Im sitting watching the ACC Championship game and looking at lack of excitement of this game by the fanbase and by the media has me a little upset. Is it a Top 10 matchup? No. Does it have National Championship implications? No. All that being said, if the ACCCG finishes out like I'm expecting (FSU Winning 21-6 at time of post) then I feel as though the FSU should be excited and treat this as an honourable win. Sure, losing to UF takes away some of the luster, any loss would. I personally feel that by winning the ACCCG we have had a wonderful year. There is no denying the underachieving of this team, but how realistic were the expectations?

Due to falling short of the huge expectations of the college footall world for FSU, I personally feel that we've forgotten where we came from and where we are expecting to be. I expect nothing but winning from FSU, but to assume that a 1st time head coach can take a 7-6 program into a college elite in one year (Predicted my many in YR2 to make a run at the NCG)is a bit much. "What about Muschamp?!!!" The Gators have a great record in Muschamps 2nd year, but even Ray Charles standing on the dark side of the moon can see that luck was on their side and some of the so called great teams turned out to be flops or overrated (UT, USC, LSU). Back to my main point, I think the Seminole Nation have become a blind to the situation we are in due to the hype of this team often potrated by irrate fans or the media.

Do I feel that FSU is headed in the right direction? You better believe it. Do the majority of FSU fans believe that? Depending whether or not we won the last game. I personally would like to provide EVIDENCE that "as of right now" we are headed in the right direction and that Jimbo is the answer.

  1. 6-5/6-5/9-2
  2. 4-7/8-5/9-4
  3. 6-5/1-10/4-7
  4. 8-3/7-4/8-4
  5. 7 National Championships.

These are the records of Nick Saban, Les Miles, Mack Brown, and Bobby Bowden in their first 3 years of being a Head Coach. 7 National Championship rings between them. What is Jimbo Fisher's? In his first 3 years, 10-4/9-4/10-2.

What do these numbers show you? They show me a man that as of right now is in pretty good company and doing a fair job as a 1st time head coach as a premier universitY. Toledo, Oklahoma State, Appalachian State and WVU were all the other guys first job. Now for all the doubters, just remember they said these guys couldn't get it done either. If you disagree with this article, bring the facts to prove your point. GO NOLES!!!!!!

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