Here I am going to try explaining some of the issues involving this year's squad and also some of the blindly inflated expectations for this unit. Also maybe some insight into next years squad. (Veteran Playmakers) We need to understand that while Jimbo recruited some of these guys, they still are the product of Bowden (seniors).

If you look at this senior class, there are no playmakers at all. Chris Thompson was the only one but outside of him we have no playmakers that were a constant threat week in and week out. Example being Rodney Smith. If he were not a senior and 6'6 he would not be a starter and even as he is now at most elite schools he would not be. He's never been a threat in the red zone and has been known to project to the defense when its a pass play. I've seen this with my own eyes. Vince Williams is another. He would be a backup at other elite programs but because of the lack of depth behind him, there is no other solution at this time. He's virtually non existent is the pass game and gets caught up in the wash to often in the outside run game.

Last but not least is EJ Manuel. His calmness and composure I've seen in his backup roles turned out to be what seems like timidness and panic. He shows no emotion or the ability to get in his teams face which hints to me they like him, but are not 100% sold on him. I remeber watching a game last year and seeing EJ on the sideline trying to talk to his teamates and when he walked off, I seen Lonnie Pryor's face look at another guy like "who is this guy".

Once again someting I've seen with my own eys. (Playcalling) Jimbo Fisher has taken a lot of undeserved heat for his playcalling. He's one of the best in the game, maybe not the most flashy, but has proven he can turn around offenses. One complaint I hear is about the constant running out of shotgun. Our offensive of line are mostly 1yr starters 2yrs at most including this one. We don't have the horsepower to line up and run through people. VT showed us that.

Also our fullback LP is a great blocker on the edge. Him going up against any respected D1 linebacker will cause serious issues. Pryor might way 220, average linebacker 240. Also as stated earlier we lack playmakers. Rahsad may be the only one who can beat man to man coverage constantly but to get him in the open field takes time which our oline doesn't seem to spare often.

Considering having an average QB ok WR and a young offensive line, I think Fisher done a good job running the offense based on the skill sets and experience of his players. (#1 Defense? NO) We have a great defense. I knew from the start that we had some major holes in our defense. DT was considered a strenght and based on the depth we had sure. But we lacked one thing. Someone in the middle olineman hated. We did not have a force in the middle and got penetration on running plays and that leaves gaps. Our LB'S are average at best. Williams is just there and Jones athletic ability is not being utilized enough. Werner and Tank did their jobs and couldn't ask for more. Our secondary wasn't bad but I felt were sometimes out of place on run support and a little soft on the edges (waisome). I like Nicka dn maybe he could grow into a better player but regardless of high school prestige he was not Greg Reid. G5 blew assignments sometimes but wouldnt cost us a game and if he made mistakes, nolenation knew he was going to make it up soon.

Since Jimbo's takeover, think about who delivered all the explosive plays and big hits..G5.Im not seeing that quality in waisome. (Next Year's Team #BeastLike) Fans could be in for a refreshing treat involving next year's squad. Lets start at QB. If you removed the stars and soley watch film, Im more impressed with Coker over Winston, but Cokers lack of ability to pass trickett on the depth chart worries me so Im taking Winston to start at QB.

I believe are recievers will play to the premature hype they have recieved. Rashad is coming into 3rdyr, Haulstead is back, Benjamin has a year of playing time. Couple that with a more experience o line and Wilder,Freeman, Pender/Ryan Green and it's go time.

Defense wise expect more personality. We know LJ has fire. Package that will Jerrnigan on the dline with mario edwards, Reggie Northup at LB and Karlos Williams stepping into a more permanent role and you have a bomb waiting to go off. The athletci ability and personalities of the underclassmen are a perfect combination for a surprise season.

National Championship? Maybe, but Im talking you will see an entire different looking FSU. One that is more confident, intimdating, and imposing. These guys havent forgotten the lost to UF and Im sure they have seen all the jokes about them online. Because most media outlets are likely not expecting this team to do much, they will play with a chip on their shoulder which will turn into boiling confidence by mid season. Agree or Disagree and feel free to ask questions about any points or opinions that I might have written on

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