Which FSU Assistant Coach Should FSU's Jimbo Fisher Fire To Make Room For A New OC?

I am constantly reading comments from Tomahawk Nation readers who vigorously complain that FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher needs to relinquish the play calling duties during games so he can better focus on the other duties required of the Head Coach.

However, it's not as easy and as simple as going out and hiring an Offensive Coordinator, or another assistant coach to call plays, and one who may or may not also have other coaching and recruiting duties and responsibilities.

Under the current NCAA rules each FBS program is only allowed to have 10 coaches on their staff. One head coach along with nine assistants.

Additionally, one of the changes that the NCAA put into effect this past August was to limit the number of strength and conditioning coaches each program is allowed to have, to a maximum of five. This new rule was implemented in response to abuses, mostly by SEC programs who have the available resources to hire at will, and with some of these cash-rich programs having up to 12 S&C coaches on staff. Another reason for this new rule was because some of these so called S&C coaches were really coaches with football experience who were being hired for supposed strength and conditioning roles.

Another part of this new rule change was to increase the number of GA's (Graduate Assistants) each program could have on their coaching staff, from two to four GA's per team.

Here is the current lineup of the FSU coaching staff along with their responsibilities.

Jimbo Fisher - Head Coach
James Coley - Offensive Coordinator / Tight Ends Coach
Dameyune Craig - Quarterbacks/Recruiting Coordinator
Lawrence Dawsey - Passing Game Coordinator / Wide Receivers Coach
D.J. Eliot - Defensive Ends Coach
Eddie Gran - Associate HC / Special Teams Coordinator / RB Coach
Odell Haggins - Defensive Line Coach
Greg Hudson - Asst. Head Coach Defense / Linebackers Coach
Mark Stoops - Defensive Coordinator / Defensive Backs
Rick Trickett - Asst. Head Coach / Offensive Line
Vic Viloria - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Dan Gayton - Offensive Graduate Assistant
Addison Lynch - Defensive Graduate Assistant
Joe Scola - Defensive Graduate Assistant
David Spurlock - Offensive Graduate Assistant

So, for all of those "Play Station All-Americans" out there who feel that Fisher is overwhelmed by trying to control and micromanage too much of the FSU offense, here is today's food for thought question of the day.

A) Who should Fisher fire to make room for an OC, or another coach to call the plays?

2) Or, instead of hiring someone else as an OC or play caller, would it be better to promote/hire an "Assistant Head Coach" who could assume the other sideline responsibilities of the Head Coach to free up Jimbo so he can concentrate and focus on the play calling?

D) Or, let's assume you are the new FSU Athletic Director, what changes or moves would you make to the current coaching staff to correct the widely perceived opinion that Fisher has too much on his plate and the play calling is suffering for it?

Cinco) Who would you want to see as the new OC, or who would you want calling the plays?

Here is your chance to explain what you would do if you had the power and opportunity. What changes would you make? Who would you hire or replace? Remember that someone will have to assume the duties of whoever is fired? You can't just say fire Trickett and hire Chad Morris because someone will have to assume Trickett's O-Line Duties (unless Chad Morris is an offensive line guru).

Those who think Fisher should give up play calling are being challenged, here and now, to tell us your suggestion.

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