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Mark Stoops a Wildcat

Mark Stoops is leaving to take the Kentucky job.

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Mark Stoops to Kentucky, per report

Florida State defensive coordinator Mark Stoops will be the next head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats, according to a report by the mega-outlet Kentucky Sports Radio. More to come.


Stoops tells Kentucky "no thanks"... or does he?

Kyle Tucker of the Courrier Journal is a respected journalist. So when he said last night that a trusted source told him Florida State defensive coordinator Mark Stoops had told Kentucky "no thanks," I listened.

He's right. Kentucky is a dead-end job. Even if Kentucky is at its absolute best, it's still an underdog in 4 of its 7 yearly non-conference games. It's potentially possible to use it as a stepping-stone job like James Franklin did at Vanderbilt, but everything must break right, and the coach must then leave as soon as it does (see Dan Mullen staying too long at Mississippi State).

But now Tucker says his source had bad information and that Stoops is still considering the job.

Interesting stuff here.

As I've said before, Mark Stoops is a defensive coordinator. He transformed Florida state's defense from one of the worst in the BCS (2009) to a respectable defense in 2010, into a top-ten unit in 2011 and 2012. But his schemes are not revolutionary, nor is he a huge loss on the recruiting trail. As Jimbo Fisher noted yesterday, and not in any way a slight to Stoops' ability, many top defensive coordinators would love a chance to coach for Florida State.


Kentucky linebacker tweets "Stoops"

Well, this is interesting.

So far in the saga that is the "will he or won't he" head coaching job search saga of Florida State defensive coordinator Mark Stoops,Jeremy Fowler of CBS reported that Stoops interviewed with Kentucky about its vacant head coaching position sometime around Thanksgiving.

Then Monday, coach Jimbo Fisher denied reports that Mark Stoops had interviewed with anyone, and expounded on FSU's plans plans should Stoops leave (and noted that he hopes Stoops does get a good job at some point).

And Monday afternoon, Kentucky linebacker Pancho Thomas tweeted the following:

That's all Thomas had to say.

Does this mean Stoops is going to Kentucky? Maybe not.

A key thing of note here is that Thomas is from Tallahassee, the home of Florida State. It's quite possible that someone from back home told him about the rumor that Stoops was leaving for Kentucky, and that he took it as gospel.

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