ACC Future Scheduling Notes: FSU, Clemson, Georgia Tech And Divisional Alignment

After yesterday's announcement that Florida State has filled is West Virginia vacancy with Savannah State, the ACC schedule should be out fairly soon. The holdup is Georgia Tech, which needs a team, also on September 8, to play on short rest after opening up on Labor Day against Virginia Tech.

There are some future issues, though, that I am just going to lump into this morning's post.

The ACC is going to a nine-game conference schedule. There are several ramifications from this. The first is that FSU, which already plays the top non-conference series annually against Florida, will not be playing any additional marquee non-conference games in the near future. Period. I was confident that FSU would not play West Virginia in 2012. I am even more confident that the 2013 game will not happen, as it would leave FSU in the disastrous position of having only six home games.

The next issue is that the FSU, Clemson and Georgia Tech are all counting on the ACC to not screw things up in a major way. How so? With nine conference games, it is likely that one division will play five home games, and one division will play four. Then they'll flip in the next year.

Division Odd Year (2013, 2015, etc.) Even Year (2014, 2016, etc.)
Atlantic 5 Home Games 4 Home Games
Coastal 4 Home Games 5 Home Games

In order to preserve seven home games, FSU and Clemson, both in the Atlantic Division, and both with road games in odd years at UF and South Carolina, respectively, need the Atlantic division to play its five home games in odd numbered years. Georgia Tech has the same need in the Coastal, only reversed, as they play at Georgia in even years. The solution is obvious and I have a lot of faith that the ACC will get this right. Just in case, though, I put together this helpful chart.

Also, with Pitt and Syracuse joining the ACC in 2013, the traditional rotation is going to be thrown off. FSU was slated to play Va Tech, Miami and at Georgia Tech. I'm not sure that happens anymore. Miami is not going anywhere, but the others might be mixed up a bit.

But I guess I could see a 2013 schedule consisting of (ignore the order!)

Lower-Level FBS Win
Virginia Tech
@ Clemson
@ GT
@ Wake
@ BC

That's an excellent schedule. FSU gets a marquee home game against Va Tech, and also hosts traditional rival Miami. Consistent bowl team NC State also comes to town. And the road trip to Atlanta is quite welcome by many a 'Nole fan.

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