Florida State Orange Bowl quotes 12/30

Joel Auerbach

Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher

I like where we’re at mentally, I like where we’re at physically. Now it’s just a matter of going and playing a game. The last 48 hours we’re just making sure we’re crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s in all situations and we’re ready to go.

What are some of those T’s and I’s?

Just knowing what to do, then relaxing and doing it. Watching the film, knowing how a guy is going to cover you or block you, or get a better read. It’s not just knowing what to do, it’s how well you’ve got to do it. Making sure we’re technique sound and have a better understanding of all our situations.

On any lingering concerns

There really haven’t been. I’m very happy with where we’re at as a team, health wise we’re pretty good and we’ll be ready by game time.

Lamarcus Joyner

It’s been great. It’s not like a vacation for me. It’s like a business trip. We are out here as an organization. I mean we know the difference between a business trip and a vacation. I do enjoy the environment. I enjoy seeing South Florida and the beaches, but I’m going to work. We got a game to play. We got a BCS Bowl game here.

On the Northern Illinois Offense…

"I heard their quarterback says they have an up-tempo offense, and that they are looking forward to running us in the grass. That’s all I know about the offense other than I see on film. They got some good football players our else they wouldn’t be 15th in the country or be in the Orange Bowl so we are looking forward to the challenge."

On Jordan Lynch’s confidence…

"It makes football that much interesting. When you put that bulls eye on yourself, you have to be able to walk the talk. I respect it. I like it. I think it’s cute."

Lonnie Pryor

On NIU’s running game….

"It’s going to play a big deal. They are a good physical team. They are going to play with a chip on their shoulder especially with all the things people are saying about them. They are going to come in with a chip on their shoulder and they are going play a tough game. We are going to have to do the same thing and match their tone."

On being ready for Tuesday…

"Oh I’m ready man. It’s my last game. It’s a bitter sweet thing, but I’m ready for it."

On the last practice…

"It feels good. Like I said, it’s a bitter sweet thing. It feels good, but it’s also a sad thing. It’s my last practice at Florida State. I’m moving on to bigger and better things, but I had a great four years here and I’m ready to hit my next stage in life."

On the biggest thing about the last practice..

"When you come in, you have a family. All the running backs are like my nephews. It’s the bond that you get with all the players and the coaches. You know you’re leaving them and you’re doing something different. Like I said, it’s a bitter sweet thing, but it’s also a good thing that I’ll be doing bigger and better things.

FSU RB Devonta Freeman

On importance of running game

I feel like [NIU] is physical. They’re strong, they’re big, but it’s not about them it’s about us. Our offensive linemen are going to come into this game and going to get us the extra yards that we need. I feel very comfortable about that coming into this game.

On what BCS win would mean

It would show us how much the program has changed since Jimbo Fisher became the head coach. I think it’ll be a great start for [the program] and allow us to grow.

Northern Illinois Head Coach Rod Carey:

On today’s practice

It was crisp today, a little short but it was crisp.

What the best advice you’ve been given about preparing for this game?

To just slow down, because it can go fast. Take a minute to understand where you are and what you’re doing.

When did the team get into "business mode"?

About yesterday, remember coming down we wanted to look at this as a reward and it should be. The team came down to have some fun and they did, they’ve been respectful and have been making great decision, and I’m super proud of them for that. When we snap back in these guys are ready to go, so they’ve been going to work.

On using the underdog role as motivation

We don’t have to because these guys are recruited from the MAC, told they’re not good enough to play elsewhere, so they play with a chip on their shoulder every game. The media has done a good job at playing up that role for us, so I as a coach don’t have to do anything to motivate them.

On Jordan Lynch and whether or not FSU will be surprised with his play and abilities.

Yeah they will be but that will be for both teams, because they’re fast and they’re really athletic and well-coached, we’ll have to get adjusted to them. But yeah, they’ll have to do some adjustments for us as well.

Any concerns going into the game?

Football always comes down to turnovers and so you always worry about that, but we’ve been good with that all yeah, so have they. That’s why we’re both in this game, so you just have to make sure you take care of the football and try to take it away on defense.

How key is a fast start?

It is, because the players will be floating on air a bit. But you know we’ve got a routine in what we’re doing in the beginning so that becomes muscle memory and we should be off to a good start.

Will you take a moment personally to soak moment all in?

Yeah I’m going to try, my high school coach died this past fall, and he was a big mentor to me, so I’ll take a moment to think about him.

NIU QB Jordan Lynch

How excited are you to finally play?

We’ve been excited since we’ve found out we’re playing in the Orange Bowl and landed here in Florida, but we’re really excited to finally get out there.

On the difference of playing in a BCS bowl.

Yeah it’s different, just the atmosphere, and everything. People have just been welcoming us since we’ve got off the plane and we’ve gotten great support over here, everyone’s been looking out for us. This game should be fun and exciting.

Do you feel that you can get some stuff done against FSU’s defense?

Yeah, we’re a very confident group and we believe in what we can do. We feel like we can do some work.

NIU CB Rashaan Melvin

How did it feel to be carried off the field at your last practice?

It’s always been a tradition; I picked two freshmen that will be good players here to carry me off the field?

How does it feel to be finished with your last practice?

It’s different, life goes on but, they’re nothing like this team, which has a family atmosphere. It’s a blessing to be a senior and to play here all five years of my career with the guys I’ve played and with the coaches who coached me and it’s truly been a blessing.

How well did practice week go for the team?

Practice week went really well, there were a lot of schemes that we were able to understand, a lot of techniques we were able to concentrate on and fix to able to play the game. This week of practice was a great time; we’ve enjoyed our time and know that the game is pretty soon, so we have to be ready to play.

NIU WR Perez Ashford

Are you now in business mode?

Yeah, we’ve been in business mode for the last few days. Ever since we got down here it’s been a business trip and everything other than that has been secondary.

What worries you the most about FSU’s defense?

I’m the type of player that doesn’t really worry about the other team; I just go out there and do what’s on our game plan.

On how surprised Florida State may be of NIU’s offense.

They might be but I don’t think they’ll believe we’re that good because we’re from the MAC but they’re going to have to stop us just like everyone else.
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