FSU Softball Weekly Update 7

SWEEP THE WEEK. FSU Softball swept last week going 6-0! The Noles notched two victories over Jacksonville (6-0, 7-1), one over FAMU (10-1 in 5 innings / mercy rule) and a big, big sweep over the weekend against the Virginia Cavaliers (5-0, 2-0, 3-1). The Noles are 29-5 overall and an undefeated 6-0 in ACC play. It was a big week for FSU, which continues to pitch very, very well.

I was unable to attend any games last week, but that will change this week.

Personal notes after the jump >>>------|>

What a great week for the FSU Pitching Staff. Monica Perry continues to befuddle hitters. She leads the team with a 0.71 ERA, but even better a 121 K / 22 BB ratio. Opponents are being absolutely buried by this staff. True Freshman, Lacey Waldrop leads the team with 14 W's, 2 of which came against UVA in her home state. I'm thoroughly amazed by how well this staff has thrown this year as a total unit and how well it continues to avoid meltdowns. This is ACC Championship caliber pitching. It's also pitching that could take FSU well into the national tournament, provided the offense doesn't flake out.

Defensively FSU continues to be better up the middle than last year. Tiffani Brown and Maddie O'Brien are fielding 20 percentage points higher than last year's main duo of Stager and McConn. Erika Leonard continues to do great work behind the plate and Courtney Senas has tossed in 6 assists from CF. This is a better infield than in year's past, which again, bodes well for our season.

My remaining concern is the offense. Disregard the feast over JU and FAMU. The Noles should feast on that type of pitching. Against UVA, the team OBP was a mediocre .314. Overall, they are hitting about 20 points lower than last year's team, but as my friends here at TN will tell you that's a crappy stat. The Noles are getting on base more often than last year's team with an OBP 10 points higher. That's great, but if you dig deeper that number is horribly skewed by Maddie O'Brien and Erika Leonard. Those two players account for 41% of the team's walks.

To make a long story short, the Noles O is nowhere to be found in the Top 50 in Average, Runs Scored or Home Runs (I'd use better stats but the NCAA's stat site is terrible and very basic). If FSU can't score more runs, they will see more L's in their future. It will be interesting to see how we fair against North Carolina this weekend in Tallahassee (TV - ESPN3 Sunday 12pm / 2pm, ESPNU Monday 7pm).

I will be out to see our Noles play on Thursday night against Florida Gulf Coast University. The Head Coach of FGCU is David Deiros. I mention that for two reasons. First, he's the only coach FGCU has known, building the program from scratch and second he was my J.V. baseball coach way back before he started coaching softball. It'll be a fun night for me personally.

See you next week!

Go Noles!

Season FSU Softball Statistics (take them for what they're worth, which isn't always much).

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