Flashback to February. A mid-December look at a possible NSD

Way Too Early 2013 mock class

So as I look back to a year where FSU was/is the lead in several top-grade players to come to Florida State, I also took a look back to my previous mock class I produced mere days after NSD. I thought it would be interesting to see how consistent I was (or, rather, if recruiting has gotten better/worse)

Enjoy the flashback ( linked at the top) and remember, this was deemed a wishlist (by commenters) when originally placed...

QB Kevin Olsen Current UM commit/broke foot season out 8sep
RB Ryan Green com 15jun uv 22sep,24sep shoulder season out surg*** COMMIT Worried with Gran leaving?
RB A.J. Turman UVx4 17sep11/24mar/16apr/22sep uvx2 TEX uvx2 UGA ov 7Dec Current UGA commit 13nov
RB Ryan Switzer Current UNC commit (WR/CB/ATH)
WR Stacy Coley camp19jul, ov UM 7Dec Another Gran recruit...
WR Jordan Cunningham UV18jul uvx5 20oct UM ov 9nov stan uv 29sep okst
WR Richard Benjamin no further interest in FSU arky/lville/ ov 12oct pur/tamu/uvx2 29sep usf ucf com 9jul decom 21aug
TE Mike Heuerman Current ND commit 26 apr
OL Laremy Tunsil warm interest, 3rd behind uv 15jun uga bama uvx2 10nov / uvx2 6oct uf
OL Austin Golson com 11apr2011 UVx5 24nov OV 25jan / ov 11jan bama / ov 7dec unc*** COMMIT
OL John Lopez Current UCLA commit 1aug uvx3 17nov
OL David Dawson, com mich 18feb uvx2 8sep ov 14dec decom14oct, ov uf 19oct, uv 9jul vand, uv 3nov ov 19jan michst, ov 11jan bama
OL Austin Droogsma uv13oct after clemcon uv, golson & hoefeld talking to him...
DE Isaac Rochell Current ND commit 6 jun uvx3 21sep, 26nov coachv
DE Tashawn Bower Current AUB commit 12jun ov 6 oct, uvx4 4oct rutgers, FSUcoach visit, 10dec
DE Dajaun Drennon Current UNC commit 21jul uvx3 10nov
LB EJ Levenberry com 24apr UVx3 22sep ov 26oct ou*** COMMIT
LB Johnny O'Neal Current UGA commit 16jun ugacamp no visits or interest in any other team
DT Kelsey Griffin Current USCe commit 10oct uv 6oct; uvx4 7jul com 21sep decom 21sep uga
DT Marquedius Bain decommitted 18jul uvx4 20oct um, ov 2nov marshall, ov 23nov ou, ov 14dec lsu
DT Deadrin Senat com 06feb uvx3 24nov decommitted 5may uvx5 17nov um, uv 15sep ucf, uv 29sep usf
DB Vernon Hargreaves III Current UF commit 26jul uvx3 22sep, uvx3 29 sep usf, uv 21jun um, uv 9jul ore, uv 10jul stan, uv 11jul usc, uv 16jul nd, uv 16jul osu, uv 17jul tenn, uv 17jul vand, uv 18jul uga, uv 18jul clem, uv 19jul bama
DB Will Likely Top 5 (ov 2nov MD, FSU, uv 31mar camp 15jul LSU, ov 7sep WF, LOUIS) uvx3 20oct um, uv 06oct uf,
DB Kirk Garner Current UVA commit 22jun uvx4 13oct
DB Sojourn Shelton com 22Jun decommitted 24Jul Current WIS commit ov 31Aug
DB Leon McQuay III UV 22sep OV 23nov Jimbo-Dawsey visit 11dec, uv 2sep ov 14 dec Kiffen visit 10dec usc, uvx4 17nov ov 12oct vand, uv 19may ov 9nov mich, ov 26oct ore, uvx4 22sep UF, uvx5 21apr usf, uv 25feb tenn, uv 24feb ucf, uv 26nov11 GT, uv 29oct11 osu
DB Marcell Harris Current UF commit 29nov uvx9 17nov ov 19oct UVx4 24NOV (UF) OV 12OCT ov 21sep ou, uv 6jan ov 31aug tx
ATH (QB) Marquion Lane Current Lead UVx2 8Sep Trickett special WVa showing more interest as of 22nov, uv 8jul tenn,
K Roberto Aguayo 2012 Greyshirt


WR Jesus Wilson com com 15Jun OV 11Jan***COMMIT
WR Isaiah Jones com 6Jul UV 22sep***COMMIT
WR Levonte Kermit Whitfield com 13Aug*** COMMIT
OL Ira Denson com 31May, 3xUV, 22sep, UF 1xUV 6Oct*** COMMIT
C Ryan Hoefeld***COMMIT
DE Davin Bellamy com 11aug, uv15jun, uv-uga oct*** COMMIT
DE(JUCO) Desmond Hollin com 10dec, ov 11Jan*** COMMIT
LB Ro'Derick Hoskins com 25Feb*** COMMIT
LB Tyrell Lyons***COMMIT

LB Freddie Stevenson com 4jul, ov 21sep***COMMIT
CB Marquez White***COMMIT
CB/S Michael Johnson***COMMIT
CB Adrian Baker com 3jul 5ov, ok 26oct/wis***COMMIT
ATH(QB) John Franklin III com 1nov jrday28jan, UM 1xUV 20oct***COMMIT


*WR Tony Stevens decom 3oct recom 9oct decom 14oct uv 24nov ov TAMU 16nov*

TE Christian Morgan com 26jun/10sep/dec 3oct/olemiss ov-14sep,-uv-6oct,- Ole Miss commit 7oct Hoefeld and Morgan both play in the SemperFi game...if somehow the Nole Nation (Hoefeld) can pull Morgan away from the SEC clutches...
OL Richy Klepal (MD-DQ-concussions)

UPDATE: As I look at this, I notice the good side of this debacle. I am not the recruiter, the coach, or the insider. So meeting 13 out of 29 is not a bad percentage, in my opinion. What this tells me, however, that even though we have had a shaky year and leaving coaches, we're still not doing terrible...thanks for allowing me to be objective.

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