Florida State signed the top recruit in the country, jumbo (6'4" 290) defensive end Mario Edwards Jr., out of Texas. Here's the Seminole legacy talking about what we've said forever re: the size of defensive ends Jimbo Fisher and Florida State are looking for. "Florida State told me they want big defensive ends. They want me at about 280," said Edwards Jr.

And there's this. MARIO EDWARDS JR. DID A BACKFLIP AT 290 POUNDS. I just saw this kid at Under Armour All-America Game in early January. He had a lot of bad Christmas weight and weighed in at 297 pounds. I can buy that he is now down to 290. Everyone remembers the backflip video at ~265 pounds from 2010, which was just awesome. But Texas fans were quick to claim that he is much bigger now (true), had lost a lot of athleticism (untrue) and would have to move from end to tackle (also, untrue). Does this kid look like he has lost athleticism? Jimbo compared him to NFL Hall-Of-Famer Reggie White, which is the same comparison many of us have made here. So here it is, FSU's new defensive end, without warming up, in street clothes, backflipping at 6'4" and 290 pounds!

Know what I want to see? Edwards get a unsportsmanlike excessive celebration penalty for doing a backflip after a sack. It would be the most awesome penalty since Dexter Carter put the flag on the Miami player's head. This needs to happen. Not in a big game, of course, but I bet the entire coaching staff would love it as well.

Important Note: I put this here because I knew a lot of people would see this article and pass it along to their friends. Diane Andrews, the wife of FSU's legendary defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews, has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. This is terrible news. You don't often hear about the wife of an assistant coach unless they are causing trouble. That was exactly the opposite with Diane Andrews, however, as anyone who has ever met Mrs. Andrews will go out of their way to say that she is a woman of great kindness and class. The Andrews are great 'Noles and even better people. They don't deserve this. Let's get those prayers sent their way.

Florida State took linebacker Reggie Nothrup from Miami on signing day. Here are two videos of/about the commitment. His announcement was creative and fun, but not disrespectful to other schools. I like that. Northrup is a sharp kid, and really handled himself well with the media. I love how he is a champion wrestler, as well, and his highlight film shows it with his great balance:

Northrup talks about his commitment:

Chris Casher showing off his spin move. This kid absolutely loves Florida State. And you know what's scary? He played receiver/tight end in 2009. He started playing defensive end in 2010. He had to sit out 2011 due to Alabama's HS transfer rules. And yet, with just one year at defensive end, he is rated as one of the top 25 prospects in the country. Tall, super long, already 250 and chiseled. Ready to work.

Eddie Goldman talking about his experience at Under Armour.

Jameis Winston talking about, well, himself. He signs today, by the way. It should be FSU barring a huge shocker.

FSU's coaches reacting to some signings:

Higlights of one of the most underrated kids in this class, P.J. Williams

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