yesterday could be quickly overcome.

Where Bobby had a problem was when he believed he had better talent but didn't necessarily have it. I can vividly remember as a student in 1984 watching South Carolina destroy a very good FSU team. Bobby seemed to forget what got him there in the first place. Bobby would have a very conservative game plan and want to run the ball out of the I formation. As soon as the other team stopped it, he would then get gambler's fever and try and make things up with a double reverse. As soon as the opposing defense stopped it, all panic would set in. 1992 against Georgia Tech was a rare example when FSU adjusted and did the opposite of what we normally do. That led to a National Championship and a Heisman for Charlie Ward the following year.

If you look at most of the great wins in FSU history, we won when we weren't supposed to. Think about the 1996 Florida game. Everyone in the country knew Florida had the best team. FSU came out and beat them, only to go conservative in the rematch in the Sugar Bowl. Following the 1994 tie, Bobby knew Florida should have won but Spurrier had choked and threw open the playbook in the rematch.

Jimbo Fisher comes from the Bobby Bowden coaching tree. He turns conservative in games and gets out coached. This year it happened against NC State, Virginia Tech and Florida. We got lucky against Virginia Tech. In recent memory it happened to Bobby against Oklahoma in the National Championship game.

As we have seen this season, Jimbo has a huge playbook. Yet like Bobby when he turns conservative we see to only see the same plays repeatedly. Was there anyone who didn't think we were going to run it out of the shotgun on third and short? It may have worked all year, but it wasn't working last night but we didn't try anything else. If I thought it sitting in front of the television, don't you think the Florida coaches thought it based on their review of 11 game films? How about when James Wilder came into the game on 3rd in short. Was there anyone who didn't think he was getting the ball? At least line up in the I formation and give him a fighting chance.

As tough as it would have been to do with 5 turnovers yesterday, FSU was still in the game and could have come back. I knew it was over when Clint Trickett came in and first play was a run from the shotgun formation. Didn't fool me and didn't fool the Gators.

Tough loss, but if we didn't lose yesterday, then we probably lose Saturday against Georgia Tech. Losing to Florida hurts, but losing to Georgia Tech costs the program millions and a BCS bowl. Jimbo won't take anything for granted on Saturday and will open the playbook. How do I know this? Because that is what FSU always does after a big loss. Check the history books.

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