DejaVu: Haven't we asked (and answered) the question before: Who will replace Mark Stoops...and when?

The following was posted to a former conversational post (Who will replace Mark Stoops.................and when? By nolemits on Feb 18, 7:18a. by yours truly.

Some of the following has been outdated due to recent hires, but I feel it is relevant to the conversation.


Sorry in advance, this one is pretty long…

"Which players do I think are on Jimbo’s short list for DC when Stoops leaves?"

Well first let’s look at the inevitable question that has to be asked: Does he leave?

Salary: $370,000 as of 2012 contract to 2015.
Penalty for breach: before 4JAN2013 $75000
after $50000
2011-2012 offerings: TAMU/PITT/AUB for HC/DC lateral

Thoughts: This year wasn’t about the money, why should we assume that he is leaving other than the following variables (some which pose other questions of discussion)?

1) Brother rivalry

HC Bob Stoops at OU makes $5.15mil

(if you’d like a further breakdown, follow this link:

DC Mike Stoops makes $600k (245k base/355k ‘personal services’& fundraising) and has extended for 3 years. Stability doesn’t even equal what these two have at OU.

2) SEC flowing money trees (Let’s face it, the SEC with more money has more to spread around…$71.5million was paid out to SEC staffs; money buys better staffs…so a push to TENN AUBURN or UGA in 2013 is motivation enough…if that motivation is money…but a lateral transfer vs a HC spot? I think it’s a HC job or he stays…

3) legitimate chance to be a HC at a commendable school (the HCs who are/were in the league who were once a part of our staff); eg. Mark Richt, the Chest. Some people are just DCs and have no want or need to grab a HC spot.

4) Prestige progression (Could he go to a NFL team as a DC?)

5) If he had gone to AUB, Would/could we have matched Auburn’s offer of $1mil for him?

All questions need to be answered before we determine if it is possible he remains…

I think it is early, but if we have another great defensive stance in 2012, I say he stays with another substantial pay raise, at least 600,000 yr and chance for progression until 2020.

If he does go (mainly because he wants a new chapter in his career or because we cap out of funds) I say Eliot doesn’t leave with Stoops because he ALSO will get a large raise (due to the recruiting aspect as well as his position; currently at $205k) and CJF will negotiate him to stay. Though it is probable they will both go, I don’t think the staff heads will let that happen.

I believe Hudson will be the interim DC if Stoops does go, but Hudson will not remain DC unless a replacement for Stoops cannot be found with an equivalent for the top DC coach in CFB…it may be a "if you can be under one more top DC, I think you’ll be ready" Yes, I am aware of ECU, but many of the seasoned DC coaches have been head/DCs for years before. It isn’t a given that the situation now between the head coach and Hudson extends an automatic bid for the DC spot. He made $335,500 this past year, so if he then has to find a LB Coach willing to get paid under that, how good will they REALLY be? And yes, I can see Hudson getting butthurt about the push, but it is no different than any other job in America where someone else gets the position you have been striving for…

Here is my top 5 replacements for Stoops:

  1. Manny Diaz – Texas – began at FSU, could he end back up here? My first choice, hopefully he is CJF’s…2011/2012 $625,000 with poss raise…however, I think TX may not go too much higher due to HC Mack Brown’s $5.2million + 100k annual increments until 2020. Could we go as high as $700k with Diaz?
  2. Chris Ash – WIS – co-DC (with Partridge) & DB coach; prior recruiting coordinator, great potential for FSU in regards to the secondary…split $570k with two other coaches, so comparable financially
  3. Bill McGovern – BC – Excellent LB coach, excellent NE recruiter.just have to pull him from the Eagles…Rutgers just tried to steal him early Feb and he declined to stay in BC ‘roots in BC’
  4. Sal Sunseri – TENN – recently stolen from Alabama. This was a promotion vs pay thing (390k as a LB/asst HC under Smart/Saban; now 700-800k for TENN) This would be someone equivalent to Mark Stoops in my mind, and someone on Jimbo’s list I’m sure…and I’d rather take him from Dave Hart when he fires Dooley since Dooley/Sunseri have worked together before (LSU) I can’t remember, who ELSE worked there in that time frame with Dooley and Sunseri…?
  5. Everett Withers – OSU – co-DC; some may remember him from the UNC scandal. Brings good knowledge of DC college and pro. With UrbanMeyerWieners now, though, so may be hard to steal..$450k

Bonus – Pat Narduzzi – MICH ST – $300k, last year’s 2011 DC finalist, a STEAL for sure if he was considered…GA for Miami (Ill let that pass) and tutored the receivers (was a LB in college YSU/URI)

Hudson replacement:

Kalani Sitake – Utah – LB coach during the Utes domination of the polls the past few years. DC since 2009, also LB coach. fast tracker – started career in 2001/ GA in 2002 (BYU) someone for Jimbo to mentor to replace Hudson if he steps up to DC. $170k currently


Bud Foster – VT – Doubt he leaves…will be as MA was to FSU, a legend in the making ($430k)

Luke Fickell – OSU – co-DC former interim before Meyer; another hard steal from Meyer. (kept $775k for contract)

Dave Huxtable – Pitt – joined this year as DC for Pitt, don’t see him making the move in 2013 (made 195k as LBcoach for WIS;

Lorenzo Ward – USCe – DC under Spurrier. doubt we could pull…$550,000

Monte Kiffin – USCw – 71 year old Pop Kiffin doesn’t fit with FSU scheme/budget; hard to pull from Baby Kiffin (highest paid assistant EVER (1.5 mill+ 300k bonus)

Todd Grantham – UGA – known to be a little abrasive in the game (UGA/VAND game 2011) don’t think worth the headache (or pricetag) $750k

Chris Wilson – MISS ST – $300k, highest paid assistant at MISS ST, maybe but doubtful

Ted Roof – PENN – wishywashy after leaving AUB, UCF and O’Leary after 33 days…no…($500k at AUB)

Charles Partridge – WIS – co-DC/Asst Coach/DL/Specialists; not interested, WIS could promote him is we take Ash

Bronco Mendenhall – BYU – H/C since 2005 coming off a 10-3 season…would he downsize back to DC? doubtful my opinion $850k HC…

John Chavis – LSU – defensive strength, great take, and with the prior LSU bonds, maybe on CJFs short list…but I think the pricetag will say no (708k)

Jim Fleming – UCF – 21-1 as head coach for Sacred Heart..been DC/LB coach since 1987. Maybe on top ten list for growth but don’t see a DC at FSU in his future

Bob Shoop – VAN – Yale grad/DC hired in 2011 for Vanderbilt. Good recruiting tool, but more work, less reward I think.

Kirby Smart – BAMA – I think he will get a HC job in 2013. oh yeah, and $851,500+ is that price tag if we could steal him…

Outside the box -

Bill Ragans – Leon HS, Tallahassee FSU GradAsst 93-95, and now HC for Leon.

NFL coaches?

MINN VIKINGS: Fred Pagac – removed interim off DC in 2011 – good LB coach

SEA SEAHAWKS: Gus Bradley – hired as DC, recommended by Pop Kiffin (worked with him in TB), Carroll kept Bradley on after his hire.

JAX JAGUARS: Mel Tucker – self-named defco after being interim head once Del Rio was fired – could be right time for his move back to CFB

CHI Bears: Rod Marinelli – GREAT DC…doubtful we get him, but def on MY list. DA BEARS!

NY Jets: Mike Pettine – Before the Jets this DC was working at BAL on the DL/OLBs…would be a GREAT pickup to steal to CFB

GB Packers: Dom Capers – Yeah…This seems unlikely

DET Lions: Gunther Cunningham – naturalized citizen, born in Munich…too bad Warner will be going to NFL or we could have made a connection…decent DC, poss pick up…

ATL Falcons (formerly): Alvin Reynolds – DB Coach, could def deserve a push to DC or at least on the defensive staff…

Sorry for the long post…

Your thoughts?


Thanks for re-reading my recommendations...

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